November 28, 2022

Toy Storage Ideas

Nothing is quite as sweet as watching your kids happily play with their toys—until you step on a building block or trip over a baby doll for the tenth time in one day. Let’s face it…if toys seem to be constantly strewn across every surface of your home, you need to find some toy storage solutions.

The best DIY toy storage ideas provide a home for each and every toy in your child’s collection. For instance, Barbie dolls should live in one specific spot, while action figures belong in another. And once you’ve settled on some storage solutions, there should be no question about where each toy goes.

Just remember that these toy organization ideas are only helpful if you put them to good use. After you decide which solutions will work best for you and your home, be sure to encourage your children to place their toys into their new spots and praise them when they do so. This will help keep your home organized and your sanity in check!

Ready to discover some of the best toy storage ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Follow these five toy storage tips below, and get ready for a clutter-free space you and your family can enjoy.

Tip #1: Design Cubbies

If your kids are attending daycare or school, they’re probably already familiar with cubbies, so they’ll instantly know what to do with their toys when playtime is over. The best part is that cubbies can make your space look instantly organized—without much effort!

There are all kinds of cubby solutions you can explore, from plastic bins to wicker baskets. Go as simple or as fancy as you want; just make sure you designate certain cubbies for specific toys. You can even add labels to each bin, indicating what toys go where.

Tip #2: Look Into Bed Storage

If the space under your kid’s bed is just gathering dust bunnies, why not make good use of it? Under-the-bed storage containers with wheels let you take advantage of otherwise wasted space. What’s more, this toy organization idea makes it easy for your son or daughter to pull out their toys when they want and conveniently slide them back under the bed when they’re done playing with them.

Tip #3: Build Shelving

Shelves offer another easy DIY toy storage solution, but they can also double as decoration. Maybe you’ll line up your daughter’s toy truck collection on one shelf and display your son’s favorite stuffed animals on another. You can even make it fun for the kids, encouraging them to categorize their toys by size or color, which is a great educational activity to boot!

If you want your children to contribute to clean-up time, just be sure that the shelving is low enough on the walls so that your kids can safely reach it.

Tip #4: Find Secret Spots

Prefer the out-of-sight-out-of-mind route? If so, get creative with some hidden toy storage ideas. Your kids will love these secretive spots, while you’ll love not dealing with toys out in the open! For instance, build cabinets along the wall to house the toys, purchase ottomans with space for storing toys inside, or even pull up the floorboards to create hidden compartments.

Tip #5: Purchase Lockers

Lockers aren’t just for school settings. If you have a playroom or spare bedroom, consider adding some decorative lockers to elevate your home decor. Not only can lockers add to your home’s appearance, but they are great for toy organization, too. Make certain lockers for specific toys, like one for art supplies and another for video games, and watch your kids eagerly work the combination locks to retrieve and store their games!

Tip #6: Repurpose Bookcases

Of course, you want books to be a big part of your children’s toy collection, but you can share your bookcase space with other toys, too. A large enough shelf or case can hold a lot of toys—for instance, place a basket filled with puzzles as a bookend, neatly line up board games, or organize the family’s game consoles.

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