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Hop on Board! You will love working and living at Stor-It! Be a part of our family-owned and operated business—become a part of our Stor-It Family. Are you a “take-charge kind of person?” Stor-It Managers take care of and “control” their own sites. We provide well-established training and procedure practices because every one of us, right down to the CEO have managed a Stor-It Site in the past.

Stor-It believes, as most successful businesses do — that serving customers to the best of our ability is the key. But, we strive to go one step further and not only serve them, but be a “bright spot” in their lives. When customers come to Stor-It they are often moving and may be stressed — Our managers have the “freedom” and “tools” to deal with these needs in an individual and “on the spot” way.

We are Flexible and We Care About Our People! Contact us if you want to be part of our TEAM.

Description of a Typical Stor-It Full-Time Position:

  • Works 30-40 Hours per Week
  • Rents Storage Units by Phone, or Drop In Customers, or On-Line Rentals
  • Sells customers Moving Supplies — and we Deliver
  • Really Listens to What Customers are saying: Strives for good Telephone Techniques
  • Comes up with good ideas for “Off-Site” Marketing like flyers, promotions, etc.
  • Works every day to help those who have gotten Delinquent on their rent “catch up”
  • Carefully, and with great compassion, processes Delinquent Units for Sale
  • Maintains Stor-It Grounds Daily — This is our home and we pick up litter.
  • Prepare Reports on Grounds/Units
  • Makes Minor Repairs
  • Computer Operation — We use Site Link software for Storage and we will Train – You must not be afraid.
  • Light Lifting
  • Operates the business according to the Procedure and the Policy Manuals —
  • We provide on the job office and maintenance training, but employees are expected to read the manuals and apply them.


  • Site Coverage – Team of 2 Married, or Single Person Coverage at some sites.
  • Work Hours – Vary for Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer at some sites. Full-Time 30-40 hrs/week, Part-Time up to 29 hours/week.
  • Days Off Varies by Site – We try to be Flexible
  • Some On-Site Positions – Resident Managers Live on Site – 1-3 bedroom homes Storage Unit for On-Site Manager’s Use.
  • Locations in Boise, Meridian, Caldwell, and McCall – Easy Commutes
  • Competitively Based Hourly Pay Rate & Incentive Pay – You give us a good day’s work and we will give you a good day’s pay.
  • Vacation – 5 Days per 6 Months each year up to 6 years (begins after Introductory Period) then 7.5 Days per 6 Months thereafter.
  • SIMPLE Plan – Fully-Vested & Company Matching up to 3% of your Gross.
  • Health Benefits – Premium Only Plan – Your portion of Premium is 20%, before Taxes.
  • Founder’s Scholarship for Schooling – All employees may apply.
  • Leave of Absence – We care about your needs: With Pay May Be Approved.
  • Locally Owned & Operated Family Business– Established 1972

Relief Management and Part-Time Positions:

Description of a typical Relief Manager and/or Part-Time Position:

  • A Relief/Part Time Manager does everything the On-Site Manager does.
  • A Relief/Part Time Manager’s hours may be less than a regular 30-40 hour work week. Part-Time is 29 hours or less per week.
  • A day off for the Site Manager is not a day off if the work piles up while they are gone.
  • So a Relief Manager must be just as skilled in the procedure and policies of Stor-It as a full-time Site Manager. We will provide training.
  • See description of work for a full-time position.

Benefits Vary Slightly from a Full Time Position:

  • The Site Manager’s Days Off set your Days Off.
  • Schedules of Work Hours – Vary according to the Season and Site Manager’s Needs.
  • Vacation – 5 Days per 6 Months, after Introductory Period. Does not adjust for length of service.
  • SIMPLE Plan and Health Benefits – may be available based on the number of hours worked and length of time with the company.
  • Founders Scholarships – May be available for Schooling.
  • Leave of Absence – is granted but not paid
  • There is opportunity to move into a Full-Time Position if it is available as we try to hire from within the company whenever possible.
  • We are a team at Stor-It. We care about each other, and we care about our customers. If you want to be a part of this team—

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