• 9 Sports Equipment Storage Ideas

    Whether you’re a semi-pro athlete or someone who just enjoys playing sports for fun, you deserve a clear and organized space to keep your gear. There’s no joy in desperately looking for your other soccer cleat minutes before a big tournament or endlessly rummaging through the garage in search of your tennis racket. 

    Is your sports equipment storage space in disarray? Or worse, do you not even have a designated place to store your gear? If so, then it’s time to get serious about finding a storage solution. 

    In our guide below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to store your sports equipment. Our sports storage ideas will help you organize all your gear, so you’ll be ready to join a pick-up game, bike ride, competition, or any other athletic activity!

    Why You Need to Properly Store Your Sports Equipment

    Before we cover how to store sports equipment, let’s discuss why you should store it in the first place. While there are many reasons for properly storing your gear, here are some of the biggest motivating factors:

    To Keep It in Good Shape

    From golf clubs to camping gear, sports equipment ain’t cheap. It’s worthwhile to take good care of it. Proper sports equipment storage can help keep your gear in prime condition, preventing any nicks, dings, and scratches along the way. 

    To Help Prevent Accidents

    Have you ever tripped over a rogue roller skate or slipped on a tennis ball? If not, consider yourself lucky! Failing to properly store your sports gear can create a recipe for disaster. Instead of just tossing items wherever is convenient (like on the floor in the middle of the hallway), find a safe and efficient sports equipment storage solution.

    To Keep It Organized

    Part of figuring out storage for sports equipment involves giving all your belongings a home so you know where to find them. Instead of running around looking for your other roller skate, you’ll know exactly where your skates live, along with your skateboard, tennis rackets, and fishing gear.

    How to Prepare for Sports Equipment Storage

    So now you’re all set to place your sports gear in storage and call it a day, right? Wrong. We recommend following these three simple steps before you start storing your equipment. 

    Sort Through Your Gear

    When was the last time you sorted through your sports equipment? If it’s been a while, go through your collection and par down anything you don’t need. Put any broken gear in the trash or recycling bin and make a pile for donations. If something needs repairing, be sure to fix it before tossing it into storage. Don’t store anything that won’t be ready to use when you retrieve it, like a flat basketball, a bicycle with a missing tire, or a running shoe without its pair. 

    Find a Suitable Storage Location

    Once you have a better idea of the kinds of equipment you need to store, it’s time to find a suitable place for it. 

    Are you dealing with smaller items like a few tennis rackets and footballs? Then you might be able to find space in the back of your closet or your spare bedroom. But if we’re talking bigger items, you might have to make room in your garage or shed. When searching for a good spot, consider an open wall or ceiling space, which you could use for installing storage solutions like racks, shelving, and cabinets.

    However, if you still don’t have enough space to store sports equipment on your property, consider looking into a storage unit. Some units are the size of a closet, while others can accommodate multiple rooms’ worth of items. Certain storage facilities even offer climate-controlled units that remain at a set temperature and humidity range for sensitive equipment. 

    Clean Your Sports Equipment Before Storing It

    Your sports gear is notorious for collecting dirt, dust, mud, and sometimes even sweat. Before you store your sports equipment, give it a good clean. Wipe away any grime. And anything that can go in the washing machine should go in the washing machine. 

    While your gear might be okay if you plan to use it again next week or the following weekend, it’s imperative to clean it if you’re storing it for a longer term. Dirt, grime, and sweat can attract mold, mildew, and even pests. After washing your equipment, ensure it’s fully dry before placing it in storage.

    9 Sports Equipment Storage Ideas 

    Now that your gear and space are prepped, let’s dive into our sports equipment organization ideas!

    • Ceiling Racks

    Running out of floorspace? Look up. If you have some ceiling clearance, it might be time to install some racks up there. This sports equipment storage idea helps you take advantage of that ceiling space, where you can store everything from your bikes to your snorkel gear. That said, before hanging anything heavy, make sure the ceiling rack can accommodate the weight. 

    • Wall Cabinetry

    Prefer to keep your stash of sports equipment hidden away? Then cabinetry may be your solution. These cabinets invite you to tuck your gear inside so it’s out of sight. However, instead of just throwing everything inside a cabinet, use boxes or bins to help keep it organized. 

    • Shelving

    Line ‘em up! Shelves may seem simple, but they’re great sports equipment storage solutions, as they help get your gear off the ground. They provide a lot of space for lining up your gear and keeping it organized and out of the way. You can even add conveniently labeled baskets or bins to each shelf, so it’s easy to find just what you’re looking for. 

    • Hooks

    By hook or by crook, hooks are another solid sports equipment storage idea! Fasten small hooks for hanging lighter items like jump ropes, jerseys, rock climbing harnesses, and baseball mitts. Install heavier-duty ones for bigger gear, from climbing ropes and ice skates to scooters and snowboards. 

    • Specialty Racks

    Think of any kind of sports equipment. Chances are, there’s a specialty rack designed specifically for that item. For instance, you can find racks built for holding bikes, golf bags, surfboards, kayaks, and more. They have the exact dimensions and weight requirements to accommodate your equipment, so be sure to find one that matches your gear. 

    • Pegboard

    When it comes to DIY sports equipment storage ideas, pegboards steal the show. These easy-to-install storage solutions let you organize and hang all kinds of sports equipment, such as your bicycle air pump, bike helmets, and sports gloves. In addition to attaching hooks to the pegboard, you can also fasten baskets and trays to hold miscellaneous items like baseballs, golf gloves, shin pads, and so much more. 

    • Plastic Bins and Baskets

    Plastic bins and baskets are ideal storage receptacles for everything from rackets to padding. Designate a bin or basket for a certain kind of gear or specific sport. For example, all your tennis, football, softballs, and basketballs could go in one bin, while all your soccer gear (cleats, shin guards, cones, and jerseys) could go in another. To make it easier to find things, label each bin accordingly. Then, stack them in the corner, place them on your shelving, or conceal them in your cabinetry. 

    • Shoe Racks

    Shoe racks make the ideal sports equipment organizer. For example, if you get one with rectangular compartments, you can easily store equipment in each space. Of course, your golf shoes and football cleats will fit easily in each compartment, but so will other gear, from soccer balls to baseball helmets. Prefer shoe organizers with pockets? Those will work, too! Simply place your smaller equipment, such as golf tees and tennis balls, in each pocket.

    • Build a Ball Corral

    Feeling handy? If so, give this DIY sports equipment storage idea a whirl: a ball corral! Using a drill and screws, attach bungee cords from one end of a piece of plywood to another. You can choose to position the corral horizontally or vertically. Just be sure to use enough bungee cords to keep the balls from falling between the lines. Once you set up the corral, stack your soccer balls, basketballs, and footballs behind the bungee cords, and you’ll never have to worry about them rolling away again. 

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