February 21, 2019

How to Quickly Organize Your New Space

The benefits of quality organization cannot be overstated. An organized storage space leads to increased productivity and it also contributes to better mental health and well-being. If you have recently moved into a new space that needs organizing, the task can seem a daunting one. However, with the right steps, any space can be organized in record time. In this guide, our storage experts here at Stor-It show you how.

Motivate Yourself

Before even beginning to tackle mess and clutter in your new space, take some time to prepare yourself for the task. When it comes to organization, a little motivation goes a long way. To put yourself in a cleaning mood, we recommend listening to music or practicing 15 minutes of mindful meditation. To add extra motivation, give yourself a reason to organize beyond the general benefits of increased productivity and improved well-being. Do you have someone coming to visit? Are you putting your space on the market? Do you have an hour to kill? Setting a goal-oriented deadline can help motivate you to start organizing your space and organize efficiently. Don’t have a deadline? Make your own goal by rewarding yourself after organizing.

Make a Plan

Depending on the size of the space and the extent of the disorganization, it can be difficult to know where to start. Sometimes, simply taking a stab at organizing can only seem to make the problem worse. To organize your organization efforts, it’s always a good idea to sit down and draft a list, make a diagram or simply spend a few minutes visualizing where your belongings need to go. This way, when you go to begin organizing, you have a structure to refer to. Having a plan can help ward away discouragement and help you build in stopping points during your organization sessions. Most importantly, making a plan can speed up the entire process by prompting you to organize with purpose. Instead of simply moving things around, you are checking items off your list and placing your items in their proper places according to your plan.

Organize in Short Spurts

Even the best-laid plans can be difficult to execute. When it comes to herculean organization endeavors, motivation and planning are really only half the battle. The other half is organizing itself. For many, this half of the process is the most stressful and physically taxing. To ease stress and give your body a break, try organizing in short bursts. For intense mess, 15-30 organization sessions are ideal. In this timeframe, you can keep your energy levels sufficiently high while avoiding burnout and stress. In turn, this will allow you to organize faster. Be sure to set natural stopping points, so you can end each short organization session on a high note with no half-finished tasks.

Decisively Donate

It’s no secret that our spaces get messy and clutter up due to neglect and an excess of belongings. Once you’ve triumphed over the neglect issue and resolved to organize, you still have the issue of excess stuff. In many cases, simple rearranging won’t solve this issue. There is only so much space in a given room, house or business — therefore, only so many things can fit before clutter becomes a problem. The solution? Donation. If you have more than enough items to fill up your space, chances are you don’t need each and every one of them. If you’re on the fence about an item, put it in the donation box. Wait a week or two before donating. If you don’t look for that item or think about it during that time, donate it. Using this simple process will make organizing your space easier and more efficient since you’ll have fewer items to worry about from the get-go. Plus, if you donate to a registered charity, you can write off your donations for a deduction on your taxes. Want to make money off your excess items? Try setting up a garage sale or selling them online.

Invest in Self-Storage

Sometimes, we simply don’t want to part with our space-invading belongings. Even if we never use those musical instruments, never break out those decorations, or let our strange collections collect dust — we all have trouble letting these items go. The result is mounting clutter and a mess that can make a space all but uninhabitable. To reduce this clutter without going the donation route, consider investing in self-storage for those rarely-used items you just can’t bear to part with. With self-storage, you have a dedicated place to keep your items without worrying about them cluttering your home or workspace. You can access your stored items whenever you want, and you can always take them out for good if you manage to free up more space. Straightforward and inexpensive, self-storage is a great solution for streamlining any organization process.

Ask for Help

A final, sure-fire way to speed up any organization process is to ask for assistance and work as a team. If you’re dreading dealing with a mess all on your own, enlist the help of a friend, family member or roommate to help you with your organization project. If you’re moving to a new space altogether, it’s a good idea to hire professional movers to make the process fast, easy, and painless. Many moving companies also offer unpacking services to help you get organized once the move is over. Extra help at any phase of the organization process can make things move much quicker, saving you both time and energy in the long run.

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