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Trailer Storage Units

Storage Units for Trailers

Whether you're towing ATVs or horses, snowmobiles or boats, one thing is for sure: you need a spot to park your trailer during the offseason. If you don't have a massive garage, driveway, or outdoor space, you'll need to find some trailer storage for those off-months when your trailer is not in use.

So, how do you go about finding trailer storage? That’s where we can help. Here at Stor-It, we offer convenient and affordable trailer parking rental space, so you always have a place to keep your trailer when you’re not out on the road.

Read on for travel trailer storage tips from our team and book your trailer storage space with us today!

Determine the Right Size Unit for Your Storage Needs

Before getting a travel trailer storage unit, you are going to need to know what unit size is right for you and your trailer. When determining the right unit or parking space for trailer storage, you have three options in front of you.

  • Option 1: Purchase a tape measure and record the dimensions of your trailer yourself. Be sure to invest in a large wind-up tape measure to record all sides accurately.
  • Option 2: Learn the dimensions of your trailer by consulting the manual and/or finding the dimensions online. This saves you the hassle of locating a measuring tape and physically measuring your trailer yourself. With that said, this method is slightly less accurate, especially if you are going the online route; many trailers look similar, and you might rent a storage unit that isn’t quite the right size.
  • Option 3: Bring your trailer to the storage facility and have them determine the correct unit for your trailer. Keep in mind that while your trailer may be a certain size, your storage unit will likely need to be slightly larger to accommodate your trailer and any other items you plan to store inside. The storage facility staff can help you decide on the best fit for your needs.

Storage Units: Trailer Storage and General Storage All in One

When storing your trailer, you need a fairly large storage unit, especially if you want to back the trailer in and out. But once your trailer is inside your storage unit, it's only going to take up so much space. That's because many trailers never come more than a few feet off the ground. They're much wider than they are tall, and even those with walls and roofs have a great deal of internal space. That's a lot of extra room for storage.

Did you know that you can share your trailer storage unit with other items? The good news is that there are many different-sized units available, so you can always size up if you’d like to store additional belongings in your rental space.

Whether you're trying to store seasonal items, collectibles, or a host of hobby-related items, investing in indoor trailer storage means you are also getting a general storage unit for all of your non-essential stuff. Have extra storage boxes? Stack them on top of your trailer. Just keep in mind that excess weight may put a strain on the trailer itself, and any boxes you put on top of it will need to be removed before you hit the road.

Outdoor Parking Spaces

If you live in an area where the climate is agreeable — or if you're storing your trailer during a mild season — consider outdoor parking spaces for your trailer. Many storage facilities offer outdoor storage for trailers and other vehicles.

Outdoor trailer parking storage comes in two forms: covered and uncovered. While covered is preferable when precipitation is a factor, uncovered will do just fine in drier areas. One advantage of both is that they're typically more affordable than regular storage units. What’s more, these parking spaces come in a variety of sizes, such as 10x20, 11x35, and 12x40. Whether you have a small, compact trailer or something larger, you’ll have no trouble finding a unit to accommodate your needs.

Why Choose Stor-It for Trailer Storage?

Looking for trailer storage near you in Idaho? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Stor-It, we offer indoor and outdoor trailer storage at more than 15 drive-up storage locations around Treasure Valley. Here are just some of the many reasons to choose us for your trailer storage:

  • A wide range of storage unit sizes
  • Various covered and uncovered parking space options
  • FREE locks for all storage units
  • Packing and moving supplies available for sale
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Drive-up accessibility
  • Managers available on site during business hours
  • A 24/7 call center for easy reservations and payments
  • 15+ locations across Southern Idaho (and more coming soon!)

Choosing our team here at Stor-It for trailer storage should be a no-brainer. After all, we’re Idaho’s oldest and largest storage facility, so we have the experience and expertise to help you with all your storage needs. If you're interested in learning more about what separates us from the rest — or if you'd just like to read up on all things storage — we recommend checking out our blog and FAQ pages. Read to reserve your trailer storage with us? Visit our Locations page to find the right fit and book online, or contact our team directly today!