April 30, 2021

Benefits of Having a 24/7 Self-Storage Unit

Have you ever spent all day packing up your belongings only to find out your storage facility closed two hours ago? Or have you gone all the way over to your storage unit to drop off your RV before remembering they aren’t even open on weekends? There is nothing worse than realizing you can’t access your storage unit when you need it most.

If you’re moving, storing, or temporarily relocating your belongings, odds are you already have a lot on your mind. The last thing you need is to add more to your plate by trying to memorize what times and dates your storage unit is accessible.

That’s why you should turn to a 24/7 storage unit. With 24-hour storage access, you no longer have to stress about whether you can visit your unit. But that’s not the only reason why these units are so convenient. Curious? Read on, and learn some of our favorite perks of 24/7 storage access!

Around-the-Clock Access

Perhaps one of the top benefits of renting a 24/7 self-storage unit is that you can access your belongings any time on any day. Whether it’s a holiday or the wee hours of the morning, you always have 24-hour access to storage.

This is a major perk because you never know when you’ll need to swing by your unit. Maybe you need to pop over at the last minute to grab something, or perhaps your moving adventure has extended later into the evening than you expected. With 24/7 storage access, you never have to look at your watch or the calendar to determine if you can get to your storage unit.


Life can come at you fast. And when it does, it’s nice to know you can head over to your 24-hour storage unit at the drop of a hat. Maybe your business got slammed with some unexpected orders and you need to zip over to your storage unit to grab additional inventory right after work. Or perhaps your renovation plans got rearranged, and now you need to move your furniture into your unit by this afternoon. Whatever comes your way, you can relax knowing you have a handy 24/7 storage unit.

24-Hour Self-Storage Features

When it comes to accessing your 24/7 storage unit in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning, you can rest easy knowing there are lights installed around the property. These lights illuminate the facility, allowing you to easily find your way. Many units also have overhead lights or electrical units where you can plug in your own lamps or lights while you’re moving your items.

These 24-hour storage units feature drive-up options with wide pathways, which make it easy for you to load and unload your belongings at any time of day. Many facilities also have on-site managers to oversee the property and assist guests. Additional storage features include free locks for all tenants and cameras around the property.

Climate-Controlled Options

Another perk is that many 24-hour storage facilities feature climate-control options. If you want to keep your belongings away from extreme temperatures, then consider renting a 24-hour climate-control storage unit. These units maintain a steady temperature, usually between 55 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps prevent damage to your items, such as melting, cracking, or bursting, which can sometimes occur if they are exposed to very high or low temperatures.

Couple Saving Money to Move Out


Just because you can access your storage unit on any day at any time does not mean you have to pay more for this feature. Around-the-clock access is simply a built-in benefit of choosing a 24-hour storage unit. At Stor-It, we strive to provide you with affordable storage options that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We offer convenient month-to-month leases, which means you will only pay for your unit when you need it. For extra peace of mind, you can also purchase additional insurance options.

Indoor and Outdoor 24-Hour Options

Whether you are looking for a home for your office supplies or traveling trailer, you have the choice of 24/7 indoor storage and outdoor storage options. Indoor units are entirely closed off and feature walls, ceilings, and doors. Meanwhile, outdoor storage usually includes both covered and uncovered parking spaces. The beauty of an outdoor 24-hour space is that you can take your RV, car, motorcycle, or boat out on an adventure whenever you want—no matter how early in the morning or late in the afternoon—without waiting for the storage facility to open up for the day.

Size Options Galore

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to 24/7 self storage. Maybe you have some massive, odd-shaped belongings or perhaps you just have 15 standard cardboard boxes. Whether you have a closet’s worth of items or literally a boat to store, a 24-hour storage facility has you covered.

At storage facilities like Stor-It, you have a wide range of unit sizes to choose from, including units as small as 5’ x 5’ and spaces as large as 10’ x 30’. You can also reserve large and small parking spaces, as mentioned above. With so much variety, you can easily find the perfect long- or short-term home for your items that best suits you and your needs.

On-Site Supply Stores

If you’ve spent all day running back and forth between your storage unit and home only to find out you’ve run out of packing supplies, then you’re in luck. At 24-hour storage facilities, such as Stor-It, you’ll find a handy packing supply store on-site. Whether you need some last-minute packing tape or you’re short on cardboard boxes, this shop has you covered.

Reserve Your 24-Hour Access Storage Unit Today

If you are looking for 24/7 storage in Nampa, Idaho, or the surrounding area, look no further than Stor-It. As the largest and oldest storage facility in the state of Idaho, we offer 24-hour storage in Boise, Caldwell, McCall, Meridian, and Nampa. Our convenient and hassle-free 24-hour storage units allow you to come and go as you please, without having to worry about the time on the clock or the day on the calendar. When you store your belongings with us, you have access to both short- and long-term storage options. Contact us today and find out why 24/7 access makes all the difference!