September 23, 2021

Self-Storage Units vs. Curbside Storage Pods: Pros and Cons

When it comes to storing your belongings, you have a lot of choices. That’s great, but it can also be confusing. For example, you can place your items in a self-storage unit at a facility, but you can also put your belongings in a curbside storage pod on your property. Both are excellent options, but how do you make the decision when it comes to pods vs. storage units

That’s our cue. Here at Stor-It, we’ve created this handy storage unit vs. pod guide, outlining the pros and cons of each, so you can make an informed decision based on your needs and preferences. Follow along to find the best storage option for you.

What Is a Storage Pod?

Alright, you’ve heard about them, but what exactly is a storage pod? A storage pod refers to a portable storage unit. These pod storage units usually come in three sizes and are made with durable, weatherproof materials. Typically, you can rent a storage pod through a storage company and they will deliver it to your property. You can then pack up your pod with your belongings and have it delivered to another destination or storage facility of your choice. 

The Pros of a Storage Pod

One of the major pros of renting a storage pod is that you just say the word and the pod will be delivered right to your doorstep. You don’t have to worry about driving back and forth between a storage unit with your car packed to the brim with your belongings. You also don’t have to go through the trouble of renting a moving truck or hiring professional movers. The storage company will pick up and drop off your pod wherever and whenever you need it. 

These portable storage units for home use provide you with the convenience of moving and packing on your own terms. Because the pod is literally right in your backyard (or front yard), you have the flexibility of packing your unit over several days or weeks—or for however long you rented it. What’s more, when the pod is on your property, you can access it whenever you need it. 

Pods are a great choice for short-term storage. Maybe you’re moving from one house to the next and want to manually pack up your belongings and have them delivered to your new address. Or perhaps you’re installing new hardwood floors in your home and need a temporary place to store your furniture until the job is complete. Some people even rent storage units for holding party decorations, tables, and chairs for an upcoming wedding or event at your location. 

When it comes to pod costs vs. storage unit costs, what you pay will depend on your exact needs. In some cases, pods can be more cost-effective than storage units. However, the longer you need your pod, the more expensive it will be. Also, you may be required to pay for delivery fees. With that said, moving your pod across the city will likely cost less than moving it across the country. 

The Cons of a Storage Pod

Pod storage units are celebrated for their convenience and accessibility. However, there are some drawbacks to take into consideration. For starters, a storage company may not be able to deliver to your specific location. Some apartment complexes do not allow pod storage on the property grounds, and some HOA rules prohibit them, too. You may also need to look into city permits and pay for one if you plan to place your pod on the street. 

Many people also wonder, are pods containers climate controlled? The answer to that is no. This is another con if you are planning to store items that are sensitive to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Without climate control, your items could snap, bend, break, melt, expand, or rust if exposed to harsh temperatures in your pod. 

What Is a Storage Unit?

Storage units refer to stationary spaces located on-site at a storage facility. When renting a storage unit, you will be assigned a storage unit of your choice. You’ll receive keys to your personal unit and can visit it whenever you need to drop off or pick up items. 

Several factors contribute to the price you will wind up paying. Of course, smaller units will cost less than larger units, in the same way short-term rentals will be cheaper than long-term rentals. 

Storage unit benefits vs. pods

The Pros of a Storage Unit

When comparing pods vs. storage units, pods are often thought of as a short-term storage solution, while storage units are usually considered the more longer-term option. Typically, you will rent a storage unit on a month-by-month basis, giving you the flexibility to reserve it for however long you need it. That said, it is entirely possible to rent a storage unit for a month or two at a time. Therefore, storage units are great for both short- and long-term storage.

Another storage unit benefit is that they are available in various sizes. Unlike pods, which usually only come in three sizes or so, storage units can be as small as a walk-in closet or as large as a commercial unit. You can find storage units that can hold just a few cardboard boxes, while others can accommodate a whole house’s worth of belongings. Some storage units can even fit motorhomes and RVs! Whether you’re home downsizing or prepping for a big move, you’re sure to find a storage unit size that can fit all your items. 

Storage units also come with the option of climate control. These units set the temperature to a specific range, so you do not have to worry about hot or cold temperatures interfering with your items. This can give you extra peace of mind when storing temperature-sensitive belongings. 

To top it off, many storage companies like Stor-It feature storage units that are 24/7 accessible. This means you can visit your unit any time and any day. You don’t have to worry about hours of operation if moving day creeps into the night or if you want to get an early-morning start on packing up your unit. 

The Cons of a Storage Unit

Just as with everything in life, storage units do have their cons. For instance, because your storage unit is located at a storage facility, you will have to drive to and from your unit. Because of this, you will need to factor in transportation when it comes to packing up or visiting your belongings. 

In the same vein, you may find yourself making multiple trips to your storage unit, especially if you have large or many items to store. This may also involve renting a moving truck or hiring movers to do it for you. And if you don’t choose a storage unit with 24/7 access, you could wind up at the mercy of their hours of operation, meaning you may not be able to access your unit when you need it. 

When looking into pods vs. storage units, both provide exceptional storage solutions. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and what best suits your storage needs. 

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