July 10, 2023

Power Tool Storage Ideas: You Know the Drill

Power tools are an important staple of every home. Whether you constantly build things from scratch or only use a power drill once in a blue moon, having these tools available comes in handy. Even if you don’t use power tools very often, you should know where they are and ensure they’re stored properly.

Without a suitable storage solution, tools end up lying around, missing batteries and cords, and being hard to find when you need them. That’s why we suggest finding appropriate storage for your power tools.

Ready to find out the best way to store power tools? Well, you’re in luck. Below, we’ve listed our favorite corded and cordless power tool storage ideas to help you get a handle on your collection. From DIY options to easy solutions you can purchase, these ideas are a cinch to implement. But before we go into our 10 favorite power tool storage ideas, we’ll discuss why storing them properly is important and how to prepare your power tools for storage.

The Importance of Proper Storage for Power Tools

What’s the big deal anyway? Why should you even look into power tool storage ideas? Well, think about it. For starters, your power tools likely cost you a lot of money. You spent $300 on that one drill, and you’re still trying to forget how much you spent on that luxury cutting tool set. Therefore, it would be like throwing money away if you were to lose track of those tools just because you didn’t have a solid storage solution for them.

What’s more, you’ve probably spent years adding to your collection, ensuring you have all the right tools to tackle any DIY project. But if you don’t have a proper place to store your items, you’re just asking for trouble. After all, when you don’t have a go-to spot for your power tools, it’s easy to leave them somewhere and misplace them. And if your current storage solution is cluttered and disorganized, it could be ages until you even realize you’re missing a specific tool.

That’s why we’re so passionate about sharing the best ways to store power tools. With our suggestions, you can find a handy spot to keep your tools so you can keep an eye on your entire collection while also keeping it out of harm’s way.

Preparing Your Power Tools for Storage

Before you check out our power tool organization ideas, consider some of these tips for preparing your tools for storage:

Test Each Tool

If you’ve been hanging on to that broken saw for three years, it might be time to let go. It doesn’t make sense to keep tools that no longer work. They’re just taking up valuable space. Be honest with yourself about the ones that you actually plan to fix, and get rid of those that have no hope.

Look for Duplicates

Do you really need five of the same exact electric screwdrivers and four of the same drills? Chances are, you have a go-to special one and ignore all the others, so why not get rid of them and make room for different tools in your storage space? If you have a bunch of duplicate power tools, consider gifting them to a neighbor, donating them, or selling them. There’s no reason to crowd storage space with tools you don’t use or need.

Find an Appropriate Storage Spot

Look for a space that is large enough to keep your supplies but one that isn’t exposed to extreme temperatures or any outside elements that could compromise them. You’ll want to ensure your storage space is dry to prevent your tools from rusting. Some popular storage places include basements, garages, spare bedrooms, and covered outdoor sheds.

Remove Batteries

If there are batteries in your power tools, we suggest removing them when not in use to prevent corrosion.

Power tool organization

Tip #1: Keep Them in Their Original Boxes

One of our favorite power tool organization ideas involves keeping your tools in their original boxes. After all, these boxes were designed for holding your equipment, so they likely have compartments and padding that perfectly fit your tools. Line them up along a shelf or tuck them away in a drawer, ensuring they’re ready whenever you need them.

Tip #2: Use Tool Bags

Tool bags are another great power tool storage idea. When you keep your power tools in a tool bag, you can easily grab them when you’re on the go. If you have more than one tool bag, consider placing your everyday tools in one and the lesser-used items in another.

Tip #3: Invest in a Workbench

If you have a special area where you work, then consider purchasing a workbench with drawers and cabinets for this power tool organization idea. We like this solution because it means all your tools will be within arm’s reach of your workspace. You can find all sorts of workbenches, from metal ones on wheels that you can move around with you to wooden stationary ones that you can tuck into a corner.

Tip #4: Pick up Some Drawer Dividers

If you have empty drawers in your workbench or elsewhere, pick up some drawer dividers so you can organize and separate your tools in the drawer. For example, your power drills can go in one side section, while your manual screwdrivers and wrenches go in another area. You can even place your batteries or cords in their own slots, making it easy to see what you have as soon as you open your drawer.

Tip #5: Stock up on Some Plastic Bins

You know we can’t round up the top storage solutions without recommending plastic bins. Find some big transparent plastic bins with lids, and store your power tools inside. Consider categorizing your tools and labeling each bin. For instance, place all your drills in one bin and your wrenches in another. Also, be sure to add labels to them to help you track down each tool.

Tip #6: Design Fold-up Cabinets

When it comes to power tool organization solutions, it helps to have a clutter-free workspace. That’s why we love the concept of building fold-up cabinets. For this idea, place hinges on the side of a table, attach a piece of plywood to them, and then screw your power tools into the wood. Fold up the piece onto your table, and you’ll have a row of tools ready to go. After you’re done with them, simply fold them back down so they’re out of sight.

Tip #7: Build Shelves or Cabinets

Looking for wall tool storage ideas? Installing shelves or cabinets is perhaps the easiest way to take advantage of open wall space. For this solution, simply add shelving or cabinets along your wall and then line your tools along them. If you want to get even more organized, you can place your tools in one of the previously suggested receptacles, such as a plastic bin, tool bag, or even their original boxes.

Tip #8: Create PVC Pipe Holsters

For this power tool storage DIY solution, pick up some PVC pipes and cut them so they’re a little bit longer than your drills. Then, create a little groove in them to function as a track on which to slide your power drills. Attach the pipes to your wall in a row and hang your power drills in each slot.

Tip #9: Install a Pegboard

When it comes to power tool storage DIY ideas, a pegboard is our go-to option. Not only is it easy and affordable to install, but it provides you with a convenient way of organizing and storing your tools. To accomplish this idea, hang a pegboard on an open wall and then install large, heavy-duty hooks. This way, you can conveniently hang your power tools on the board and see exactly where everything is when you need it.

Tip #10: Transform a Rolling Cart

Repurposing a rolling cart is our last cordless and corded power tool storage idea. Simply purchase a rolling cart with drawers or shelves and then organize your tools on it. You can incorporate other ideas on this list, like using plastic bins or drawer dividers to keep everything in order. Then, when it’s time to use your tools, you can just roll your cart over to your workspace and get right to work!

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