October 2, 2023

Keeping Your Spirits Up: How To Store Whiskey

There are many ways to enjoy whiskey. You may like to drink a hot toddy on a cold winter night, make whiskey sours when entertaining guests, or reach for a sipper after a long day at the office. However you prefer this distilled liquor, you probably like to keep a bottle or two on hand for those occasions. 

Of course, when it’s time to make your go-to cocktail, you want your whiskey to taste just the way it was intended, with all the right flavors and aromas—and that’s why it’s so important to learn about properly storing whiskey

Whether you’re a whiskey novice who dabbles in crafting cocktails or a self-proclaimed connoisseur with expensive taste, our whiskey storage ideas are here to help! 

Follow along to discover optimal ways to store your favorite spirit so that it tastes its absolute best.

The Importance of Storing Whiskey the Right Way

Did you know that outside factors can influence the flavor and color of your whiskey? It’s true. Oxygen, sunlight, and extreme temperatures can all impact the way your whiskey tastes. 

For example, oxygen can interfere with the taste and smell of the flavor of the whiskey, so it’s best to keep your whiskey bottles sealed tight. Sunlight can also break down the molecular structure of the liquid, lightening its color, altering its flavor, changing its aroma, and decreasing its potency. Similarly, extreme temperatures can negatively influence the liquor, as high temperatures can cause it to evaporate, while especially cool temperatures can create a cloudy appearance. 

Because of this, it’s important to know how to store whiskey to help preserve its integrity. 

DIY Whiskey Storage Tips and Ideas

The good news is that it’s not difficult to find appropriate storage solutions for your whiskey collection. In fact, if you follow our easy DIY whiskey storage ideas, it’s easier than you might think! 

Find an Appropriate Storage Place

When it comes to figuring out where to store whiskey, keep the previously mentioned factors in mind. You now know sunlight is no match for your bottles, so it’s best to find a storage space that is dark and away from direct sunlight, such as a window. 

Also, it’s a good idea to find a place that doesn’t experience fluctuating temperatures. Even if you don’t have a climate-controlled space, look for a spot that isn’t exposed to extreme highs or lows. For instance, you wouldn’t want to store your whiskey next to a radiator or AC unit, as those temperatures could negatively impact the liquor. When in doubt, look for a cool, dry storage place.

Prevent Oxidation

Next, you want to prevent oxidation while storing your whiskey. One way to do this is by ensuring that you properly seal the bottle when putting it away so excess oxygen doesn’t seep in. You could also transfer the liquid into a smaller bottle so that there is less headspace to hold oxygen. 

Choose a Child-Safe Storage Option

Obviously, your whiskey (and other spirits) should always be stored out of the reach of children. Not only is it dangerous for your children to accidentally drink alcohol, but the glass bottle itself could also be a hazard. The last thing you want is an accident or broken bottle, so be sure to find child-proof storage for whiskey that is out of arm’s reach. 

Store Bottles Upright

When learning how to store whiskey, it’s best to keep your bottles upright. Otherwise, the liquid inside the bottle could come into contact with the cork and cause it to deteriorate. Keep in mind that this is different from the way you store wine. (You should store wine horizontally to keep the wine cork moist while in storage.)

Put Them on Display

Just because there are some dos and don’ts regarding proper whiskey storage doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your storage solution. Instead of hiding your whiskey bottles away in your cupboards or liquor cabinets, put them on display! Consider getting a fancy bar cart, placing them in a glass display on a shelf, or incorporating them into your bar setup so that you (and your guests!) can admire your collection. 

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