February 3, 2023

Moving & Packing Supplies Checklist For Your Next Move

When planning a big move, you have a lot to keep track of, from scheduling your storage unit to renting a moving truck. Relocating all your belongings may feel chaotic. However, a thorough moving and packing checklist can keep you organized. Preparing all the moving and packing supplies you need will help the process to go as smoothly as possible.  

We’ve created the ultimate moving supplies checklist, which includes everything you need for pre-packing, packing, and unpacking. From cardboard boxes to bubble wrap, as long as you follow our essential packing tips, you’ll be all set.

How to Choose the Right Packing Materials and Moving Supplies

When it comes to your moving/packing checklist, you only want the essentials. After all, you don’t want to waste valuable time running around town in search of unnecessary items and buying nonessentials when you could be focused on your big move. 

And that’s where we can help. We’ll advise you on all the necessary moving and packing supplies. Be sure to have these materials on hand for an organized and efficient move.

Pre-Packing Supplies

Before you start packing everything up, do some prep work to make the whole process run more smoothly and orderly. This might mean cleaning your items or making sure you don’t misplace any loose parts in the process.

Be sure to pick up these pre-moving supplies:

Cleaning Supplies

Resist the temptation to throw all your dusty, dirty items into your moving boxes. Make your life easier by cleaning and wiping everything down as you’re packing away.

When it comes to moving and packing essentials, cleaning supplies belong at the top of the list. Round up your cleaning supplies, such as dusters, disinfectant wipes, all-purpose cleaner, and wood and glass cleaner, if need be. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later when you unpack all your clean and sparkly belongings on the other end.

Baggies and Zip Ties

During a previous move, have you ever unpacked your shelves and gone to place them on your wall only to realize you’re missing all the screws and brackets? Don’t let yourself make that mistake again.

Baggies and zip ties are considered another packing essential for good reason, particularly if you are packing electronics or belongings with screws, wires, or bolts. Use the baggies to hold any loose parts and be sure to label them and pack them together with their associated items.

Use the zip ties to keep wires together and prevent them from getting tangled. Doing this will help keep your items organized and lower your chances of losing any precious parts.

Tool Set

You might not think you need tools, but just wait until you’re faced with your bedframe, shelving, or entertainment system–your screwdriver will become your best friend. Use your toolset to take apart your items, and don’t forget to put any screws and bolts into those baggies. Keep your toolset on hand when you’re unpacking, too, so you can easily rebuild your items as you unpack.

Packing Supplies

Now that you’ve cleaned and organized your belongings, move on to the actual packing stage. Gather these important moving and packing supplies:

Cardboard Boxes and Containers

Containers are perhaps the number one item on our essential packing list. You can go the traditional cardboard box route or go with plastic bins. Both have their pros and cons, but at the end of the day, it comes down to your specific needs. Cardboard boxes are affordable and easy to come by, while plastic bins are the waterproof option and are known for their aesthetic appeal.

Do an inventory of your belongings before moving day to help estimate what size containers you need and how many. Cardboard boxes usually come in small, medium, and large, while plastic containers typically come in one or two sizes.

Couple Reviewing Their Moving and Packing Checklist


Between your grandma’s antique plates and your porcelain doll collection, you can’t afford to see anything get damaged during your move. That’s why protecting your belongings is key when it comes to moving. You never know what’s going to get moved, bumped, knocked, or accidentally dropped during the process. Stock up on some sort of cushioning or packing materials for moving. You have multiple options here.

Packing paper is great for wrapping up sharp or fragile items, along with items like appliances, pots and pans, and other kinds of kitchenware. Some people use newspaper for this, but be wary, as sometimes ink can bleed onto your items, especially if they get wet.

Another option is to purchase bubble wrap, which can give your belongings extra padding–plus, it’s fun to play with during the process. Use this bubble wrap on items that are made of glass, ceramic, porcelain, or other fragile materials. It’ll be totally worth it when you open your items and see they’re all still intact.


Labeling your boxes is one of our biggest moving hacks. After all, there is nothing worse than facing 100 unmarked boxes in your new place, not knowing where to find your microwave or toothbrush.

Get some markers and label your boxes as soon as you seal them. Some people note where the box belongs (kitchen, bedroom, den), while others like to include a packing list for each box to state what’s inside (kitchen appliances, bedding, or gaming systems). If you really want to get fancy, you can always set up a color-coding system. Do whatever makes your life easier!

Packing Tape

Those cardboard boxes aren’t going to seal themselves. When getting tape, skip the masking tape and go for something more durable. Grab some rolls of packing tape and a tape gun. You can easily build your boxes and then seal them once your belongings are inside.

Lifting Straps

You already know to lift with your legs, but moving heavy items can do a number on your body. Add some cargo straps to your moving supplies list. These straps can help you more safely distribute the weight when lifting your oversized belongings.


Why make moving more difficult than it needs to be? Purchase or rent a few dollies to help you move your heavy and bulky items. Not only will it make your moving go quicker, but it will save you from exerting unnecessary energy.


Along with dollies, a ramp can do wonders for your moving experience. These are especially handy if you’re looking to put your boxes in the back of your truck or navigating around steps.

Unpacking Supplies

Not so fast. Just because you are done packing doesn’t mean you don’t need supplies when it comes to unpacking.

Scissors or Box Cutters

Scissors and/or box cutters are considered essential moving materials if you want to save your precious fingers when opening countless cardboard boxes at a time. Keep a pair on hand to make things go faster.

Trash Bags

When you’re in the middle of unpacking and arranging your new space, you’re not going to want to deal with piles of leftover boxes, packing paper, and tape. This is your brand new space after all! Do yourself a favor and stock up on some garbage bags. Create a trash and recycling pile and then toss it all. You’ll be glad you stocked up on trash bags in advance.

We know you have a million moving checklists laying around right now, but be sure to add these essential moving supplies to your lists.

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