January 16, 2024

Brick by Brick: Lego Set Storage Ideas

LEGOs are a staple of every kid’s childhood, as those seemingly simple building blocks spark creativity and encourage children to tap into their inner architects. With just a handful of pieces, your kiddos build cities, robots, dinosaurs, castles, and so much more! 

Yes, these plastic, colorful blocks bring hours of entertainment to your family, but they can also be a nuisance if you don’t have a proper storage solution for them.

If it seems like there are always random blocks strewn across your living room and half-built designs teetering on the corner of your coffee table, it’s time to learn more about proper toy storage for your kids’ LEGOs. 

Whether you’re wondering how to store LEGO sets or where to keep all those blocks, our guide can help. Below, we provide all the building blocks you need to create the ultimate LEGO storage solution for your home. Follow along to discover the best LEGO storage tips around. 

Why LEGO Storage Is Important

If you’ve ever been barefoot and stepped on a LEGO piece on the floor, we don’t need to explain the importance of proper LEGO storage to you. Now, if you’re lucky enough to have avoided such a fate, let’s just say you’ll want to find a home for your kid’s LEGO pieces so you never have to experience that kind of pain! 

Pain aside, there’s also a good chance your kids are always misplacing and losing track of their building blocks if you don’t have a storage place for them. Perhaps you’re constantly finding pieces here and there around your house, from the bathroom to the bedroom! 

Of course, that’s no way to live, so it’s important to find a proper LEGO storage solution for your kids’ building blocks. Therefore, when your kids know where their LEGOs are supposed to go, they’re far less likely to ask you where they can find that LEGO dog figure or what happened to the missing pieces in their castle set. And, as an added bonus, since all the LEGOs will have their own storage place, you’ll be one step closer to decluttering and organizing your home

LEGO Storage Locations

Before you start buying or creating your own LEGO storage solutions, though, it helps to consider how extensive your kids’ LEGO collection is and where you have room to store it. For example, if your kids only have a shoebox’s worth of blocks, you can get away with a small storage space, but if they have 12 shoebox’s worth of pieces, you’ll need a larger area. 

With this in mind, begin assessing your home. What’s your playroom look like? Or how about your game room? Can you make space in your kid’s closet? Or what about that cabinet in your living room? Once you identify all the nooks and crannies, you should have no trouble implementing the following LEGO storage ideas in your home. 

Creative DIY Lego Storage Ideas

It’s time to explore our go-to LEGO storage tips. Check out these and incorporate them into your home so your kids will always know where to find their favorite building blocks. 

Recycle Takeout Containers

If you’re looking for LEGO DIY storage ideas, don’t throw out your takeout containers! The containers that held your soup and pasta last night could hold countless LEGO pieces. Simply run them through the dishwasher, and then pack them to brim with your kids’ favorite blocks. You can neatly store the containers in your toy closet or on a shelf in the playroom.

Repurpose Your Tupperware

Similar to the above idea, Tupperware containers also make prime LEGO storage solutions. Look in your pantry to see if you can donate those you have to your kids’ toy collection or pick up a new set next time you’re at the store. To help your kids find their go-to blocks, label the outside of the Tupperware so they can track down which ones they want without opening every plastic container.  

Use Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are another handy LEGO organization idea for a number of reasons. For starters, they’re clear, so your kids can easily see which blocks are inside each one, and they have lids, so they don’t lose track of any pieces. These bins also come in different sizes, making it easy to accommodate any LEGO collection, no matter how big or small, and they’re stackable, so you can store them nearly anywhere. 

Get a Basket or Bin

If your kids prefer a free-for-all when building their masterpiece, forget about trying to organize or categorize their collection. Instead, invest in a big receptacle, such as a basket or bin, for storing them all in one place. You could go with a big plastic bucket with handles or invest in something a little more chic, like a woven or wicker basket that matches your decor. This option is especially convenient when it comes to clean-up time because your kids can toss all their pieces into the bin in seconds!

Go for a Storage Bag

Like our previous suggestion, a storage bag is the perfect LEGO storage option if your kids like to have all their blocks in one place. Look for a storage bag with a drawstring that folds into a play mat so your kids can keep all their blocks on it and pick and choose the blocks they want as they craft their designs. Then, when they’re done playing, they can simply close the drawstring and conceal the bag in a closet or cupboard until the next time. 

Pick up Some Plastic Containers with Compartments 

If you’re familiar with those plastic containers with the compartments inside of them, consider transforming these into LEGO storage. Your kids can easily organize their collection using the built-in dividers to separate all their minifigures, accessories, and other pieces into various compartments. This LEGO organizing idea is perfect for easy browsing and finding desired pieces.

Purchase a LEGO-Designed Storage Solution

As you might assume, the LEGO brand itself sells several different LEGO storage options, such as their LEGO Storage Big Toy Bucket, a LEGO Storage Four-Piece Tote and Play Mat, and even a LEGO Storage Head! These solutions are sure to make a great addition to your playroom. 

Invest in Some Cubbies

If your children have an especially large LEGO collection, you might want to look into cubbies. This storage option invites you to designate the blocks into different bins, helping you organize them. You can even add labels outside the bins so your kids can easily track down specific blocks and sets. 

Convert a Toolbox or Tackle Box

This is one LEGO storage idea your kids are sure to love. Clear out an old toolbox or tackle box you already have on hand, and let your crew place their blocks inside. Since these boxes already have built-in compartments, it makes it easier than ever for your kids to organize and see their collections. And the best part is that they can easily grab their box and take it wherever they want!  

Use Mesh Baggies

Mesh baggies make great LEGO storage solutions. Simply pick up some mesh baggies and separate your LEGOs into each one. For instance, you could categorize the collection by color, placing all green blocks in one and yellow ones in another. Or you might prefer to put all your bricks in one mesh bag and your minifigures in a different one. This storage option is especially handy if your kids like taking their LEGOs on the go.   

Make Room in Drawers

Sometimes, finding appropriate storage space just means doing a little rearranging. For instance, you could clear out a drawer in your desk for your LEGOs and add drawer dividers to organize them. Or make room on a bookshelf in your game room. Stack some plastic bins or line up the mesh baggies on the shelf. 

Put the Creations on Display

Whether your kiddos have built an impressive Star Wars Millennium Falcon or crafted their own figures from scratch, some LEGO designs aren’t meant to be torn down. In this case, put them on display! Add LEGO creations to your bookshelf, set them on the corner of your office desk, or display them on the TV console in your rec room. 

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