February 9, 2021

6 Easy Ways to Store Your Bikes & Cycling Gear

Having a bike opens up a world of opportunities. After all, a bike can take you as far as your feet can pedal. Maybe you commute to work on your wheels or leisurely cruise around your beach town on your bike. Better yet, perhaps you’re a weekend warrior and carve up the trails on your mountain bike each Saturday morning. Regardless of when and how you use your bike, chances are you need a place to store it and all your cycling gear.

Whether you live in a shoebox apartment or a spacious home, figuring out how to store your bikes can feel like a headache, but it doesn’t have to be! Below, we’ve listed our favorite bike storage ideas. From ceiling options to travel cases, check out these six ways to easily store your bikes and cycling gear.

Before Anything: Take Inventory

Before getting creative with bike storage solutions, you’ll want to assess your situation. How much gear do you have, and how much space do you need? If you have two mountain bikes, a beach cruiser, and a road bike, then you have to figure out how to store multiple bikes. But if you only have one tried-and-true bicycle, then you obviously won’t need as much space. Take note of your biking accessories, too, from your helmets to your spare tires, as these take up additional space.

Next, consider how often you use your bike equipment. Do you bike to work every day or only use it during the spring and summer or on special occasions? If you use your bike daily, then you’ll want to keep it in a place that’s easy to access, but if you use it once in a blue moon, then you can get more creative with long-term bike storage options, such as a shed or storage unit.

How Much Free Space Do You Have?

Don’t get too fancy with your bike organization ideas without first looking into the free space that you already have in your home. There are the obvious spaces like spare garages and backyards, but you may have an extra closet or guest bedroom that will provide just enough space for your wheels and gear.

Next, look up, down, and around. Do you have a wall of empty space? How about high ceilings? Once you have an idea of the blank space in your home, you can begin to get creative with your bike storage.

1. Set Your Sights on Vertical Storage

Out of sight, out of mind, right? If you want bicycle storage that won’t get in the way, consider taking advantage of ceiling space. That open area is just going to waste otherwise! If you have a garage, there’s a good chance you have enough ceiling space to hoist your bicycles up. However, you can put this bike storage idea into action in pretty much any room of your home as long as you’re not competing with light fixtures or shelving.

You’ll find numerous ways to put your bike on the ceiling, including ceiling racks, ceiling mounts, pulley systems, and even racks with hydraulic arms. Keep in mind, it can take some finagling to get your bike up and down from this setup, so make sure there is nothing fragile in or around it in case of an accident. Also, because it can be cumbersome, some choose this route as a long-term bike storage solution rather than a short-term one.

2. Look Side to Side for Horizontal Options

Another space-saving bike storage option is to put racks on the wall. Just like the vertical and ceiling storage options, you can place horizontal wall bike racks nearly anywhere, from your living room to the outside of your home. You can stack your bikes horizontally, flush against the wall and parallel to the ground with a column rack, or vertically with both wheels up against the wall. Look into wall mounts, gravity stands, mantels, and even fold-up options. With this setup, you can easily store one or multiple bikes at once.

This bike storage solution is a great option for those who frequently use their bikes. As long as you place it in a convenient, easy-to-access area, you should have no trouble getting your bike up and down from the rack or wall mount.

3. Don’t Forget About Floor Space

You don’t have to go wild with pulley systems or wall features. If you have some open ground space, a simple freestanding or ground rack can do wonders as a bike storage solution. You’ll discover floor parking racks, foldable stands, and freestanding options that you can easily place in your backyard, garage, or even an empty closet or office area.

4. Don’t Forget Coverage

If you’re wondering how to store bikes outside, you’ll definitely want to look into getting a cover for your wheels to protect them from the elements. Rain can rust the metal, while harsh sunlight can cause your seat and handlebars to fade. A bike cover is also a must if you’re looking into how to store your bike for winter or long periods of time, as a cover can keep out snow, dust, grime, dirt, and even bugs.

5. Check Out Storage Units

Sometimes you just don’t have any wiggle room to work with. Maybe you live in a small studio or your garage is already packed to the brim. If that’s the case, you can always turn to a bike storage unit. Whether you’re wondering how to store your bike for a long time or looking to free up some space in your home, storage units can do the trick.

Self-storage units come in a variety of sizes. You can reserve a compact one specifically for your bikes, or you can get a larger one with enough space for other items you’re looking to store like furniture. Check out the self-storage providers in your area to find one that best suits your needs and price range.

6. Protect Your Bike On the Go

Bike storage doesn’t start and stop with stationary solutions. If you’re taking your bike on the go, be sure to properly store your bike in a travel case. You’ll come across a variety of travel bags and boxes. Many of these travel storage options also come with enough space for cycling gear like helmets and shoes, too.

Depending on how you’re traveling, you can choose between a soft bag and a hard box. If you plan on flying on an airplane with your bike, go for a storage option that’s suited for checked luggage, but if you’re driving, look into options that connect to your car’s roof rack.

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