January 2, 2024

Fold & Hold: Towel Storage and Organization Ideas

If you’ve ever stepped out of the shower only to realize there’s no towel in sight, then it might be time to reassess your towel storage—or lack thereof. When you figure out how to properly store towels in your bathroom, you can rest assured that a clean towel will always be waiting for you when you go to dry yourself off. 

To avoid running through the house dripping wet in search of a clean, dry towel after every shower, check out our towel storage ideas. With these solutions, you’ll always have a towel within arm’s reach in your bathroom. 

Maximizing Space with Towel Organization

Before diving into our favorite towel storage ideas, it helps to assess the towels you already have. Instead of holding on to those ratty, barely-there towels you’d be embarrassed about if your guests ever saw them, pare down your collection to the ones you actually like, frequently use, and are happy to display. 

Once you have sorted through your collection of bath towels, it’s time to find a home for them!

Creative Towel Storage Solutions

When organizing your bathroom space, it’s crucial to find appropriate towel storage solutions. For inspiration, check out our towel organization ideas below! 

Hang Wall Hooks

If you have some open wall space in your bathroom, install hooks and hang your towels from them. You can even designate a hook for each family member so no one will accidentally use someone else’s towel. These hooks are great not only for storing your towels but also for providing you with a space to hang dry them.

Invest in a Towel Rack

We’re not sure why towel racks stopped being a staple in every home. They are easily one of the most convenient places to hang your towels! For this towel storage idea, purchase a standalone rack, build one into your current fixtures, or create your own from scratch. And if you really want to get fancy, consider investing in one with a built-in warmer that will heat your towels before you use them.  

Install Shelving

Lining your towels up on a shelf is the perfect way to keep your collection organized while still being within arm’s reach. Install a shelf big enough to hold several rolled or folded towels, and consider adding some accent pieces like candles, soaps, or trinkets. To further elevate your decor, look into some trendy modular shelves that you can customize with bins to keep your towels out of sight. 

Get an Ornate Basket

If your bathroom decor is of utmost importance to you, you may like the idea of incorporating a decorative basket to hold your towels. Just as you might pile your blankets in a woven basket in the corner of your living room, you can do the same with your towel collection. For instance, a wicker basket filled with towels might be a great addition to your rustic bathroom decor, while a metal bin would complement more modern, industrial-style bathrooms. This easy DIY towel storage solution adds style and convenience to your bathroom.

Tuck Them into Cabinets

Not every bathroom towel storage solution has to involve putting your towels on display. Whether you have a small bathroom that might look cluttered with towels or prefer a more minimalist approach, you can always take advantage of cabinet and closet space. Clear space in the cupboard under your sink, make room on the shelf in your bathroom closet, or consider investing in a cabinet that you can designate entirely for your towel collection. 

Go for a Rolling Cart

We love the idea of placing a rolling cart in your bathroom for storing your toiletries, but have you ever thought about adding your towels to it, too? You can roll up some towels and place them on the rolling cart in the corner of the bathroom. When you are going to use the shower, bathtub, or sink, push the cart to those areas. Your towels will then be conveniently on hand when you need to dry off.

Get Creative with a Towel Ladder

You’ve heard of blanket ladders, so why not experiment with using ladders for your towels? A vertical ladder propped up against your bathroom wall provides you with functional and stylish towel storage. Chances are, after seeing your chic display, your friends and family will want to add towel ladders to their bathrooms, too!

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