April 16, 2023

Ladder Storage Ideas: How To Store A Ladder

There’s something so satisfying about finding homes and storage solutions for all your tools and equipment, from power drills and hammers down to nuts and bolts.

But even if you’ve gone to town organizing your garage or shed, you might still be wondering where to place your ladders. After all, they always seem to be in the way! Maybe they’re haphazardly leaning against your recycling bins or lying on their side behind your car. Whatever it is, it’s not ideal. Your ladders deserve a proper storage place!

That’s where our guide on how to store ladders can help! Below we’ve highlighted some of the best ladder storage ideas. Check out our advice to find the perfect home for your ladders. 

The Importance of Proper Ladder Storage

Having a ladder on hand is convenient when it comes to accessing things out of reach, whether you’re cleaning out the gutters, painting a wall, or retrieving a kite from a tree. However, ladders can be quite large and unwieldy. Not to mention, they can take up a lot of space if you don’t have an ideal storage solution.

What’s more, if you don’t have proper storage for ladders, they could create a dangerous obstacle in your home. For example, if your ladders are just leaning on the wall, they could trip someone or fall on your vehicle or furniture. But when you place them in a secure place, you’ll never have to worry about them getting in harm’s way or causing trouble. 

Above all, when you find the right kind of storage for your ladders, you’ll enjoy a neater and more organized space, and you’ll always know where to find them! 

Clever Ladder Storage Ideas To Free Up Space

Storing your ladders doesn’t have to be a headache. Follow these easy ladder storage ideas to find a simple solution!

  • Wall hooks

So, how do you store a ladder? One of the easiest DIY ladder storage ideas involves placing hooks on the wall. 

First, find a room with an open wall, such as your garage, basement, or shed. Once you’ve found a suitable spot, look for some heavy-duty steel utility hooks that are designed for holding heavy items. Then install two on the wall and gently hang your ladder so that it’s parallel to the floor and flush against the wall. If your ladder has a latch, be sure to put it on so that the rails stay locked together. 

  • Wall mounts

Prefer some vertical wall storage? Instead of installing a hook on the wall, pick up a wall mount or wall hanger. 

For this ladder storage idea, find some open wall space, and then place the mount on it, making sure to position it so there’s enough clearance for your ladder to comfortably hang without touching the ground or ceiling. Once it’s installed, simply place the top rung of the ladder over the mount so that it hangs vertically against the wall. 

  • Ceiling racks

When it comes to finding a home for your tools and equipment, it’s easy to forget about ceiling space! Chances are that you have some open spaces in areas of your home, such as in your basement, garage, shed, laundry room, or even your spare room. 

After selecting the ideal storage spot, there are several avenues you can take. For example, some people like to install a simple ceiling rack and use a stepstool to access it, while others prefer using a hoist and pulley system, making it easier to retrieve the ladder. Whatever you do, just be sure there isn’t anything underneath your ceiling rack in case your ladder were to fall. 

  • Shelves

Using shelves is another easy ladder storage solution. For this option, consider investing in some sturdy wood or metal shelves on which to place your ladders. Or you could go the DIY ladder storage route and install wood pegs or PVC pipes along the wall, creating arms for balancing or hanging your ladders. 

  • Cabinet storage

Depending on the length of your ladder, you may find a cabinet or locker tall and wide enough to accommodate it. These are ideal ladder storage ideas if you like to keep your tools and supplies tucked away and out of sight. But if you can’t find one on the market that suits your ladder’s dimensions, don’t be afraid to build your own solution!

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