August 28, 2020

Benefits of Month-to-Month Storage Unit Rentals

We can all agree that the whole point of self storage is convenience. Self-storage units provide an extra place for you to hold your extra stuff so you can free up space in your home or business. You can choose your unit size, access your belongings almost any time — and, in the case of month-to-month storage rentals, you can move out on a timetable that works for you.

If that alone isn’t enough to sell you on the advantages of month-to-month self storage, this guide is here to finish the job. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of storage units on monthly contracts, and book your Idaho month-to-month storage rental here at Stor-It today!

Benefit #1: Cost

Once upon a time, month-to-month storage units were a rarity. Many storage facilities offered contracts requiring lengthy commitments from potential renters. If you wanted a storage unit, you had to sign up for a year or longer. While this gave the storage provider some extra insurance (and cash), it was often expensive and inconvenient for the renter. Why? The answer is simple. Many people only need a storage rental for a short amount of time.

Those stuck in long-term contracts end up paying for more than they need. Even if they get a discount on extra months, the costs typically exceed the rate of month-to-month payments. If you hadn’t guessed, the payment plan for a month-to-month self-storage unit (also called a monthly storage unit) follows a monthly billing cycle. Like many other subscription services, you pay for every month you use, and you can cancel any month you like.

For those who want to store seasonally, or even for a single month, monthly storage is the way to go. Both cost-effective and vastly more flexible than storage with long-term contracts, month-to-month self storage is also the superior choice for renters who may not know how long they’ll need to store their stuff.

Benefit #2: “Life Happens” Flexibility

Life happens. Keep that phrase in mind while making any big decisions like signing long-term contracts. When life happens at its own speed, why enter into a long-term contract when you’re not absolutely certain about what will happen next? More pressingly, why sign up for a one- or two-year contract when you may only need to store your things for a month?

Even if you think you know, beyond all reasonable doubt, that you’ll need to store your stuff for a long time, you may find that life has other ideas. A new job, an unexpected windfall, an impromptu move — these reasons and more may prompt you to take your stuff out of storage. Should they occur, you don’t want to be saddled with a long-term contract to pay off.

On the opposite side of the coin, you may find yourself suddenly in need of storage for a few short weeks or months. A natural disaster, home emergency, or other unforeseen life event may force you to move some of your stuff elsewhere until you sort things out. Why would you pay extra to keep your belongings stored longer than you need to? With month-to-month storage, you can get in and get out right when you’re back on your feet.

Benefit #3: Timetables for Movers, Students, and More

Month-to-month storage isn’t only a good idea for those dealing with uncertainty. It’s also an excellent choice for those with short life events that may require a storage unit. Here are just a few examples of people who can benefit from a month-to-month storage rental:

  • Movers. Switching apartments? Moving to a new home? Downsizing? You may find that you need to store some of your belongings off-site until you settle into your new space.
  • Renovators. You often need to keep your stuff out of the way so contractors can work. Plus, renovation work can be messy, and you don’t want your belongings getting caught in the crossfire. Month-to-month storage can help you store your stuff for the few weeks or months it takes to renovate your home.
  • Students. College students often travel over the summer or study abroad during the school year. To add to an already hectic schedule, nearly all colleges require dorm students to fully vacate their rooms before the end of the school year. For these situations and more, month-to-month storage is the perfect solution.
  • World Travelers. You don’t have to be in college to travel the world. If you’re hitting the road or taking to the skies for a few months, you may need a spot to stick your stuff — especially if you’re between homes. Month-to-month storage has you covered!
  • Collectors and Hobbyists. Collectors and hobbyists are among the most common self-storage patrons. However, these enthusiasts often have changing needs, and a new addition to the collection creates a temporary need for storage. Whatever your circumstances are, monthly storage has the flexibility to meet them.

Benefit #4: Smart Solutions for Businesses

Thus far, we’ve touched on the benefits of month-to-month storage rentals for individuals and families. However, monthly storage is often the right choice for businesses, too. When the only thing certain in the commercial world is change, enterprises and small businesses alike need assistance that can adapt with them. Month-to-month storage is the right choice. Here are just few scenarios that show why:

Moving locations. Commercial leases being what they are, businesses are always looking for a better real estate deal. Whether you’re growing or downsizing, moving down the street or across state lines, your move may have a timetable that puts your belongings in limbo. When that happens, monthly storage can save the day — or week, or month.

Renovations. Homeowners aren’t the only ones who renovate their properties. Businesses do, too. When the workers come in, the office supplies and inventory need to go elsewhere — but not for very long. Month-to-month storage has the flexibility to fit any timetable.

Excess inventory. Inventory is difficult to predict. Sometimes things sell, sometimes they don’t. When orders don’t perform, you’re left with, well, leftovers you’ll likely need to store. Monthly storage is ready to accommodate.

Benefit #5: Easy Upgradability

The need for storage can grow and shrink for homeowners and business owners alike. When that happens, a change in storage unit size is required. If you’re locked into a long-term contract, you may not be able to make the switch as quickly as you’d like. With a month-to-month storage rental, you have the flexibility to expand or downsize.

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By now, you should be sold on the benefits of month-to-month self storage. If you still have questions, our team here at Stor-It has answers. Contact us to speak with a member of our team, and check out our blog for a host of in-depth storage guides.

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