July 29, 2021

Tips on How to Move a Pool Table to Your New Home

Anytime you host a get-together, everyone always gathers in the game room, flocking to your pool table. There’s no doubt about it; your pool table provides hours of fun for friends and family. Maybe your group loves a good game of Baseball Billiards, or perhaps you’re the ultimate pool shark when it comes to 7-Ball. 

Whatever games you end up playing, the fact is your pool table is often the center of attention when it comes to entertaining at your home. That’s why you’ll want to take it with you on your next big move. 

Whether you’re moving to your first home or relocating to a bigger spot, you’ll certainly want your pool table to come along for the ride. But how do you move a pool table to a new house? The answer is: very carefully. 

Because pool tables are so big and heavy, it’s essential to take special precautions to prevent damage to the table and injury to yourself. To help you with this endeavor, we’ve outlined the best ways to move a pool table. Follow these six simple moving tips so that you’ll be sinking that corner pocket in your new place before you know it. 

Step 1: Round Up Some Help

If there is one piece of advice we can pass on, it’s don’t go at this alone. Pool tables are extremely heavy—and unwieldy—which is a recipe for disaster. If you try to move it on your own, you could damage your table, injure yourself, or even scratch or ding your walls or doors. 

Therefore, we suggest rounding up a few friends, relatives, or neighbors to help you with the task. You’ll want at least four or five people to tackle the move with you. But if you can’t get anyone to lend a hand, we highly recommend hiring professional movers. They’ve been trained to safely and securely move big items like pool tables. 

Whatever you do, just don’t try to move your table on your own. 

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

Unless you hire a team of movers to relocate your pool table, you’re going to want to take it apart to make it more manageable. In fact, most pool tables are not meant to be moved in one piece. So how do you take apart a pool table? Start by gathering the right tools and supplies.

Make sure you have a screwdriver, power drills, and socket wrench. You may also want to pick up a staple remover. You’ll use these tools to remove each part, which we’ll cover more in the next step.

You’ll also want to have a measuring tape on hand, so you can measure doors and entryways to ensure you can actually fit your table through certain spaces during the move. And finally, stock up on some moving supplies. This includes bubble wrap for protecting the parts, packing tape, moving blankets, dollies or hand trucks, lifting straps, and baggies for storing parts. 

(As an aside: If you’re looking into how to move a pool table without taking it apart, we don’t suggest going this route unless you’re only moving the table a short distance, like across the room. In that case, we recommend using floor sliders. But if you’re going to move it further, do plan on taking it apart first.) 

Step 3: Disassemble the Table

Now that you have the right supplies, it’s time to figure out how to disassemble your pool table. Begin by reviewing the manufacturer’s manual for taking apart your table. If you don’t have it on hand, do a quick internet search to pull up the proper instructions. 

Typically, you’ll begin by removing the ball pockets. You’ll use your staple remover to take out the staples, screwdriver to remove the screws, and socket wrench to free the bolts from the side rails. Place any loose parts in a plastic baggie and label them so you know where they go when you’re reassembling. 

If you’re wondering how to move a slate pool table, carefully remove the felt that covers the slate piece. Use the staple remover to take out the staples and try to avoid tearing the felt. Once you remove the felt, you will see the slate underneath. The slate slab is fragile, so take special care when handling it. 

The final disassembling step involves taking off the legs. With your crew’s help, gently place the pool table on its side so you can access the legs, and then use a screwdriver to remove the screws in them. Again, place the screws in a labeled baggie.

Step 4: Protect Each Part

Now is your chance to go to town with your bubble wrap. Cover each part, from the legs to the frame, in bubble wrap, and secure them with packing tape. Then use a moving blanket and wrap it around them for extra protection. This will not only help protect the parts from any scratches, dents, and damage, but it will shield your doors and walls from dings, too. 

So, how do you move a pool table through a door? That’s where your measuring tape is going to come into handy. Measure the entryway to ensure there is enough clearance for the parts to make it through. If you properly disassemble your table, you shouldn’t have too much trouble fitting it through a doorway. 

How to move a pool table

Step 5: Relocate Your Pool Table

With all the pool table parts properly taken apart and protected, you can start making moves. 

This is when you can put your team of helpers to work. Using lifting straps, dollies, and/or hand trucks, collectively begin relocating the parts of your pool table. Be sure to spot one another and don’t try to muscle through it. Go slow and steady, and always lift with your legs to help prevent injuries. For further ease and protection, wear non-slip shoes and loose clothing, and you’ll be all set for the big move. 

Step 6: Reassemble

If you’re moving your pool table into a storage unit, don’t bother reassembling it; that can wait until you’ve transported it to its final destination. Again, you will want to ensure you have a group of friends or family on hand to safely move the pool table into its end location and help you put it back together.

At this point, revisit the owner’s manual for a refresher on where each part goes. If you properly labeled your parts, this will be a much easier task. Grab those tools again and begin assembling your table. 

Once you’re in the final stages of putting it back together, be sure to level the slate before putting the liner back over it. Use a standard level to ensure the pool table is level—an unbalanced table could severely throw off your game. 

After you have reassembled your pool table and it’s sitting in your entertainment room, you’ll be all set to break the rack for the first time in your new digs!

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