• Dorm Room For Improvement: Dorm Storage & Organization Ideas

    When your kids are headed off to college, they might be venturing off into the big, big world, but they’re likely going to be living in a very small room!

    Let’s face it: dorm rooms don’t exactly have a reputation for being spacious. In fact, the average dorm room tends to be roughly 100 to 200 square feet, and your kid and their roommate are expected to cram all their belongings into that compact space, which is not only their bedroom but also their study area and hangout spot. That means they need to find storage solutions for their clothing, shoes, bedding, toiletries, entertainment, school supplies, and so much more! 

    So, how on earth can they find the appropriate space for all their items? The good news is it’s not impossible to create a functional and inviting living space, as there are quite a few hacks out there that can help your kid make the most of their tiny living quarters. It’s just a matter of using all the available space and finding the appropriate storage containers.

    Ready to help your kid tackle the art of dorm-room living? Allow us to help. In our guide on dorm storage, we offer all the best tips and tricks so your college freshman can live large in their small room. Follow along to discover our top dorm room storage ideas!

    Maximizing Your Dorm’s Space

    Before we cover our favorite dorm room storage tips, let’s discuss ways to make the most of the space. 

    Consider Bunk Beds

    We understand bunk beds are a no-go for some college students, but it is important to consider how much extra space they can provide when you stack the beds on top of one another. If the roomies are already friends or don’t mind the bunk bed setup, they’ll enjoy more floor space, which is excellent for storing additional items or simply taking advantage of the extra wiggle room. 

    Use Bed Risers 

    If your kid would rather have a standalone bed, then we definitely recommend investing in bed risers. When they put these on the legs of their bed, they gain several extra inches of space under their bed, providing more clearance for storing items like shoes, textbooks, and seasonal clothes. Remember, every inch counts!

    Find Stackable Options

    Stackable dorm storage options are your friend! When browsing your choices, look for solutions that can be placed on top of one another. Stacking will help save space while keeping your kids’ belongings organized. 

    Encourage Downsizing

    It’s not only about the space but also about the volume of your kid’s belongings. If your college student has packed everything but the kitchen sink, they might need to do some downsizing. For example, do they need to bring 15 pairs of sneakers, or will one or two do the trick? Must they pack their entire record collection, or can they just select a few favorites? Remember, they can always start with fewer items and stock up on more the next time they return home on break. 

    Look for Hanging Options

    Sometimes, you’ve got to get creative with your dorm storage solutions. In this case, look up, down, and around to find ways to take advantage of open space. You can pick up some disposable plastic hooks and place them on the wall for hanging items like jackets, towels, and bookbags. 

    DIY Dorm Room Storage Ideas

    If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to dorm room organization ideas, we’re here to help. Our list of dorm storage solutions will provide you with all the inspiration you need to create a comfortable and productive living space for your college student. 

    Bedside Pouches and Shelves

    We weren’t kidding when we said you need to take advantage of every square inch, and that’s where bedside pouches and shelves come in handy! Simply tuck or attach these contraptions onto the side of the bed, and your kid will have convenient bedside storage. For instance, if you use the pouch option, they can place a book, magazine, and cell phone in the pocket, but if you go with the shelf, it folds out into a little tray for holding additional items like a glass of water and a phone charger.  

    Under-the-Bed Storage Bins

    Once you’ve placed risers on the bed, be sure to use every last inch of that hidden storage space. There are so many under-the-bed storage options, from shoe racks and plastic bins to baskets on wheels and totes with zippers! And the beauty of this option is if you get a comforter or duvet that grazes the floor, no one will realize just how much your kid is storing under their bed. 

    Over-the-Door Storage

    Over-the-door dorm storage ideas are a must for every college student. After all, there is prime storage real estate from the back of their bedroom door to the door of their closets. For example, if your kid has an impressive shoe collection, they might want to look into a shoe rack that hangs over their closest door. Or, if they want a place to keep their bath towels and shower caddy, a door rack with hooks and containers could be a great solution. With so many different over-the-door storage options, you won’t have any trouble finding the ideal one for your kid’s dorm room setup.  

    Rolling Carts

    For another convenient dorm room storage idea, consider investing in a rolling cart with multiple tiers. Your kid can pack it with their makeup and toiletries, office supplies, textbooks, or whatever makes the most sense for their individual needs. And because the cart is on wheels, they can roll it into the back of their closet or the corner of their room and take it out when they need it. 

    Storage Ottoman

    If your kid’s dorm room is spacious enough for an ottoman, then go with one with a hidden storage compartment! We love this dorm room storage idea because your college student can make their room look hip and trendy while taking advantage of extra storage. Purchase one with a lid, and encourage them to pack it with everything from their shoes to extra blankets and towels.

    Hanging Shoe Storage

    We mentioned over-the-door shoe racks as a storage option, but you can also find hanging shoe organizers for your kid’s closet. Look for an option that hooks onto the rod in the closet and provides vertical storage space for all their boots, sandals, dress shoes, and sneakers. 

    Desk Hutch

    Your kid will be spending a lot of time working and studying at their desk (or at least they should be!), so they’ll need all their books, notebooks, and school supplies within arm’s reach. To accomplish that, it helps to purchase (or build) a desk hutch they can place over the top of their desk. With this option, they can use the shelves to store all their school supplies and even have extra space to add decorations like framed photos or trinkets. 

    Hanging Laundry Hamper

    There’s a good chance your college student will wait until their hamper is overflowing before they decide to do laundry, so it could take up a lot of valuable floor space. Free up that space by purchasing a hanging laundry hamper. Simply hang it from the back of a door or in the closet.

    Stackable Drawers

    Stackable drawers are another go-to dorm storage idea because they’re affordable and easy to implement. For instance, you might pick up a compact one and place it on your kid’s dresser to organize their jewelry or on their desk to hold all their pens, pencils, and notepads. If space allows, you could even pick up some larger ones to tuck in their closet or hide under their bed for storing clothing, shoes, or extra bedding. 

    Shower Caddy

    Shower caddies are another must when it comes to dorm living. These portable containers give your kid a place to keep all their toiletries so they’re not scattered around their room. They can keep their toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, razors, and deodorant in their shower caddy and quickly grab it before every trip to the bathroom. 

    Allow Stor-It to Help

    Here at Stor-It, we have the best moving tips for college students. Whether you need advice for moving dorm room belongings into a storage unit for the summer or moving out of a dorm room after graduation, we can help. We also have a convenient storage unit size guide to help you find a storage unit to fit all your belongings. Contact us today to learn more! 

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