September 7, 2018

7 Packing & Moving Mistakes to Avoid | Infographic

Take the stress out of your move by avoiding common moving and packing mistakes. This guide will show you how.

packing and moving mistakes to avoid

A guide for packing and moving including mistakes to avoid and what to do instead

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Mistake #1: Not Asking for Help

  • Don’t go at it alone during your move. This can result in significant stress and extra time spent packing. Plus, it can also lead to injury.
  • Do consider asking a friend or hiring a professional moving company to help you with your move to improve efficiency and organization.

Mistake #2: Picking a Mover Based on Price

  • Don’t choose a moving company based on price. The lowest price often means the worst service. Choosing this option can lead to broken belongings and other unforeseen hassles.
  • Do choose a moving company that comes highly-reviewed by other customers. Ask for references if you want to go the extra mile.

Mistake #3: Booking Your Moving Company or Rental Truck Late

  • Don’t wait to book your moving company. You may not get the date and time you want.
  • Do book well in advance to ensure that you get to move exactly when you want to with the right vehicle for the job.

Mistake #4: Overlooking Organization

  • Don’t simply throw items into random boxes. This will end up costing you time and energy at the other end of the move.
  • Do organize your items based on material, function, and location in your space. This will save time and hassle.

Mistake #5: Not Using the Proper Packing Materials

  • Don’t forget to use packing materials. If you forgo the bubble wrap and extra padding, it can result in damaged items and increased expenses.
  • Do invest in affordable packing materials like bubble wrap, packing paper, and old newspapers. Also, remember to use moving tape instead of masking or duct tape.

Mistake #6: Overpacking Boxes

  • Don’t overpack boxes. Not only do they get too heavy to lift, the bottom may fall out.
  • Do lift your boxes when they’re half full to make sure you can still lift them. Fill extra space with blankets or other light items as extra cushioning.

Mistake #7: Choosing the Wrong Storage Unit

  • Don’t neglect to do your research when choosing a storage unit for your belongings.
  • Do spend time taking tours, reading reviews of top storage unit facilities in your area, and determining just how much space you need.