October 16, 2023

Keeping Blankets Cozy: Blanket Storage and Organization Ideas

There are only a few things in life that cuddling up with a fuzzy blanket can’t solve! Chances are, you have a go-to blanket (or two!) that makes you feel warm, safe, and comforted every time. 

Blankets have earned their place in the home. Some people keep one in every room! You likely have the blanket you like to curl up with as you drink your coffee in the morning, the blanket you lay over your legs while working in your office, and the blanket you wrap around yourself while watching TV in the evening. 

There’s certainly nothing wrong with having an extensive blanket collection, but you’ll also need a good blanket storage solution. When you create a proper place to keep your blankets, you’ll always know where your favorites are when you need them most! Not to mention, storage options help keep your blankets in pristine condition when they’re not in use, meaning you don’t have to worry about spills, stains, or even pet fur interfering with your beloved blankets. 

Our guide on how to store blankets offers all the best suggestions. Whether you’re looking for a blanket storage solution that is out of sight and out of mind or one that adds to your home’s unique decor, we’ve got you covered. Follow along to discover the ideal blanket storage idea for your home! 

Place Them in an Ottoman with a Lid

If you’re looking for inconspicuous blanket storage ideas, storage ottomans are your secret weapon! Purchase a large round or rectangle-shaped storage ottoman with a lid and stuff all your blankets inside. No one will ever know! Trust us, when you’re lounging on the couch and wanting to get cozy, nothing is more convenient than finding a fuzzy blanket stashed under your footrest! 

Tuck Them in Your Couch Storage

Similar to the storage ottoman, some couches feature storage space under their cushions. If this is the case for your sofa, then you have all the blanket storage space you would ever need! Simply fold up your blankets, bedding, and duvets and tuck them away under your couch cushions. This blanket organization idea is especially helpful for those who have pets and want to keep their blankets free of fur. And like the ottoman option, your blankets will be out of sight but still conveniently located right next to you when you feel a chill in the air. 

Artfully Display Them on a Ladder

Another great blanket storage idea is to invest in a blanket ladder. This trendy storage hack provides a functional yet decorative way of storing and showcasing your favorite blankets. There are many kinds of ladders to choose from. Maybe you’d like a wooden ladder, or perhaps you prefer metal! Once you decide on the ideal ladder for your living space, gently lean it against your wall and then either fold or drape your blankets over it to instantly enhance the room!

Place Them in Decorative Baskets or Bins

For this easy DIY blanket storage hack, invest in some decorative baskets or bins that are wide enough and deep enough to hold several of your blankets. We love using containers with flair, such as a rustic wicker basket, woven bin, wooden box, or wire container. Once you have your baskets and bins, it’s up to you how you want to display your blankets. You might want to neatly roll them up and place them in the bins vertically, pile folded ones on top of each other in the bins, or drape them over the bins. Whether you prefer the polished or messy look, you can’t go wrong with this storage solution! 


Hide Them Under Your Bed

We’re a big proponent of under-the-bed storage because it takes advantage of space that would otherwise go unused. So, for this blanket organization idea, we recommend folding your blankets and placing them in a container that will fit under your bed. Depending on the height of your bed frame, a regular plastic bin might fit, but if it’s a tight squeeze, look into storage containers specifically designed for the space under your bed.

Pro tip: If you want to create even more under-the-bed storage space, consider placing risers under the legs of your bed. 

Neatly Stack Them in the Corner of Your Room

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a blanket within arm’s reach. And that’s where a neatly folded blanket pile can come in handy. Stack your folded blankets on top of each other in the corner of your room. Bonus points if your blankets are different textures and colors! This is an especially handy storage option if you have bulky blankets that are difficult to stuff into containers or receptacles. 

Fold Them into Pillows

If you’ve spent any time browsing Pinterest, you’ve probably come across the magic of folding blankets into pillows! It might look tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, this will be your go-to blanket storage solution. The best part about this option is that it not only looks cool to fold your blankets into pillows, elevating your decor, but it’s functional, too, because you’ll always have your blankets next to you, whether you’re lounging on the couch or lying in bed! 

Stash Them in Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are miracle workers when it comes to storage, so you better believe they’re a prime solution for your blankets! Search for large, clear plastic bins with lids to see what’s inside each one. If you have a large collection of blankets, categorize them and label each bin. For instance, living room blankets might be placed in one bin and guest room blankets in another. You can keep these bins wherever is most convenient for you, such as under the bed, in a closet, tucked away in a cabinet, or even placed on a shelf in your garage. 

Make Room in Your Cabinet or Closet

If you want to know how to store blankets, look no further than your cabinets and closets. Do an inventory of your cabinet and closet spaces and see if you can clear away some belongings and make room for your blankets on the shelves. But if you can’t seem to make room, consider building your own cabinet or shelving so you have space to stack your blankets. Want to make it even more organized? Place them in those plastic bins and stack them away. 

Hang Them on Rods or Racks

This blanket organization idea is similar to the ladder concept, except it involves rods and racks. Search around for some artsy or decorative-looking rods or racks to install along the wall in your living room, family room, guest room, or bedroom. For instance, you might find an industrial-style iron rod that perfectly matches your decor. Once you’ve placed it on the wall, lay your blankets over it so you can easily reach for one when you feel the urge to wrap yourself up in something warm and fuzzy. 

Put Them in a Chest

If you want your blankets stored out of sight, then consider folding them up and placing them in a chest. We love this option because you can play with your decor while finding something functional for your space. For inspiration, consider a weathered antique wooden chest, or go for a chic and modern box that will be the center of attention.  

Hang Them in Your Closet

For this DIY blanket storage hack, you’ll need to stock up on some hangers—preferably the velvet ones. Next, place your hangers on a rod in your closet and then gently fold your blankets over each one. This is a great way to see your collection while helping keep your blankets clean and wrinkle-free. Then, when you need a blanket, simply head to the blanket closet and pick your favorite one!

Rent a Storage Unit

If you have more blankets than you know what to do with or only find yourself using them during the chilly winter months, then it might be time to consider putting them in a storage unit. 

Storage units make great blanket storage solutions because they free up your living space, so you’re not drowning in blankets all year round. And the best part? You can access them anytime you want! 

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