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U-Haul Moving Services in Southern Idaho

When it’s time to move, you need the supplies to do it right. For everything from rental trucks to moving boxes, there is no better brand to partner with than U-Haul. Known for affordable rates and exceptional equipment, U-Haul has helped thousands of individuals and businesses with their moving and storage needs. Now, U-Haul is available to rent here at Stor-It.

If you live in Idaho and you are searching for “U-Haul services near me,” you’re in the right place. As a proud licensed provider of U-Haul moving vehicles and supplies, our team here at Stor-It can quickly connect you with a U-Haul solution to meet your needs. Combined with our very own on-site storage options, our U-Haul moving services make us Idaho’s premier one-stop-shop for moving and storage. Learn more about our U-Haul options below, and partner with us today!

Why Choose U-Haul?

Moving is an important matter. Without the right equipment on your side, it can quickly become a hassle and even a risk to your belongings. For this reason, it’s important to choose an equipment provider you can count on to make your move as successful as possible. Here are just some of the many reasons why U-Haul is the right choice.

  • A track record of success. Founded in 1945, U-Haul has stood the test of time, thanks to its high-quality equipment, large number of rental locations, and exemplary customer service. Just ask the millions of customers who have rented with them.
  • A huge selection of moving services. U-Haul moving services span nearly every facet of the moving process. From moving trucks and trailers over boxes to other packing supplies, U-Haul has you covered.
  • Vehicles built for the long haul. U-Haul trucks, vans, and trailers are built with premium materials for unwavering durability. They also feature ergonomic designs for maximum fuel efficiency regardless if you’re moving within your town or need to get on the road for longer. Plus, their loading decks are as low to the ground as possible, making it easy to load and unload.
  • Affordable prices. With in-town truck rentals starting at $19.95, plus a host of flexible pricing options, U-Haul helps you save while moving or storing.
  • Simplicity for the DIY-er. For all those who don’t want to hire professional movers, U-Haul makes it easy to get professional-grade gear, without the red tape. With the U-Haul Truck Share app, you can view, reserve, and schedule pick-ups and drop-offs for U-Haul service truck options near you.

Renting U-Haul Moving Services: How it Works

Renting a U-Haul service truck or trailer is simple. You can do it in person, online, over the phone, or from the U-Haul Truck Share app. Start by finding a U-Haul service provider near you, and then make your reservation for a set date and time. You can also arrange to drop off your U-Haul vehicle at a set date, time, and location. Best of all, this location does not need to be the same as the original pick-up location. Any licensed U-Haul provider will accept your U-Haul vehicle.

Choose Stor-It for Your U-Haul Moving Services

Search “U-Haul services near me,” and you may find more than one option in your area. After all, U-Haul is one of the largest moving services providers in the world. If you live in Southern Idaho, there is no better place to book a U-Haul service truck or trailer than right here at Stor-It. As Idaho’s oldest and largest self-storage company, we own and operate 16 different storage locations across the Treasure Valley and beyond — all of which have U-Haul rentals available. To get started, choose Boise, Caldwell, Meridian, Nampa, or McCall from the drop-down menu to find the Stor-It U-Haul truck rental location that works best for you. While you’re browsing, take a look at the many storage options we have available for you. With us, you can knock out all of your moving and storage needs in one go. Contact us today to get started!

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