April 16, 2023

How To Store Pillows: Pillow Organization and Storage Ideas

You can never have enough pillows, from frilly and decorative ones to those designed for a heavenly night’s sleep. However, you’re probably not using your entire collection simultaneously, so proper storage for pillows is a good idea. When you have a designated place to keep your pillows, they’ll stay in good shape, and you’ll always know where they are when you need them. 

So, where do you begin? In our pillow storage guide, we offer all the best advice on how to organize your pillows and where to keep them when they’re not in use. Follow our pillow storage ideas below for inspiration!

Why You Need to Store and Organize Your Pillows

While pillows may seem like little fluff balls that will last a lifetime, they’re actually not as resilient as you might think. In fact, pillows are susceptible to quite a few things that can reduce their lifespan, mess up their shape, and reduce their quality. 

You see, factors like direct sunlight, humidity, pests, and even strong odors can do a number on your pillows if you’re not careful. For instance, direct sunlight can fade the fabric’s color, humidity can cause mold and mildew to grow, and pests can nibble away at the stuffing. And as for odors, these strong smells can permeate the fabric and stick around longer than you’d like. 

Because of a pillow’s sensitivity, it’s best to find a proper pillow storage solution with the right conditions. Find a space that’s away from direct sunlight and doesn’t have high humidity. Also, inspect the area for signs of critters or pests (like droppings or gnaw marks).

Aside from keeping your pillows in tip-top shape, when you have pillow storage, you’ll always have extra on hand and know where they are, whether you have guests visiting or your kids want to make a fort.

Now, let’s cover how to store pillows!

Creative Pillow Organization and Storage Ideas

If you’re asking yourself where to store pillows, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our favorite pillow storage ideas so that you’re sure to have sweet dreams the next time you lay your head down. 

Clear Plastic Bins

Clear plastic bins are always a favorite storage solution for us, so keep these in mind when you’re looking for a solid storage solution. Select some transparent storage bins that are large enough to hold your pillows, and then stack them and place them wherever you’d like, such as in your closet, under your bed, on shelves, or in cabinets. You can even label them, identifying what kind of pillows are in each container. 

Vacuum-Sealed Bags

If you’re tight on space, vacuum-sealed bags can help save room. Because these airtight containers are so compact, you can store them practically anywhere, from your cabinets to drawers. What’s more, this solution helps keep out any dirt, dust, grime, moisture, and pests, helping to keep your pillows in prime condition. 

Under-the-Bed Storage Compartments

The area under your bed is surprisingly roomy, but of course, it’s also conveniently located near where you sleep! Because of this, take advantage of your under-the-bed storage space. If you have a bed with built-in drawers, place your pillows in there. Otherwise, look for canvas bags or compact containers with wheels that are designed to keep things beneath your bed. 

Chests and Trunks

Chests and trunks make excellent statement pieces at the foot of your bed, but they’re also great for DIY pillow storage! Whether you have an antique wooden chest or a brand-new trendy trunk, tuck your pillows inside, and they’ll be within arm’s reach whenever you need some extra cushions on your bed. 


If you’re wondering how to organize pillows, don’t overlook simple solutions like installing shelves. Place a row of shelves in your closet or install some in your bedroom and then neatly stack your pillows on each one. And if you have decorative pillows along your shelves, they will enhance your decor!


Don’t underestimate the convenience of drawers. From dressers to armoires, there are so many drawer options that are perfect for storing your pillows. You can even combine some of the pillow storage ideas on this list, like placing your cushions in plastic bins or vacuum-sealed bags before slipping them into a drawer. 


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