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The College Graduate’s Guide to Moving to a New City [Infographic]

So, you’ve graduated from college and you’re moving to a new city. Congratulations: you’ve taken one big step and you’re striding onto the next. Here’s how to start things off on the right foot. Continue reading “The College Graduate’s Guide to Moving to a New City [Infographic]”

How to Properly Store and Care for Your Snow Gear

Winter is waning – it’s time to think about storing your snow gear until your next ski trip rolls around. If you want your snow gear to last for many years to come, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to keep it in tip-top shape before and during storage.

Read on to learn how to properly store snow gear after the ski season!

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How to Properly Store Devices in a Storage Unit

The world is getting more tech-driven with each passing year, and we’re now firmly living in the digital era – or, as we like to call it, the “device” age. New devices pop up almost daily, leaving older devices in their wake. As these outdated gadgets become either novelties or nearly obsolete, people have begun to store them at a much higher clip.

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Your Comprehensive Moving Checklist

Moving? You may have already started your own mental checklist. Stress? Check. Too much stuff? Check. Not enough time? Check. If this sounds like your mindset going into your impending move, you’re not alone. Moving is a big deal, regardless of whether you’re changing apartments in the same town, or uprooting and starting a new life clear across the country. But even the biggest moves don’t have to be bad news. Any move can be simplified with a bit of planning (and a reworked checklist).

In this guide, our moving and storage experts here at Stor-It give you everything you need to know to prepare for your move. We’ve changed up the checklist—no more stress and scrambling. Instead, we’ve organized everything into four distinct time blocks: a month before the move, the week of the move, the day of the move, and the week after the move. Learn the steps you need to succeed at every stage of your move, and check out Idaho’s best self-storage with our team today!

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When to Use Cardboard Boxes vs. Plastic Bins When Storing

There are many iconic matchups in this world. Left vs. right. Coke vs. Pepsi. The Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Boston Celtics. The list goes on.

One matchup you may not have considered is the rivalry between boxes. That’s right: plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes. It may not look like much, but for anyone moving or storing goods, this rivalry is a big deal. If you’re in the midst of a move or if you have just booked your very first storage unit, you may be looking to pick a winner from this pair. To help you choose, the moving and storage experts here at Stor-It have put together the definitive guide on cardboard boxes vs. plastic bins when storing and moving. Learn the pros and cons of each and make the right choice for your needs!

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How to Maximize Efficiency When Using a Moving Truck

So, you’ve decided to go for it. You’re going to move, and you’re going to go it alone. Well, you might recruit a few friends, but you’re certainly not going to pay for movers.

What you likely will pay for, however, is a moving truck. You probably don’t have a huge truck sitting in your driveway. And even if you own a pickup or a van, you may not want to make multiple trips in it. With a moving truck, all it takes is one round trip.

Continue reading “How to Maximize Efficiency When Using a Moving Truck”

What You Need to Know When You Store a Vehicle in a Storage Unit

Like people, cars sometimes need new places to stay. Whether it’s an old beater that needs to beat it out of the garage, a convertible that simply can’t stay on the curb, or an RV that needs to hunker down for the winter, vehicles often have to relocate — for their own benefit and the benefit of their owners. In many cases, these large investments are relocating into storage.

Continue reading “What You Need to Know When You Store a Vehicle in a Storage Unit”

Your Guide to Storing Holiday Decorations

As the year nears its end, the holiday season begins. For many homes and business, this means it’s time to break out the decorations. While fun to set up and enjoy during the holiday season, decorations can be a hassle to pack up and store for the rest of the year if proper storing practices aren’t followed. Continue reading “Your Guide to Storing Holiday Decorations”

7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Storage Unit

There isnt a single business on Earth without stuff. Even the most cloud-friendly enterprises have infrastructure. The smallest mom-and-pop operations have inventory. And what budding brand doesnt have merch? Material stuff” is essential to your companys day-to-day operations, but not all of it is used every second of every day. With reorganizations and location changes, downsizing and growth periods, buyouts and re-brandings, stuff gets lost in the shuffle. Were talking literal stuff. Product. Office equipment. You name it. While hopefully not lost for good, it occupies a sort of liminal space. Its in the way, but its too valuable to throw away. For this stuff, your company needs self storage. Need convincing? This is the guide for you. Here are 7 ways your business can benefit from a storage unit.

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6 Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit This Holiday Season

On the fence about finally biting the bullet and getting a storage unit? The holiday season is one of the best times to pull the trigger on this useful space-saving investment. Winter weather is very harsh in most parts of the country, and even if you can’t afford a climate-controlled storage unit, most regular storage units are superior to sheds, chests, and even garages when it comes to winter storage. For those feeling cramped in their homes or businesses, storage units are far superior (and cheaper) than investing in a larger building. With the holidays now upon us, here are the top 6 reasons to get a storage unit this season.

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