June 25, 2019

How to Pack Your Dorm (Interactive)


Summer can’t officially start until you’ve fully moved out of your dorm. Use these tips to help get your vacation started sooner:

Your Desk

Declutter your desk a couple of weeks before you begin packing. This includes fliers, old papers, frisbees from the science club, and any other handouts you’ve been given while walking around campus. Significantly lighten your load by returning your rented textbooks and selling the ones you no longer need. Use a smaller box to pack up your school supplies like packs of paper, binders, staplers, and pens and pencils.


Find a friend or family member with a large truck to help you move things home or to storage. Rent a moving truck. Ask your local storage company or truck rental company if they have specials for students. If using a smaller vehicle, be prepared to make multiple trips.

Bed Sheets

Packing up your bedding should be last on your to-do list. Purchase large heavy-duty trash bags to put these items in. Use vacuum sealed space saver bags to avoid these larger items from taking up too much space.


Remove everything from the walls. Determine what you want to take with you and what you want to dispose of. Find a shoebox or other medium-sized container for keepsakes like photos.


Keep your clothes on their hangers and cover in plastic trash bags. Secure the hangers with a hair tie or something similar. Pack your shoes in large bags and suitcases. Pack delicates separately.

Larger Furniture and Appliances

Unplug your mini-fridge and clean it out 2 days before move out. Clean your fridge and wrap it in a blanket or bubble wrap for extra cushion. Unplug your lamp and remove the lightbulb before storing.