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What Items Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

Are you considering self storage? You have a choice to make: traditional self storage or climate-controlled storage. The answer comes down to the kind of items you're storing. If you've ever wondered what items need climate-controlled storage, this is the guide for you.

On this page, the experts at Stor-It cover all of the essentials that should be stored in a climate-controlled unit. If you have questions, we have answers. Read on so you never have to ask, “Do I need climate-controlled storage?” again.

Items That Need Climate-Controlled Storage: General Considerations

Why would you need a climate-controlled storage unit? By controlling temperature and humidity, climate-controlled storage keeps items in the best condition possible.

With that said, it's also more expensive than traditional storage. So, should you spring for the royal treatment? Here are a few general things to consider before booking.

First and foremost, you should store any extremely expensive items in a climate-controlled unit. Think about how you ship expensive items and apply the same reasoning to storage: If it's valuable, you will take the extra precautionary measures to ensure it's being shipped (or stored) in a way that keeps it safe and well-preserved.

Next, consider the alternative — traditional, non-climate-controlled storage — in your particular situation. In certain climates, traditional storage can let in traces of the weather, which can lead to items cracking in the winter or developing mildew in the summer.

One of the biggest advantages of climate-controlled storage units is that they maintain a steady temperature year-round, so your belongings aren't exposed to rises, drops, or the elements.

What Items Need Climate Controlled Storage?

Here are a few categories that will do much better in climate-controlled space:

  • Electronics. Extreme heat and cold can warm plastic and metal components. In electronic devices, where these components are tiny and precisely engineered, this process can have dire consequences.
  • Artwork. Think about all of the precautions that museums take to make sure that their facilities are climate-controlled. You should do the same for your art. Paints and canvases are delicate; if you don't want them warped or discolored, your best bet is to go the climate-controlled storage route.
  • Indoor furniture. Indoor furniture is built to be indoors. The wood, wicker, metal, leather, or upholstery is not meant for excessively hot or cold environments, and most of it doesn't do well with moisture. If you have valuable indoor furniture items you'd like to store, it's best to keep them in a climate-controlled storage unit.
  • Photographs and collectibles. Photographs and (most) collectibles are delicate. Even slight fluctuations in temperature and humidity can lead to big-time changes. Keep these items in climate-controlled storage to keep them in great condition.
  • Musical instruments. Most musical instruments are made from wood or meticulously shaped metal components. Over time, temperature fluctuations and excess dryness or humidity can warp instruments, ruining their quality. Keep them in climate-controlled storage units, and they'll play like new for years to come.

Choose Stor-It for Your Storage Needs

Whether you need climate-controlled storage or traditional storage, our team here at Stor-It has you covered. As Idaho's oldest and largest self-storage provider, we own and operate 14 self-storage locations across Southern Idaho (with more coming soon). At our Boise Gowen Road location we have an extensive selection of climate-controlled storage units. There, and at our remaining locations, you'll find an abundance of traditional storage units, as well as covered and uncovered parking options. Plus, we offer FREE locks, 24/7 gated access, and packing and moving supplies available for sale. It's these benefits and more that make us the top choice for climate-controlled storage and traditional storage in the Gem State.

Curious to learn more about the benefits of climate-controlled storage? Visit our blog and FAQ pages for additional storage guidance, or contact us directly to have your questions answered. Ready to book with our team here at Stor-It? Follow the links above to learn more and book online with us today!