• Stuffed Animal Organization and Storage Ideas

    Your children have a lot of toys, but it’s their stuffed animal collection that appears to have taken over your home. Everywhere you look, there seems to be another teddy bear or stuffed rabbit that’s joined the family. While you think it’s adorable that your kids have such a fondness for their plushies, you’re probably a little tired of them covering every square inch of your home. 

    The good news is you don’t have to toss out your children’s beloved toys to get a handle on the clutter. In fact, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect stuffed animal storage solution for your home, and we can help with that!

    In our guide on how to store stuffed animals, we provide you with everything you need to know about storing toys. When you adopt our stuffed animal organization ideas, you’ll soon have a permanent home for all the stuffed bears and bunnies, and your home will look neat and orderly again. 

    The Benefits of Stuffed Toy Organization

    Your kids love their stuffed animal collection, but you don’t exactly love the disorganization they cause. It seems like everywhere you look, another stuffed animal has popped up. Maybe they’re strewn across the couch, lined up along the staircase, or huddled in groups all over the kitchen floor. Whether they’re sprawled around the playroom or taking over your kids’ bedrooms, it’s time to find some proper stuffed toy storage

    Why is it so important to find the appropriate stuffed animal storage solution? For one, your kids will keep all their stuffed animals in one place and know exactly where they are when they go looking for a favorite. Yes, that means they won’t bug you when they can’t find a certain one. 

    And because all the stuffed toys will live in the same spot, you won’t have to worry about them creating a messy and disorganized space in your home. You know, studies have found that clutter can lead to feelings of stress and depression, so that’s even more reason to cut down on the mess. Less clutter means less anxiety!

    Above all, proper storage is important because you’ll soon find that when your children’s stuffed animals have their own home to enjoy, you’ll be able to start enjoying your home again, too. 

    How to Prepare Stuffed Animals for Storage

    We understand it can be tricky keeping an eye on all your kids’ toys, but if you want them to last a long time, try to follow some of these tips before storing them away. (And encourage your kids to do the same!)

    Clean Them

    No one wants to play with dirty toys, but let’s face it, sometimes spills and stains go unnoticed. The problem is that if you’re storing away soiled stuffed animals in a sealed space, it could create bigger issues down the road.

    For example, food stains can cause mold and mildew to grow, which could be a health hazard for your children. What’s more, these stains can entice pests to lurk in your stuffed animal storage place, and the last thing you want to deal with is mice, ants, and cockroaches! Not to mention, the germs on dirty toys can lead to coughs, runny noses, and more. 

    Because of this, we recommend routinely inspecting your kids’ stuffed animals and giving them a run in the washer to help keep them clean and cut down on germs. 

    Ensure They’re Dry

    In the same way that food crumbs and stains can cause trouble, so can damp plushies. If you or your kids place wet stuffed animals in your storage spot, you could have a case of mold or mildew on your hands. And if you know anything about this kind of growth, it can easily (and quickly!) spread in the storage space to all the other toys. 

    In this case, avoid storing anything that’s gotten damp or wet along the way. If you find some culprits, let them air out and dry before you stash them in your plush toy storage

    Keep Them in Good Condition

    Kids sure do love to roughhouse with their stuffed animals, which means their toys are bound to face rips and tears along the way. To avoid storing tattered stuffed animals, it’s a good idea to try to catch holes before they get worse and repair them ASAP. This way, when your children go to play with them, they’ll look good as new. 

    Remind Your Kids about Proper Storage

    A big part of maintaining a successful stuffed animal storage solution is teaching your children to use them. After all, there’s no point in having a storage space for toys if your kids don’t take advantage of it. 

    Be sure to remind your children where their toys go, and praise them when they clean up after playtime. 

    Taming the Stuffed Animal Chaos: Storage Tips 

    To learn how to organize stuffed animals in various ways, check out our stuffed animal storage ideas! From the ever-popular toy chest to child-friendly hammocks, we cover it all. 

    Toy Chest

    Toy chests are a tried-and-true option for stuffed animal storage. Whether you prefer a vintage wooden option or a more modern one, chests can add to your decor while offering a spacious spot for all your kids’ plushies and toys. 

    Clear Plastic Bins

    If you’re wondering how to organize stuffed animals, we recommend picking up some clear plastic bins. These are great options because you can easily stack them and see what’s inside each one. You can put them on a shelf, place them in a cabinet, or arrange them in the corner of the playroom, ensuring all the stuffed animals are in one convenient place. 


    Stuffed animal hammocks are a unique and fun plushie storage option. Hang the netting in the corner of your kid’s bedroom or playroom, and ensure it’s low enough to the ground so that your children can access it. Then, fill it up with all the teddy bears! For a DIY stuffed animal storage option, create a hammock with a piece of fabric or recycled bedsheet.


    We love the idea of storing stuffed toys in cubbies, as they provide a compact and convenient home for plushies of all shapes and sizes. You can even designate certain cubbies for specific kinds of animals, like beanies in one and plushies in another, and label each one. The best part about this storage solution is that your kids are probably already used to storing their toys in these containers at school or daycare, so they’ll already know to put their toys inside the cubbies. 


    If you have an empty bookshelf on your hands, consider using it for plush toy storage. We love this idea because you can neatly arrange the stuffed animals along the shelf, showcasing all your children’s favorites. Furthermore, because they’re on display, your kids can easily grab the ones they want when they’re ready to play. 


    Baskets are another handy stuffed animal storage idea. You can even find ones that match your decor, such as a chic woven basket or a rustic wicker one. Keep a basket in the corner of your playroom or child’s bedroom, and your kids will always know where to toss their toys when playtime is over. 

    Hidden Storage

    If you’d rather tuck your kids’ plushies out of sight and out of mind, consider placing them in a hidden storage solution. Some examples include window seats and ottomans with built-in storage spaces. Simply lift the lid, and hide all your kids’ stuffed toys inside. You’ll never have to worry about them cluttering your space again. 

    Under-the-Bed Storage

    Do your kids love selecting a special stuffed animal before going to sleep each night? If so, then under-the-bed storage solutions would be perfect for them. Either invest in a bed with built-in drawers or pick up some boxes designed for under-the-bed spaces. Keep your kid’s toy collection in there for easy access when they’re in search of a certain bedtime plushie. 

    Off-Site Storage

    Sometimes you just don’t have enough room in your home for all your things, including your kids’ stuffed animals. If this is the case for you, consider renting a storage unit and placing some of their toys inside. Routinely rotate out toys in your storage unit for ones in your home, and your children will feel like they’re getting a whole new set of toys each time! 

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