December 11, 2023

Disc-overing Harmony: CD Storage and Organization Ideas

Sure, MP3s and streaming music services are all the rage these days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve turned your back on your beloved CDs. After all, you spent years curating your collection. It covers your hip-hop phase, your obsession with oldies, and your recent fondness for punk music. Your CD collection is like a time capsule, following your musical tastes throughout your life, so it only makes sense to treasure those pieces of your past. 

Depending on how extensive your collection is, you may have quite a few CDs on your hands, which means it’s time to find a proper storage solution for them. We’re here to inspire you with clever CD storage ideas and organization tips. Our CD storage guide covers everything you need to know to store your favorite discs properly. 

CD Organization Ideas

Just because you have a big collection of CDs doesn’t mean they are all usable. It’s a good idea to toss the CDs that are too scratched or warped to play unless you’re holding on to them for sentimental value. Even if they look like they’re in decent shape, give them a listen to make sure they don’t skip.

Also, when running an inventory of your CDs, remember that you don’t need to keep every single one. Sure, you might have loved that folk album fifteen years ago, but if you don’t foresee yourself ever listening to it again, it might be time to donate it or give it to a friend.

After you’ve narrowed down the CDs you want to keep, consider organizing them into categories. For instance, you might sort them by genre or artist. Doing so will help keep them organized and easy to find once you implement your CD storage solution. 

The Best CD Storage Ideas

It’s time to learn how to store your CDs! Below, we showcase our favorite CD storage solutions for inspiration. 

Purchase a CD Storage Case

Remember how you took those travel CD cases on all your road trips? Well, those same cases make ideal long-term CD storage solutions, too. When looking at all the options, search for one with a zipper to keep your CDs from falling out while preventing dust and dirt from interfering with them. We love this CD organization idea because you can easily take it on the go or stash it away until you want to listen to your favorite artists. 

Make Your Own CD Binder

Would you prefer a DIY CD storage option? Consider making your own CD storage case with a binder and plastic sleeves. Simply clip the sleeves into the binder rings and designate a sleeve for each disc. If you want to get super organized, place tabs on the sleeves and alphabetize them or divide them up by genre. From here, you can tuck the binder into a cabinet, drawer, or shelf. 

Line Them up on a Shelf

A shelf provides a convenient CD organizer for those who like to keep their CDs in the cases they came in. For this storage option, you could install a shelf on your wall and line your CDs in a row or clear space for your collection on a bookshelf. We like this CD shelving option because you can browse your CDs while showcasing your impeccable taste in music.

Invest in a CD Rack

Why not add a CD storage rack if you have a game or music room? You can find all kinds of racks, such as vertical wooden racks or metal ones that stand parallel to the ground. And like the previous option, this CD storage solution lets you keep your discs in their original cases. Place the rack next to your stereo, boom box, or walkman to keep your collection handy when you want to turn up the tunes. 

Take Advantage of Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic bins are great for keeping all your CDs in one convenient place. We recommend choosing a plastic bin deep enough to store your CDs in a row and then using dividers to separate your collection alphabetically or by genre, just like a filing cabinet. Then, when you’re done using your CDs, you can simply place the lid on the bin and store it in your spare bedroom, garage, rec room, or even your attic.

Choose Stor-It Today

There’s a lot to learn about storing items, but we’re here to simplify it for you. Whether you’re looking to store collectibles or find a suitable storage unit, allow Stor-It to help. We have all the best long-term storage tips and even offer a convenient storage size guide to help you find a storage unit that best suits your needs. Contact us today to find out more!