July 2, 2023

Scarf Storage Ideas: How to Store Scarves and Wraps | Stor-It

When it comes to attire, there’s no better way to top off your look than with a scarf tied around your neck. Maybe you love wearing chic silk scarves to elevate your outfit, or perhaps a chunky, fuzzy winter scarf is more your vibe. Whatever style you prefer, it helps to know how to store your scarves.

And that’s where our expertise comes into play. We’re excited to offer our favorite tips on how to store a scarf with our top scarf organizer ideas. Check out the following scarf storage ideas so you know exactly where your collection is when you want to accessorize.

Turn to Scarf Rings

Perhaps the best storage ideas for scarves are the products specifically designed for them, such as scarf rings. This storage solution looks a bit like a regular clothes hanger, except instead of a triangular shape, it has a circular hole where you can tie or loop your scarves. Just like an ordinary hanger, you can conveniently hang these scarf rings in your closet so they’re out of sight and out of mind until you need them.

Use Hangers

If you don’t want to go out and purchase special scarf rings, go the DIY route and convert your regular hangers into scarf hangers. Simply drape, tie, or loop your scarves on the bar of the hanger, and you’ll have an easy (and affordable!) scarf storage spot.

Convert Your Belt Organizers

Sticking with the closet storage theme here, your belt organizers can double as scarf storage solutions, too. Regardless of whether you have the kind mounted to your closet or the type that looks like a hanger with a bunch of hooks, it’s simple to place your scarves onto each slot or hook. We love this scarf storage idea because it makes it easy to see all your beautiful scarves in one convenient place.

Take Advantage of Clear Bins

When it comes to any kind of storage, clear bins are your friends! And in the case of storing scarves, they can do wonders. Pick up some clear bins and neatly fold or roll your scarves inside them. For further organization, sort them by type, putting your winter scarves into one bin and your decorative ones in another and labeling the outside of each.

From here, you can easily place the bins in a closet, under the bed, along a shelf, or even in your storage unit.

Incorporate Drawer Dividers

If you have some empty drawers on hand, invest in drawer dividers and tuck your scarves inside. You could place your knitted ones in one section of your drawer and your sparkly beaded ones in another. The beauty of this option is that your scarves will be neatly hidden away until you’re ready to don them.

Install Hooks

Using hooks is another one of the best ways to store scarves. Find some open wall space, whether it’s in your closet, next to your dresser, or by the front door, and install a few hooks for hanging your scarves. And if you really want to get fancy, you could look into some decorative hooks or knobs that will add some pizzazz to your scarf display.

Put Your Blanket Ladder to Good Use

We adore the way a blanket ladder looks leaning up against a wall, but who said you could only use it for blankets? Not us! To spiff up your decor, lay your scarves over the rungs of the blanket ladder to showcase your scarf collection. This option is especially lovely if you have scarves in different textures and colors that will enhance the ambience of your space.

Get Creative with Wine Racks

Looking for another unique DIY idea to store scarves? Consider repurposing your wine rack into a storage solution! The slots for wine bottles are ideal for tucking away your beautiful cashmere scarf and wooly winter shawl. Consider placing a compact wine rack on the corner of your dresser, or if you have a large scarf collection, go for a stackable one on the floor.

Clear Your Shelves

Sometimes, the best storage solutions are right under your nose! If you have shelves along your bedroom wall or inside your closet, designate a special spot for your scarves. From here, roll or fold your scarves and neatly stack them on your shelf so you can easily grab them when you want to add a little something extra to your outfit.

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