January 9, 2024

Pots and Pans Storage and Organization Ideas

When it comes to cooking, you don’t need to be the next Gordon Ramsay or Rachel Ray to want an organized and functional kitchen space. In fact, even if Top Ramen noodles are the only thing you know how to cook, you still need to know where to find the pot! 

Regardless of your cooking skills or aspirations, it’s helpful to know how to store pots and pans to keep track of where all your cookware lives. Having a proper place for storing your pots and pans will greatly reduce your stress and frustration in the kitchen.

But no sweat if you’re not sure how to organize your pots and pans or where to store them. In our guide on storing pots and pans, we offer all the best advice to help you find a home for your sauté pans, woks, saucepans, and skillets. 

Space-Saving Pots and Pans Storage Ideas

Ready to get inspired to create storage for pots and pans in your kitchen? Check out our favorite pots and pans storage ideas below. 

Install a Pegboard

If you’re a fan of Julia Child, you probably remember the pegboards in her kitchen that held all her pots and pans. So, why not take a page out of her book? To achieve this pots and pans storage idea, install a pegboard on an empty wall in your kitchen and pick up some heavy-duty hangers. From here, space out your pots and pans and hang them on the board however you’d like, giving a nod to the famous chef herself. 

Use Your Lazy Susan Cabinet

If your kitchen has built-in lazy Susans, they make ideal pots and pans storage solutions. For instance, you can place all your pots on the top shelf and all your pans on the bottom shelf, so when you spin it around, you can find exactly what you need.

Hang Them on a Rail

We love this industrial-looking pots and pans storage idea! Install a rail with hooks on your ceiling, range hood, or the wall behind your stove, and hang your pots and pans on it. This chic pots and pans storage solution allows you to show off your collection while having it within arm’s reach as you cook. 

Store Them in the Oven Drawer

We love the ovens that come with built-in pots and pans storage! The drawer under the stove is a warming tray in some models, but in others, it’s storage space. If yours is the latter, simply tuck some of your pots and pans in the drawer to help keep them from cluttering your kitchen space. Now, if your oven has a warming drawer, you could place your pots and pans in it, but we recommend removing them whenever you turn your oven on. 

Put up Shelves

Installing shelves in your kitchen is a way to create more pots and pans storage space. Find an open wall, put up a shelf, and then artfully arrange and stack your pots and pans along it. To help make the arrangement blend in with your kitchen decor, add a vase of flowers, a candle, or a photo frame to the shelf as well. 

Create Space in Cabinets

When storing pots and pans, look at the space in your kitchen cabinets. Can you add shelves to consolidate your bowls and plates into one cabinet? Or could you downsize your mug collection so it only takes up one cabinet instead of two? Once you clear space in your cabinet, stack your pots and pans and keep them hidden away until you need them next.

Make Room in Your Kitchen Drawers

If you’re fortunate enough to have wide, deep drawers, then this could be the answer to your question of where to store pots and pans. Simply clear out a few drawers and place your pots and pans inside, but don’t be surprised if you have to play a game of Tetris to make them all fit. You might want to add a drawer divider to help organize your collection or place all the lids in another drawer. 

Display Your Favorites

Some of your pots and pans might be almost too pretty to use, like your bright blue Dutch oven or your shiny chrome stock pot. In this case, why not put them on display? Instead of tucking them away in drawers and cabinets, place them on the top of your stove or the corner of your kitchen island to give some character to your space. 

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