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StorSmart Insurance

Through Stor-It Self Storage affiliation with StorSmart Insurance, you may purchase short-term Insurance coverage for your stored items at affordable premium rates, which you pay monthly along with your rental fee. In most cases, you can get covered within 24 hours.

Coverage Limit Monthly Premium
$2,000 $9.00
$3,000 $13.00
$5,000 $22.00

For more information about purchasing insurance, contact your keylock storage specialist.

Storage Unit Insurance: Information and Enrollment

The stuff in your storage unit is your property, just like the stuff in your home or business. Shouldn’t you back it up with the same coverage? Just like you cover your home with homewoner’s insurance and your automobile with car insurance, you can also purchase storage unit insurance for the items inside your storage space. Learn more about storage unit insurance below, and shop competitive storage insurance policies for units here at Stor-It through StorSmart.

What Is Storage Unit Insurance?

Storage unit insurance (also called storage insurance or self-storage insurance) is a special type of insurance that covers policyholder property while it is stored by a business, such as a self storage provider. With a storage insurance plan, a policyholder pays a monthly fee in order to have financial coverage up to a stipulated amount. Storage unit insurance is commonly purchased by those who have items totalling a considerable dollar amount in their storage units, have paid long-term parking, or have other storage establishments.

Like other forms of insurance, not all renters insurance for storage units are the exact same. Some offer month-to-month payments, while others require annual or semi-annual fees. Most often, cheaper payments result in smaller dollar amounts for total coverage, though this is not always the case. Another way that storage insurance plans differ is in their scope of coverage. Some plans only pay out in the event of certain accidents, while others are more comprehensive. Lastly, there are many different storage insurance providers offering plans for both personal and commercial storage. Most often, these providers fall into one of two categories: insurance companies and self storage companies. When searching for self storage, check to see if the facility you’re looking at offers insurance plans and research insurance companies offering competing plans. You may find your best fit from either of these providers.

Why Invest in Storage Unit Insurance?

We’ve all heard the old adage “accidents happen.” This adage holds true for everyone, everywhere. Even the best storage facilities in the business are not immune to accidents. Natural disasters, break-ins, human error and other such emergencies can befall any storage location at any time. These emergencies can also cause major damage to stored items inside units, parking spaces, and other storage areas. While some locations may boast better infrastructure than others, none can promise 100% accident-prevention. Should accident strike your storage facility, you want your items covered. You want the best insurance for self storage.

Why Choose Storage Unit Insurance With Stor-It and StorSmart?

With several options for self storage insurance companies out there on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. At Stor-It, we’re here to make it simple. We’ve partnered with StorSmart to offer a wide range of specially-tailored storage insurance plans for Stor-It tenants. Policies come with coverage for accidents including: fire, smoke, lightning, wind, hail, earthquake, water damage, building collapse, rodent and vermin damage, explosion, burglary, vandalism and riot. Covering up to 75,000 in damages with affordable payments and a $0 deductible, our StorSmart plans are a perfect fit for any budget. Follow the links above to learn more, or use the links below to contact us directly and enroll.

Learn More and Enroll in Storage Unit Insurance With Our Team Here

Interested in learning more about storage insurance for your unit or storage space? Our team here at Stor-It has you covered. Whether you store with us or another institution, our friendly and knowledgeable experts would be happy to answer any questions you have about self storage insurance. Contact us to speak with a member of our team and have your questions answered.

Ready to purchase a StorSmart storage insurance plan for a unit at one of our Stor-It locations? Use the links on this page to get started. Haven’t booked a storage unit with us yet? Visit our Locations page to learn more about our many Idaho storage options, and check out our Packing Supplies, Space Estimator, and FAQ pages for more storage resources. People choose Stor-It because it is inexpensive, climate-controlled, secure, and we offer 365, 24/7 access.