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Moving Boxes, Packing Supplies & Storage Materials

There’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to moving and storing your items, from hiring a moving company to reserving your storage unit. With packing and storing comes downsizing, donating, and organizing your belongings as you determine what stays and what goes.

While there is likely a lot on your mind at this time, don’t overlook the little details like stocking up on moving and packing supplies ahead of time. No matter how organized and prepared you are for your big move or storage adventure, it won’t do you any good if you don’t have the proper moving materials, from packing tape to bubble wrap.

Here at Stor-It, we make convenience a priority! We provide you with all the packing and shipping supplies you need to ensure everything runs smoothly on moving day. If you are looking to stock up on supplies like moving boxes and bubble wrap in advance, you can easily browse our online inventory, order what you need, and pick them up from a Stor-It facility near you.

We also offer moving materials for purchase at all of our Stor-It facilities in case you forgot tape, ran out of bubble wrap, or need some extra boxes. Our on-site managers can help you figure out what moving supplies you need to make storing your items easier than ever.

Moving Supplies Packages

Not sure exactly what you need for your big move? Take advantage of our handy moving packages. These convenient packages include a variety of moving supplies, which are more affordably priced than buying each item piecemeal. And the best part? If you’re ordering locally, they’ll arrive at your doorstep within just 24 hours.

Our small moving packages include five small packing boxes, three medium boxes, and two large boxes, along with a marker, tape dispenser, and a roll of bubble wrap. We also offer a medium moving package, which features 10 small, five medium, and five large boxes. Our medium packages also come with two rolls of packing bubble wrap, a marker, and one tape dispenser with three rolls. Our large packing boxes (which can save you up to $25!) include 25 small boxes, 15 medium boxes, 10 large boxes, a tape gun with two rolls of tape, a three-pack of packing tape, two markers, and even two plastic covers and a box of packing paper.

These moving packing boxes are especially helpful if you’re packing and storing various items that are of different sizes.

Individual Packing Materials for Moving

Would you prefer to buy each item separately? No sweat. We provide a wide range of packing materials for moving that you can buy individually online or on-site.

In terms of moving boxes, we offer small, medium, and large, along with large and small wardrobe boxes. The smallest boxes are 16” x 16” x 12,” while our largest ones are 22" x 22" x 21.5." We also feature a variety of packing bubble wrap options, in addition to packing paper and peanuts. Whatever your preference, be sure to include some kind of added cushioning when packing fragile items like TVs, entertainment systems, artwork, and furniture.

If you are looking for covers, we have you, well, covered. We offer chair covers, dust covers, sofa covers, and mattress covers in full, king, queen, and twin sizes. These help keep dirt, dust, and grime away from your precious items. We also provide large and small shrink wrap rolls.

In addition, we have tape guns, tape dispensers, nylon rope, and marking pens on offer to top off your moving supplies. We suggest using the markers to label your boxes to help keep track of all your items. You’ll find locks available for purchase, too, including our Disc Master and Master small locks.

Purchase Your Moving Supplies Today

When storing your items, make sure you properly package them up. Taking the extra time to shrink wrap or bubble wrap your items will do wonders for them during the move and once they’re in your storage unit. Whatever you need when it comes to moving and packing supplies, allow us to help you here at Stor-It.

To pre-order your boxes and supplies for pick up at Stor-It Self Storage, just fill out this form and press the submit button. One of our self-storage professionals will contact you shortly to confirm your order and finalize your payment and pick-up time.

Can be delivered locally within 24 hours.
13x13 Bubble Wrap Bags
7x11 Bubble Wrap Bags
9x9 Bubble Wrap Bags
Box Packing Paper - 10 lbs.
BOXES - Wardrobe Large
BOXES - Wardrobe Small
Bubble Wrap
16' x 10'
Bubble Wrap Large
24' x 10'
Bubble Wrap Large Box
Chair Cover
Dish Pack
Dust Cover
Glass Pack
Disc Master
Master Small
Marking Pens
Mattress Cover
Mattress Cover
Mattress Cover
Mattress Cover
Twin 2 Pack
Metal tape gun W/ 2 rolls tape
Packing Peanuts
Rope-White Nylon
Shrink Wrap Large Rolls
Shrink Wrap Small
Sofa Cover
Tape - Large
Tape - Small w/disp
Tape Dispenser W/3 Rolls Tape

Package Details

Small Package to Move your Pad includes: $35 (A SAVINGS OF $8.95)
5 Small Boxes(1.7 cubic foot or 16.75"x16.75"x12")
3 Medium Boxes(2.9 cubic foot or 18"x18"x15")
2 Large Boxes(6 cubic foot or 22"x22"x21.5")
1 roll of Tape with Dispenser
1 marker
1 roll of packing Bubble Wrap
Medium Package to Move your Pad includes: $75 (A SAVINGS OF $11.40)
10 Small Boxes(1.7 cubic foot or 16.75"x16.75"x12")
5 Medium Boxes(2.9 cubic foot or 18"x18"x15")
5 Large Boxes(6 cubic foot or 22"x22"x21.5")
1 3-roll of Tape with Dispenser
1 marker
2 rolls of packing Bubble Wrap
Large Package to Move your Pad includes: $175 (A SAVINGS OF $25.05)
25 Small Boxes(1.7 cubic foot or 16.75"x16.75"x12")
15 Medium Boxes(2.9 cubic foot or 18"x18"x15")
10 Large Boxes(6 cubic foot or 22"x22"x21.5")
1 Tape-Gun with 2 rolls of Tape
1 3-pack tape
2 markers
2 plastic covers(1 king, 1 queen size)
1 box of Wrapping Paper(10 lb, approx. 170 sheets 26"x24")

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