March 24, 2019

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

Self-storage is a great way to store excess belongings. However, for many homeowners and business owners, finding the right-sized storage unit is often easier said than done. Those on a budget may end up renting something too small, while those in a rush may end up investing in something too big. In both cases, improper research and planning are typically the culprits behind self-storage space mistakes. In this guide, our experts here at Stor-It are here to help you avoid those mistakes. Below, we give you tips, tricks, storage information, and other factors to consider to help you choose the perfect-sized unit for your needs.   

Choosing Your Unit: Tips for Picking the Right Size

Once you’ve decided that self-storage is the right choice for you, it’s time to pick out a unit. Storage unit sizes and features will vary from facility to facility. Most self-storage companies have at least a few different kinds of storage spaces to choose from. With this selection, it can be difficult to know which storage unit is right for you. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to narrow down the decision.

Right off the bat, there are a couple of factors to consider. The first one is cost. How much are you willing to spend for self-storage? Bigger units typically cost more per month, so keeping things as small as possible is often the choice for unit renters on a budget. The second factor has to do with your storage habits. What are you storing? Do you plan on regularly removing items or adding more items into your storage unit? How far are you willing to commute for self-storage? Answering these questions and more will help you choose the correctly-sized and configured storage unit for your needs.

Space Tip #1: Make a List of the Belongings You Plan to Store

To start, it’s important to make a list of the items you plan to store. One way to do this is to sit down with your phone or a pen and paper and simply write out everything that you want to put in storage. Another way is to stockpile everything into a room in your home or business to get a better idea of how much space your items will occupy. While the second option will give you a more detailed estimation of your space-related needs, both options will help you understand just how much you’re going to store. As you begin to make your list, you may discover that you want to store more stuff than you’d originally thought. Trust us: this discovery is best made during the list-making phase, not after you’ve begun loading your storage unit.

Space Tip #2: Understand Your Storage Needs

Everyone stores different belongings; thus, everyone has different storage needs. Some items are small and stackable while others are definitely not. Some items are sensitive to temperature and humidity and others can be stored in virtually any setting. When searching for the right-sized storage unit, it’s important to consider these other storage-related needs to help you narrow down your choice. Do you need a climate-controlled space? What amenities would you like to have at your storage facility? Answering these questions will help you weed out certain storage units, thus making the issue of space that much easier to solve.

Space Tip #3: Measure Accurately

Measure twice, store once. Once you’ve listed your items, create an accurately-measured square space in your garage or living room to simulate the dimensions of your projected storage unit. Then, begin to move your items into the square to get an accurate read on whether your projected storage unit is the right choice. Remember to take height into account: stacking saves space.

Space Tip #4: Choose a Facility With Staff Experts Onsite

Choosing a correctly-sized storage unit may not be rocket science, but it’s something that can be made easier with expert help. When you are shopping for storage in your area, choose a storage facility with staff experts onsite to help you with your sizing questions and other storage-related inquiries. At Stor-It, our employees are extensively trained to address storage needs of all kinds. When you visit us, our team members will help you find the right sized storage unit for your needs in a matter of minutes. If we can’t find a unit a the facility you’re visiting, we’ll gladly refer you to one of our many additional Treasure Valley locations, each located in close proximity to main thoroughfares for optimal accessibility.

Space Tip #5: Schedule a Tour and Ask Questions

Ultimately, the best way to ensure that you’re getting the right-sized storage unit is to visit the unit itself. By scheduling tours to your top facilities and asking the staff questions, you can get a better understanding of which storage facility and unit will best meet your needs. To schedule a tour of one of our many award-winning Idaho self-storage facilities here at Stor-It, contact us!

What Are the Different Storage Unit Sizes?

As you begin to figure out your space-related storage needs and shop around for storage facilities, you’ll want to take a closer look at the different unit sizes available to see which one will best fit your needs.


  • 5’ x 5’ Storage Units: Typically the smallest storage units available at any facility, 5’ x 5’ storage units offer 25 square feet of floor space, which is roughly the same amount of space found in a mid-sized closet. These units are ideal for storing seasonal items, small furniture, garden tools, office supplies, and miscellaneous boxes.


  • 5’ x 10’ Storage Units: Offering 50 square feet of floor space equals about the size of a large walk-in closet. Capable of holding slightly larger items like beds and bikes, 5’ x 10’ storage units are great choices for those looking to store the contents of a single room during a remodel or move.



    • 10’ x 10’ Storage Units: With 100 square feet of floor space, 10’ x 10’ storage units are about the size of a small bedroom—however, they are capable of storing entire sets of belongings from larger spaces such as family rooms or offices. These units can fit virtually any furniture item, as well as small vehicles like jet-skis or motorcycles.


  • 10’ x 15’ Storage Units: On the larger side of self-storage sizes are 10’ x 15’ storage units, a popular choice for families or couples downsizing from one home to another. With 150 square feet of space, these units are able to hold belongings from several bedrooms at once, plus other large equipment and sporting goods like bikes, kayaks, couches, televisions, pianos, and more.


  • 10’ x 20’ Storage Units: With 200 square feet of floor space, 10’ x 20’ storage units are roughly the size of a one-car garage — and that’s often exactly how they’re used. These units have enough space to store a single automobile. They are also frequently used as moving storage for entire households. They can fit multiple furniture items and appliances, including washer and dryer units, large couches, dining room tables, and more.
  • 10’ x 30’ Storage Units: Often the largest indoor units available at storage facilities, 10’ x 30’ storage units offer a whopping 300 square feet of indoor storage space—great for just about anything you want to store. These units can fit large automobiles like trucks or vans, and they can also store a sum of big-ticket items from households and commercial locations.



Outdoor Vehicle Storage Sizes

In addition to indoor self-storage, many storage facilities offer outdoor storage for big items like boats, RVs, and other automobiles. Outdoor vehicle storage sizes can range from the standard parking space size of 9’ x 18’ to 46’ x 30’ multi-car spaces for large RVs or several vehicles. Some storage locations also offer covered parking in addition to outdoor spaces. For areas with four seasons or frequent inclement weather, it  is a good idea to invest in a a covered option to park and store your vehicle.

Calculate Your Storage Space Needs With Our Space Estimator

Even after visiting storage facilities, measuring, and reviewing storage unit sizes, it can be difficult to choose between storage unit sizes. While the best method would be to move your items into several different unit sizes and see which one fits the best, this option would also be incredibly time- and energy-consuming. Now, thanks to our online Space Estimator here at Stor-It, you may move your items virtually and test out several different unit sizes in seconds. Follow the link above to get started, and use our intuitive interface to get an accurate price and size estimation for your storage unit straight from your computer or smartphone.    

Learn More and Reserve Your Storage Unit at Stor-It

Finding the right-sized storage unit doesn’t have to be rocket science. If you are considering self-storage and searching for assistance with sizing, let our experts here at Stor-It help. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the ins and outs of self-storage, and contact us for direct storage assistance.

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