September 11, 2020

Preparing to Move in 30 Days [Interactive Checklist]

Moving is a monumental task. Here’s how to spread it out over the course of a month for maximum success.

Day 1: Take inventory of everything you’ll need to move.

Day 2: Invest in packing supplies, including: boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and markers for labeling.

Day 3: Create “to throw away,” “to donate,” and “to sell” boxes and/or piles.

Day 4: Make your inaugural trip to the landfill and the donation center.

Day 5: Compare moving companies and self-storage facilities.

Day 6: Make your reservations with professional movers and a self-storage facility.

Day 7: Gather important documents—like passports, mortgage papers, insurance portfolios, and medical records—and put them in safe place ahead of the move.

Day 8: Change your address with an official mail forwarding form. Notify banks, insurance companies, and subscription services of your move.

Day 9: Start, stop, or transfer your utility services.

Day 10: Notify your friends, family, and neighbors of your move.

Day 11: After performing a second round of sorting, take another trip to the landfill and the donation center.

Day 12: Create online listings for items you want to sell.

Day 13: Check your prescriptions and make sure you have enough to make it through the move. If not, order more today.

Day 14: Plan your travel route. This is especially important if you’re moving cities, flying, or taking multiple days in transit to reach your new home.

Day 15: You’re halfway there. Begin packing lesser-used items in your home, such as fine dishware, seasonal items, and books.

Day 16: Take a(nother) tour of your new place. This can help you determine whether you’ll need to do more downsizing.

Day 17: Continue packing lesser-used items in your home. Invite a friend over for help.

Day 18: Take care of your yard, day one. Make sure everything is accounted for and straightened up before you leave.

Day 19: Take care of your yard, day two. Some yards require two days of maintenance.

Day 20: Speak with your landlord about any property services that need to scheduled before you leave.

Day 21: Begin a room-by-room packing tour of your house. Start by clearing out foods in your kitchen.

Day 22: Move to your bathrooms and pack-up toiletries and linens that will not be used before the move.

Day 23: Call your movers a week in advance to make sure they are still coming on your scheduled day.

Day 24: Tour the remaining rooms in your house and pack up anything that will fit into a box. Leave out electronics and other essential appliances, as you may want to use them.

Day 25: Begin packing up your bedroom. Start with your closets, dressers, and desks.

Day 26: Finish packing up your bedroom. Be sure to leave a few clothes and essentials free for the remaining few days.

Day 27: Perform one final day of yardwork or exterior cleaning before vacating your premises. (This is especially important if you’re renting).

Day 28: Vacuum, mop, and wipe down your house. Pack up all electronics.

Day 29: Check in with your movers one last time and pack a day-of bag.

Day 30: Get to sleep early before the big day.