March 22, 2018

5 Packing Supplies You Need When Using a Storage Unit

Whether you’re looking to reclaim some space in your home or clear out a little bit of space at work, a storage unit can be the perfect solution for your troubles. Unfortunately, while the end results of investing in a storage unit are great, the process of relocating everything into one can be a bit cumbersome. To help you make the moving process a little easier, we’ve broken down the top five packing supplies to have on hand as you prepare to relocate your items.

Top 5 Packing Supplies You Need When Using a Storage Unit

1.      Moving Boxes

When it comes to packing supplies, whether you’re moving into a new home or are transporting your belongings to a storage unit, obtaining moving boxes should be one of the first steps you take. The most important thing to remember when looking for boxes is to understand that moving boxes need to be sturdy enough to reliably carry all of your belongings without breaking open. There are numerous ways to get some used moving boxes from other people, however if you’re moving particularly fragile or heavy items, it may be worth to obtain fresh, new boxes to ensure their structural integrity.

When packing your moving boxes, it’s best to keep like items in the same box so things are more organized for you when it comes time to unpack. Label your boxes with room names. If you want to increase your efficiency, keep a high-level list of what’s in the box and place it on top before you close up the lid.

Finally, do yourself a favor and avoid overpacking your moving boxes. Make sure that each one of your moving boxes will be manageable enough for anyone helping out to lift and move easily.

2.      Bubble Wrap

A few reliable, sturdy moving boxes go a long way when it comes to containing your fragile belongings, but sometimes that isn’t quite enough to do the job well. When you need to go the extra mile with your most precious belongings, one of the best packing supplies you can bring along is a large roll of bubble wrap.

Sure, bubble wrap can be fun to pop, but the real value of this absolutely essential packing item comes with how well it can cushion your most fragile things. Bubble wrap, especially when used in conjunction with dividers inside moving boxes, serves as an extra layer of padding to ensure your most fragile of items make it into and out of your storage unit in one piece.

3.      Tape Gun

Moving boxes and bubble wrap are fantastic ways to conveniently transport your belongings, but the final piece of that packing puzzle is a quality tape gun to seal everything closed. You might think that simply bringing a couple of rolls of tape will be enough, but the amount of time you’ll lose searching for the ever-elusive end of the tape can make an already arduous process that much more annoying. A tape gun can the make process of sealing up large quantities of boxes quicker and far more efficient.

Aside from bringing along a tape gun, be sure you have proper packing tape for sealing up all of your moving boxes. Shipping tape will be the backbone of your sealing process as it’s cheap, easy to use, and reliable. Shipping tape should serve your needs for the majority of the jobs you’ll need to perform and will likely be the only type of tape you’ll need when packing up.

Additional tape options you may want to consider as packing supplies are masking tape and duct tape. Masking tape serves as the optimal solution for labeling boxes since the paper-like material is perfect to write on with a permanent marker. A clearly labeled box is always a welcome sight when it finally comes time to unpack your things.

Duct tape is often cited as one of the most versatile types of supplies for any job – and for good reason. When packing up moving boxes, duct tape can be used to reinforce boxes that hold particularly heavy items for some extra strength.

4.      Lock

Once you’ve got everything relocated into your new personal storage unit, you’ll want to ensure that you can keep it closed until you need it. A reliable lock may seem like a straightforward decision, but there are a few different options that you may want to consider before settling on your final choice.

A standard padlock is often the go-to lock for most people because they are familiar and cheap, but there are a few other options available to you. A disc lock is a similar alternative to a padlock, with the main difference being that it’s a rounded shape. Another option would be to install a cylinder lock not unlike the ones you may be used to seeing on most standard doors. These cylinder locks are more difficult to install, but are also prized for their ease-of-use.

While choosing the right lock can be a bit confusing, this isn’t a decision you’ll need to worry about at Stor-It Self Storage because each one of our storage units comes fully equipped with a lock, free of charge. Our locks are specifically chosen for use in our facilities and are the ideal solution for keeping your personal storage unit locked up tight.

5.      Dust Cover

The reason you’re moving all of your things into a personal storage unit in the first place is because they’re likely just sitting around your home and are collecting dust. Sure, moving them to another location frees up some space for you, but you still want to protect all of it from gathering that harmful dust which could end up leading to long-term, irreversible damage to your things.

Investing in some dust covers for the items you’re storing can help to keep them clean from damage. Not only will this act keep dust off your belongings, but it can also help with longevity for some of the things you’re putting away, such as large furniture. It’s amazing how much a simple dust cover can provide, and it’s no doubt an investment worth making when storing your belongings for any lengthy period of time.

Simplifying Self Storage

Our goal at Stor-It Self Storage is to simplify the storage process as best as we can for all of our customers. By following along with these simple guidelines and ensuring you have these five essential packing supplies on hand, you’ll set yourself up for a successful and simple move-in process. For more information, feel free to contact our experienced team of storage specialists at any of our Stor-It Self Storage locations.