February 16, 2023

How To Clean Out and Declutter A Storage Unit

If your storage unit is in disarray, it’s time for a storage unit cleanout. In our guide on how to declutter a storage unit, we offer all the best tips for organizing and clearing out your space. 

Check out our advice on how to clean out a storage unit below. 

Why Do You Need To Clean Out Your Storage Unit?

There are many reasons why you ought to maintain a clean and organized self-storage unit, but perhaps the most important one is to know what belongings you have in storage. 

Think about it; if your storage unit is packed to the brim with all kinds of odds and ends that you never use, what’s the point of holding on to all that stuff? Essentially, you’re paying for a unit that stores items you don’t even remember having in the first place! But if you were to organize and clear out that space, you’d know exactly what you have and might even be able to downsize to a smaller unit.

What You’ll Need to Do Before Starting 

Ready to declutter your storage unit? Not so fast. Follow these quick steps before making any moves: 

Take Inventory of Your Storage Unit

Before cleaning out your storage unit, we recommend taking a trip there ahead of time to see what you’re dealing with. You might think you’ve only accumulated a few items but have a whole lot more in reality. Swing by your storage unit and assess what’s inside. This will also help you determine how long it might take you and whether you’ll need an extra set of hands (or two) to get the job done. 

Decide Who Needs to Join You

If you share your unit with friends or family members, they definitely need to be part of the storage unit junk removal process. As much as you’d like to go in there and make the final call, that’s not fair to the others who may have a sentimental attachment to certain items. They should have a say in what stays and what goes. If they can’t make it on your storage unit cleanout day, be sure to set their belongings aside so they can sort through them later. 

Pick up Some Trash Bags and Boxes

You’ll be downsizing, so it’s best to have some receptacles on hand. Grab some garbage bags you can use for separating trash, recycling, and donation items. It’s also a good idea to pick up some cardboard boxes or plastic bins in case you want to reorganize the items in your storage unit. 

Cleaning Out Your Storage Unit

Now you’re all set to tackle decluttering and cleaning out your storage unit in three simple steps!

Step 1: Clear a Space Outside Your Unit

When figuring out how to clean out a storage unit, we recommend making a space outside of it where you can sort through your items and see what you have. As you pull out each item, you can decide which pile it will go in (more about that in our next step).

Step 2: Make Piles

Now it’s time to get serious about downsizing. As you go through your belongings, make a keep, recycle, donate, and trash pile. Are there items you no longer want or even like? Then it’s time to give them a new home. 

The items you want to keep will go back into your unit, while the others will be recycled, given away, or tossed. You can use your cardboard boxes or bins to organize the items going back into your unit and the trash bags for the items going elsewhere. 

Step 3: Organize Your Storage Unit

With everything out of your storage unit, you can now begin putting your belongings back inside. To keep your space organized, we recommend placing the items you use most often in the front of your unit and those you use less frequently in the back. For example, you might put seasonal clothes in the front and keep your doll collection further in the back.

Keep Your Storage Unit Organized and Clutter-free

Now that you’ve learned how to clean out a storage unit and have yours in tip-top shape, it’s important to keep it that way. 

We suggest periodically visiting your unit and assessing whether you still want to hold on to the items you have in there. Toss, recycle, or donate those that no longer serve you. 

Also, avoid using your storage unit as an oversized junk drawer, as this is one sure way to welcome the clutter back. Always be intentional about the items you store in there. 

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