January 16, 2023

Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas: Decluttering Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can seem like a small space to house some pretty big appliances. With so many kitchen appliances and so little space, it doesn’t take much for your kitchen to feel like it’s closing in on itself. 

Nobody likes to live in a cluttered space. That’s why we’re here to help you organize your kitchen and take advantage of some of the best kitchen appliance storage ideas. Follow our guide to find out how to store kitchen appliances and keep your kitchen in order. 

The Importance of Decluttering Your Kitchen

Are all your kitchen appliances battling for counter space? Do you have to pull open every drawer and cabinet to find your long-lost toaster? If you’re facing these issues, it’s probably time to declutter your kitchen. 

When you implement kitchen appliance storage solutions, you’ll have a clean space where you can cook to your heart’s content. With your kitchen neat and orderly, you may even find yourself wanting to do more cooking, as it’s easier to do so when everything is easily accessible. 

And if that wasn’t reason enough to figure out how to organize your kitchen appliances, did you know decluttering your house can reduce stress? It’s true! Studies have shown that clutter can cause anxiety, stress, and even depression, so there’s never been a better excuse to start organizing your kitchen space and improving your mental health. 

Preparing for Kitchen Appliance Storage

Between gifts you’ve been given and the appliances you’ve purchased over the years, you’ve probably accumulated quite the collection of blenders, dutch ovens, and coffee makers. So before jumping into our kitchen appliance organization ideas, let’s first take inventory of your items. 

Do an Inventory of Your Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to preparing anything for storage, our first tip always focuses on doing an inventory of your belongings. After all, what’s the point of wasting valuable storage space on items you never plan on using? 

Gather up all your kitchen appliances to see what you have, and then decide what you can part with and what you’d like to keep. For instance, do you really need three food processors that all do the same thing? What about the popcorn maker still sitting in its unopened box? And why are you holding on to that coffee machine that hasn’t worked in five years? 

Once you’ve set aside items you no longer want, decide if they’re in good enough shape to donate or sell. Toss or recycle the ones that are no longer usable.

Clean Your Appliances 

Our next kitchen appliance storage idea requires cleaning. 

If your ice cream machine contains remnants of your last batch and your espresso machine is littered with coffee grinds, it’s time to do a little scrubbing. Gently wipe down your appliances, removing any stains and dust, and then thoroughly dry each part. Whatever you do, don’t store sticky or grimy appliances, as this could attract critters or encourage mold and mildew to grow. 

Group Your Appliances Together

This kitchen appliance storage idea involves categorizing your appliances based on how often you use them. 

For example, if you use your toaster and coffee machine every day, you’ll want to find a storage space that is easily accessible since you use them so often. 

Alternatively, if you only use your fondue kit during the holidays and your waffle maker when you have guests, those appliances don’t need to be stored front and center. Maybe you’ll place them in a pantry or cabinet tucked to the side. And if you’re really faced with limited kitchen space, your less-used items could be placed in the closet of your spare bedroom or on a shelf in your garage. 

DIY Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas

The good news is it doesn’t take much to declutter and organize your kitchen. Simply follow some of these handy DIY kitchen appliance storage ideas to create an orderly space to whip up your favorite meals. 

Invest in a Kitchen Cart 

Kitchen carts can give you way more storage space—and they look good while doing it! These are ideal kitchen appliance storage solutions because you can wheel them around your kitchen where and when you need them and even tuck them away in a closet or pantry if you don’t want them on display. And perhaps the best part is you can find so many different styles to match your kitchen decor, from rustic wooden carts to chic metal options. 

Install a Pot Rack 

Assess your kitchen to determine if you have any open ceiling or wall space to install a pot rack. Pots and pans take up a lot of space in cabinets and drawers, so a hanging pot rack can give you loads more space for storing your other kitchen appliances. 

Hang Mug Hooks

Similar to pot racks, mug hooks let you hang all your cups and mugs by their handles. This kitchen appliance storage idea is extremely helpful because it allows you to free up the cabinet space you would otherwise designate for your mugs. What’s more, all your favorite coffee mugs can now be on display!

Use Cup Racks

Cup racks are another convenient kitchen appliance storage idea that frees up your space. In fact, using a cup rack creates nearly twice the amount of room for your cups, as it lets you stack cups and mugs above and below. This means if you were using two shelves for all your cups, you could use that extra cupboard space for storing your kitchen appliances like your rice maker and pressure cooker. 

Put up Shelves 

If your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of built-in storage space, why not create your own? Place shelves on your kitchen walls, and then line up your appliances. You can even spruce up your kitchen decor by adding a potted plant or picture frame to the shelves to enhance the ambiance. 


How To Organize Your Kitchen Appliances While in Storage

If you simply have too many items for these kitchen appliance storage ideas to accommodate, you may want to rent a storage unit. Then you’ll need to figure out how to store kitchen appliances in the most organized way in your unit. Whether you’re placing them in your unit during a cross-country move or home renovation, follow these simple tips:

Sort Through and Clean Your Appliances

Just like when you were preparing your kitchen appliance storage for your home, you’ll want to follow a few of the same steps, including sorting through your collection, paring down only what you need, and thoroughly washing everything you plan to store. 

Remember, your storage unit isn’t where you should toss long-forgotten appliances and items you never plan to use again. Be intentional about what you keep to avoid taking up unnecessary space in your storage unit. 

Select Your Storage Containers

Now that you have organized your appliances and washed and dried them, it’s time to select suitable storage containers. Some like to use cardboard boxes, but we prefer something a little sturdier, like plastic bins. It’s easier to stack these kinds of containers, and they come with lids, so you can seal them off to keep anything from getting inside. You can also label each bin, helping you know what each container holds. 

Knowing how to pack kitchen items carefully means you’ll have bubble wrap, packing paper, or acid-free tissue that can be placed into the boxes or bins for extra padding. 

Make a Game Plan

Randomly placing your items in your storage unit is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. After all, how will you ever find a specific kitchen appliance if everything is packed into your unit without any rhyme or reason? 

How do you organize kitchen appliances for easy identification and access in your storage unit? We suggest placing the items you use most frequently in the front of your unit and keeping those you won’t need as often further in the back. For instance, if you know you’ll need your bread maker at least once a month, store it in a spot that’s most accessible so that you can grab it without any hassle. If you only use your snow-cone maker once a year for your annual block party, you can tuck it in the back of your unit.

And if you really want to be savvy, sketch a map of your storage unit that specifies where certain appliances are located. 

Learn More About Stor-It

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