January 16, 2023

Office Supply Storage Ideas To Boost Your Office Productivity

When it comes to your job, you work hard. You spend all day crunching numbers or coming up with design concepts, so it’s easy for your workspace to become a little unkempt. And who can blame you? You’re more focused on meeting deadlines and making deals than tidying your office. 

But let’s be honest, sometimes your cluttered workspace can slow you down, as you’re left scrambling to find an important document or prevent a stack of printouts from cascading over your desk. Time is money, and you shouldn’t waste any of it battling your disorganized workspace. 

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to implement some easy office supply storage solutions, and we’re here to help. In our guide on how to organize office supplies, we offer five convenient and affordable office storage ideas that can drastically improve your workspace. 

The Benefits of a Clean and Organized Workspace

Having an organized workspace makes it easier for you to get down to business because you’re not wasting your time searching for your stapler or shuffling documents around to find a clean space to work. When you take advantage of office supply storage solutions, you’ll know exactly where everything is and enjoy a clear area to get the job done. 

Yes, a messy and unorganized workspace isn’t exactly easy on the eyes, but did you know that it could also negatively impact your mental health? Studies have shown that a cluttered work area can actually contribute to increased stress levels, reductions in productivity, and even procrastination! When your office is disorganized, it can make you feel disorganized, which isn’t a good look when you have a job to complete. 

Now that you understand the perks of an organized workspace, it’s time to discover our top office supply storage ideas.

      1. Hang Corkboards

Placing corkboards on the wall is a simple office supply storage idea that goes a long way. Instead of constantly searching for your calendar or that document you always reference, you can conveniently tack them to the board and have them right in front of you whenever you need them. In addition to hanging important docs, sticky notes, and memos, you can hang office supplies like your favorite pen or pair of scissors, so they’re always within arm’s reach. 

      2. Incorporate Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are another great office supply storage idea when organizing your workspace, and since they come in various sizes, you can find ones that suit all your supplies. Use a small compact one for your office utensils like pens and pencils, a medium bin for documents or notebooks, and a larger one to accommodate your excess inventory. To increase the organization factor, find some transparent bins or use labels to help identify what’s inside each one. 

      3. Purchase a Filing Cabinet

Sure, a lot of your paperwork is probably digital these days, but depending on your line of work, there’s still a good chance you have documents on hand. It might seem old school, but filing cabinets continue to be an excellent office supply storage solution. Whether you have stacks of HR files or folders filled with tax documents, place them in a filing cabinet and organize them with dividers. Prefer something a little edgier? Look for mobile compact filing cabinets or sleek containers that serve as file organizers. 

      4. Use a Desktop Utensil Holder

When it comes to office supply organization ideas, it helps to know exactly where everything is, and that’s where a utensil holder comes in handy. Gone are the days when you had to borrow tape from your office mate or go searching for a pen in your cluttered drawers. With a utensil holder, everything is in a convenient spot right on the corner of your desk. Purchase one that holds all your supplies, such as highlighters, markers, scissors, and notepads. 

      5. Get Creative with Your Bookshelf

If you already have a bookshelf in your office that showcases your signed copies of the most influential business books, why not make room for some office supplies, too? Bookshelves make great DIY office supply storage solutions because you can combine workplace decoration with functionality. For instance, display your company handbook next to your “employee of the month” placard on one shelf and organize your notebooks next to your potted plant on another shelf. 

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