Student Storage

Summer internships, study abroad, and gap years are exciting opportunities for college students. Less exciting? The prospect of hauling a dorm room or even an apartment’s worth of possessions across the state or country over the course of your education. Storage for college students offers a flexible option that will give you and your student the freedom of mind to focus on the boundless possibilities beyond campus life.

Here at Stor-It, we proudly offer month-to-month storage options across 16 facilities in Idaho’s Treasure Valley and beyond, with units spanning in size from 5’ x 5’ at smallest, all the way up to 24′ x 48′ for larger and bulkier items. For students and families considering options for housing and storage/transportation of personal belongings, read on to understand some of the benefits of and uses for our storage units for college students.

Weather – Or Not

Garages, sheds, and trailers might seem like viable college student storage at first glance, but all can present the problem of lacking proper weather-proofing measures that Stor-It student storage units provide. In Idaho, where weather can be unpredictable and spans the extremes of all four seasons, sensitive belongings such as electronics, paper goods, and even cars are much better-stored in a climate-controlled facility that caters to their unique needs. Rain, snow, hail, wind, and desert heat are all part of what makes Idaho’s natural environment so special — but your possessions aren’t necessarily the best candidates to appreciate them!

Storage, For A Change

College is a time where plans and goals are subject to constant change. A study-abroad decision can materialize at the drop of a hat; an internship or job offer can come through a week before the proposed start date. Stor-It’s student self storage offers you and your student the flexibility to change locations, pack up a residence and head out on an adventure with the quickness that taking a leap or starting a new journey requires. Regardless of semester, lease, and job schedules, our team is always there to ensure that your things have a space, no matter where you or your student need to be.

Feeling Thrifty?

It’s no secret that part of the college experience often entails finding ways to live on a budget, and paying rent through the summer months to house your precious personal effects doesn’t exactly contribute towards that goal. Summer storage for college students offers an alternative for those who would rather live at home or with a friend to save some money but have a dorm or apartment’s worth of furniture and possessions that need to be accounted for until next semester. With units measuring up to 24′ x 48′, our student storage costs less per month than residential rent. Plus, it can house larger items such as beds and futons (use our Size Guide to determine which type of unit best meets your needs), keeping them ready to make your housing option a home again when it’s time to return to campus. With 24/7 access and free locks provided to every unit, you can always access your property should you end up needing or wanting something you stored halfway through the summer.

Wide Open Spaces

One of the best things about going to college in Idaho is the access to a plethora of outdoor activities — from skiing to rafting to camping, and beyond. The natural world is truly an oyster during college years in the Gem State. The only drawback? A mountain bike, 6-person tent or snowboard, and clunky boots aren’t exactly welcome additions to a 150-square foot dorm room that’s already filled to the brim. Keeping equipment in a nearby self-storage unit with round-the-clock access ensures that outdoor adventures are always at the fingertips, without making college housing feel even more like living in a closet than it already does.

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If self storage seems right for you, check out our locations page to find the most convenient facility and begin storing as soon as you need it. Read our Storage Tips to start planning and discover how you can make the most of your unit. We’re here to answer any questions so that your primary concern can always be enjoying your time in college and earning that degree.

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