8 Tips on How to Move Heavy Furniture By Yourself

Moving heavy furniture with friends and family can feel like an uphill battle. But moving it all by yourself? That’s next-level!

It can be done, of course; you just need to know what you’re doing so you can pull it off safely.

Because we know it can be a challenge, we’ve created this in-depth guide on how to move heavy furniture by yourself. We’ve included tips on how to prepare your space and how to safely lift heavy furniture. Just keep in mind that while we know you are strong and fully capable of moving everything on your own, we do suggest asking a friend for a helping hand during certain parts of your move, like when stairs or heavy lifting are involved.

Ready to learn how to move heavy furniture? Let’s go.

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Ultimate List of Moving & Packing Supplies For Your Next Move

When planning a big move, you’ve got a lot to keep track of, from scheduling your storage unit to renting a moving truck. Not only do you have to plan for moving and packing, but you have to make sure you’re actually prepared for moving and packing, too. So what does that mean? It means you need to ensure you have all the moving essentials on hand.

Now, you’re probably wondering, what moving supplies do I need? We’re glad you asked! To help you out, we’ve created the ultimate moving supplies checklist, which includes everything you need for pre-packing, packing, and unpacking. From cardboard boxes to bubble wrap, as long as you follow our essential packing list, you’ll be all set to take on this big endeavor.

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Benefits of Having a 24/7 Self-Storage Unit

Have you ever spent all day packing up your belongings only to find out your storage facility closed two hours ago? Or have you gone all the way over to your storage unit to drop off your RV before remembering they aren’t even open on weekends? There is nothing worse than realizing you can’t access your storage unit when you need it most.

If you’re moving, storing, or temporarily relocating your belongings, odds are you already have a lot on your mind. The last thing you need is to add more to your plate by trying to memorize what times and dates your storage unit is accessible.

That’s why you should turn to a 24/7 storage unit. With 24-hour storage access, you no longer have to stress about whether you can visit your unit. But that’s not the only reason why these units are so convenient. Curious? Read on, and learn some of our favorite perks of 24/7 storage access!

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RV Storage: 12 Tips for Properly Storing your RV

You and your recreational vehicle have gone on your fair share of adventures. From cruising down the open road to setting up camp in faraway places and exploring national parks, you’ve covered a lot of ground in your RV.

But there comes a time when every RV needs to take a break and go into storage. Maybe work obligations are keeping you off the road for a bit, or the snowy winter months are upon you. Whether it’s just a short stint or a longer-term situation, you need to know how to properly store your travel trailer to keep it in tip-top shape.

That’s where we can help. We’ve provided a handy guide with 12 of our top RV storage tips. Our list includes everything you need to know about RV storage, such as where to store it and how to prep it. Follow along to ensure your RV is clean and ready for storage.

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How to Prepare and Protect Your Storage Unit for Hot Weather

Maybe you live in a climate known for year-round warm weather, or perhaps the forecast is predicting unusually high temperatures for the summer. But even if you’re currently sitting through a blizzard and warm weather is the last thing on your mind, you should always consider warm temperatures when it comes to storing your items. After all, extreme temperatures won’t do any favors for your belongings!

Because taking precautions is the best way to keep your belongings in tip-top shape, we’ve created this handy guide about how to protect items in storage units. We give you the scoop on everything, from what to avoid storing to when to consider climate-controlled self-storage options.

Follow our tips so you’re prepared when the mercury starts to rise!

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Moving Tips for Stress-Free Moving

While packing up and relocating can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, we’re here to help make changing homes a stress-free moving and storage experience. Below, we’ll discuss our top 10 tips for stress-free moving, from how to pack efficiently for a move to what to look for in a storage unit.

Whether you are moving in summer or the dead of winter, follow our moving tips and tricks to make moving day as stress-free as possible.

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Tips on Storing TVs and Other Electronics in a Storage Unit

If you’ve ever had to pack up and store your belongings for a move or renovation, you’re probably well aware that certain pieces are more fragile than others. Sure, your couch or nightstand will probably do okay wherever you put them, but what about your TV set or stereo? That’s a whole other can of worms.

You may be wondering, can you even store electronics in storage? The short answer is yes, but there are some things you will want to keep in mind when choosing a storage unit.

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How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

“How much storage space do I need?” It’s a question we get asked a lot. Unfortunately, the answer is usually not one-size-fits-all. Many factors go into choosing the right size unit for your items, such as your budget, the kinds of items you want to store, and the way you plan to store them. Do you want to stack your boxes and take up every last inch of space, or would you prefer some extra room to move around and access your belongings?

You don’t want a storage unit that is too big or too small. As Goldilocks would say, you want the one that is “just right.” To help you navigate the world of storage unit sizes, we’ve provided a handy guide with tips below so you’ll have an easier time narrowing down your options.

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6 Easy Ways to Store Your Bikes & Cycling Gear

Having a bike opens up a world of opportunities. After all, a bike can take you as far as your feet can pedal. Maybe you commute to work on your wheels or leisurely cruise around your beach town on your bike. Better yet, perhaps you’re a weekend warrior and carve up the trails on your mountain bike each Saturday morning. Regardless of when and how you use your bike, chances are you need a place to store it and all your cycling gear.

Whether you live in a shoebox apartment or a spacious home, figuring out how to store your bikes can feel like a headache, but it doesn’t have to be! Below, we’ve listed our favorite bike storage ideas. From ceiling options to travel cases, check out these six ways to easily store your bikes and cycling gear.

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12 Essential Tips for Dealing with Moving Stress

Moving can be stressful no matter how much preparation you do beforehand. Because there are so many moving pieces, dealing with moving stress can be tricky. But have no fear! To help you learn how to make moving less stressful, we’ve provided a handy guide below.

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