October 23, 2023

Firewood Storage Ideas: How To Store and Organize Firewood

When the temperatures start to dip, there’s no better place to be than gathered around a cozy fireplace or toasty campfire. Everyone knows how comforting it is to feel the fire’s warmth,  admire its glowing flames, and revel in the sound of the firewood popping and crackling. 

Maybe you enjoy stoking the fire in your living room’s fireplace to warm up your home or using firewood for the hearth in your kitchen for cooking. Or perhaps you’re an avid camper who can build a roaring fire in mere minutes or someone who looks forward to hosting lively bonfires on the beach each summer!

No matter what kind of fire you make or where you build it, it’s essential to know how to store firewood to ensure it’s in the best condition. After all, there’s nothing worse than trying to create a fire with wet, soggy, rotten, or bug-infested wood!

Firewood is surprisingly sensitive, meaning you must take the proper precautions when storing it so it will be in prime condition when you’re ready to build your next blaze. 

Our firewood storage tips and tricks can help. Read on to learn how to store firewood optimally so that it retains its quality and is ready to use whenever you need it!

Where to Store Firewood: Considerations to Keep in Mind

Don’t Store Your Firewood in Your Home

Your firewood makes a viable home for critters like termites, beetles, and spiders, but you probably don’t want those critters making their home in your home. To help keep wood-boring pests away, don’t store your firewood inside your home or even up against the outside of your house (or other wooden structures, for that matter), as this could be an invitation for unwelcome visitors to set up shop. 

That said, if you plan to burn the firewood within a day or two, it’s ok to keep a small stack in your home as long as you don’t let it sit for too long. 

Avoid Storing Firewood Near Trees

Since keeping firewood close to your home could cause pests to burrow into your walls and flooring, it makes sense that having it near trees could be risky as well. If your firewood attracts insects, they will likely migrate from your wood into the trees. The bugs could damage and even kill your trees. Therefore, you’ll want to keep your firewood collection and trees far away from each other.

Store Your Firewood Away From Soil

When storing firewood, it’s important to remember to keep it off of the ground because dirt can invite bugs into the wood and encourage mold and mildew to grow, making the wood rot and decay. Of course, rotten and bug-infested firewood won’t serve you, so be sure to find a storage solution that doesn’t directly expose it to dirt or soil. Most experts recommend storing wood at least five inches off the ground. 

Find a Dry Storage Space

Have you ever tried to light wet firewood? If so, you know how much of a pain it is to light damp firewood than dry firewood because it requires a lot more tinder and kindling. That’s why it’s crucial to find a dry firewood storage solution that won’t attract moisture. 

Look for a Storage Space That Receives Direct Sunlight

Natural sunlight can help keep your firewood dry, meaning it’s ok if it sits in the sun. When seeking out storage for firewood, avoid damp, dark locations and find somewhere with access to the sun’s rays. 

Ideas for Storage Structures

Consider a Shed

If you have the space for one, a firewood storage shed can do wonders for your wood. Specifically designed for storing firewood, these sheds provide proper airflow and appropriate access to sunlight to help dry out your wood and keep it in prime condition. Look into the selection at your local home improvement store, or consider building your own from scratch. 

Build a Nook

Depending on your outdoor space, you might have options to create storage nooks in your patio design. For instance, you could hollow out a section in your decorative stone wall or build a storage compartment into your bar area. You may be surprised by how many ways you can seamlessly incorporate firewood storage into your backyard space. 

Incorporate a Storage Bench

We love storage solutions that serve dual purposes, and a storage bench falls into that category. Consider building or purchasing a storage bench that can hold firewood and provide a place to sit. You could even place a cushion on top or add some potted plants as decorations. 

Get Creative with Your Holders

Who says you can’t get decorative and creative with your firewood storage solutions? Not us! In fact, we encourage you to get crafty. There are so many neat DIY firewood storage ideas, such as constructing a trendy iron A-frame rack, using repurposed metal to create a holder, or building a brick shed that matches the exterior of your home. Just because you want a functional storage space doesn’t mean it can’t look good at the same time!

Organize Your Firewood on a Rack

You can find all kinds of racks ideal for storing firewood, from simple metal structures to more substantial ones with built-in covers or roofs. Some racks will hold a modest amount of wood, while others could store an entire season’s worth. Browse different types of racks to discover the one that best suits your needs and preferences. 

As we previously mentioned, it’s ok to store a few pieces of wood in your home if you plan to build your fire within the next day or two. So, in this case, you may want to invest in a small compact rack to keep next to your fireplace or cooking hearth. 

Place Your Firewood on a Rolling Cart

If you’re going for the convenience factor, we recommend investing in a cart on wheels. We love this firewood storage idea because you can easily transport your firewood around without having to carry each piece of wood in your arms. Instead, you can simply push the cart over to your outdoor fire pit or roll it to your front door, making it easier than ever to build your fire!

Consider Portable Storage Solutions

Now, if you’re taking your firewood camping, you’ll want a portable storage solution. We recommend purchasing a big plastic bin with a lid or a large canvas bag with straps. That way, you can seal up your firewood and easily transport it to your campsite or bonfire spot on the beach. 

How to Store Firewood

Place a Tarp Over Your Firewood Storage Solution

It’s important to find ways to store firewood away from moisture. To help keep your firewood collection dry, it’s a good idea to place a cover or tarp over it. However, you don’t need to cover all your firewood—just the top layer. This will help encourage air circulation that helps keep the wood dry. 

Stack Your Firewood in the Same Direction

Knowing how to organize firewood can help protect it as well. To further prevent moisture from interfering with your firewood, it’s best to stack your wood in the same direction. Doing so will help encourage air circulation, keeping your collection moisture-free. 

Never Spray Your Wood

As tempted as you may be to spray your firewood with insecticides to keep the pests away, don’t do it! These chemicals are extremely flammable and could generate toxic fumes that could permeate your home and cause harm to you and your loved ones. 

Use Your Old Wood First

Another important firewood storage tip is to use your older wood first. This is because old wood is more likely to rot and attract pests. It’s best to go with the “first in, first out” rule. Use your oldest wood and save the fresher wood for later. 

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