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Boat Storage Facility in Idaho

If you don’t have a boat in Idaho, you’re doing it all wrong. After all, the Gem State is teeming with incredible spots to take your boat, from beautiful Lake Coeur D’Alene with its 110 miles of shoreline to Bear Lake, fondly referred to as the Caribbean of the Rockies.

One thing is for sure: whether you have a pontoon boat for lazy family days on the water or a zippy speed boat perfect for water skiing, you’re likely in need of boat storage.

If you’re looking for boat storage in Boise, Idaho, or the surrounding region, we have you covered right here at Stor-It. With 16 locations in the Treasure Valley and beyond — plus a wide range of covered and uncovered parking options, as well as indoor boat storage — we have something for every boat owner. Follow along to learn more about our boat storage facilities and why renting indoor or outdoor boat storage might be right for you and your boat.

What Is Boat Storage?

Boats are big things, both in terms of money and sheer size. For many boat owners, it's just not feasible or responsible to store a boat at home. It may not fit in the garage, and parking it curbside isn't always a possibility. In these situations, boat storage is the way to go.

When you turn to a boat storage facility, you have a proper place where you can keep your boat when you’re not out on your adventures. And the best part? You can access it at any time.

Types of Storage Units for Boats

There are several types of boat storage available. The first, and most common, is uncovered parking. With this outdoor boat storage option, you're effectively parking your boat in a lot bordered by four walls and a gate. It's the cheapest option, and great for areas where the weather is relatively mild year-round.

The second option is covered parking. Your boat gets a roof over its head, but it's still exposed on the sides. Covered boat storage parking is great for areas that get a lot of rain or intense sunlight.

The final option is indoor boat storage, which is like parking your boat in a garage or large storage unit. It's an excellent choice for ultra-expensive or weather-sensitive watercraft because it keeps your boat away from harsh weather and extreme temperatures. Many boaters choose this winter boat storage option when they’re winterizing their boats and not planning to use them until the spring or summer.

All of these options come in a variety of sizes to best accommodate your boat, whether you have a small dingy or large yacht.

What Are the Advantages of Boat Storage?

Still not sure whether you need a boat storage unit? Here are just some of the many reasons why boat storage may be a good choice for you:

  • Boat storage keeps your boat in great condition. There's no telling what will happen to your boat in a cluttered garage — or worse, while it's parked outside on the curb. Boat storage facilities keep boats away from external threats.
  • If you go with a covered or indoor boat storage, you can keep your boat away from direct sunlight and heavy rain, both of which can lead to wear and tear.
  • Boat storage frees up space at your home. Picture what you could do with a boat-sized amount of space in your garage or driveway. Now make that picture a reality by moving your boat into boat storage.

Why Choose Stor-It for Boat Storage?

When you want the best for your boat, there is no better place to store it than one of the many high-quality boat storage facilities here at Stor-It. We are the largest and oldest storage facility in Idaho, and we know storage inside and out.

Before touching on our many amenities, we'll give you one big reason to choose us over the competition: Options. Not only do we have 16 different boat storage facilities in Southern Idaho, but we also have a huge selection of uncovered parking, covered parking, and even large indoor boat storage to choose from. Plus, many of our storage units are drive-up accessible.

One reason to choose our team here at Stor-It is that we offer 24/7 unit accessibility. Maybe you want to take your boat out for an early morning fishing trip, or perhaps you find yourself coming back late after a day on the water. No matter what time it is, you can always access your unit.

Another major Stor-It perk is our flexible and affordable month-to-month leasing. This means you only pay for your boat storage when you need it. To top it off, we offer free locks provided with new units and exceptional on-site service every time. You won't find all of these benefits available from any of our competitors, and you certainly won't find a bigger selection of storage spaces for your boat. If you've searched “boat storage near me,” there simply is no better choice.

Whether you are looking for boat storage in Meridian, Idaho, or another nearby city, allow us to take care of all your storage needs. Visit our Blog and FAQ pages for extra storage resources, or contact our team to have your questions answered. Ready to book with us? Head over to our locations page to browse our available units and book online, or give us a call at 1-866-278-6748 today!