May 10, 2022

How to Store Jewelry Properly

Jewelry is a very important accessory. It can give your outfit a pop of color, dress up an otherwise casual outfit, or add that finishing touch to your ensemble.

But jewelry can also hold a lot of meaning. Maybe you have your grandmother’s special locket that reminds you of her, a bracelet you bought yourself on your first trip to Rome, or a beautiful ring your partner gifted you on your wedding anniversary.

Your jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to hold sentimental value. Whether it’s a string of plastic beads or a single flashy diamond, it’s essential that you find a proper way of storing it to help keep it in prime condition. This, of course, begs the question, What is the best way to store jewelry

We’re glad you asked! Our guide on how to store jewelry covers all the ins and outs of finding the perfect home for your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and more.


Why is Jewelry Storage Important?

Before we address the many ways to store jewelry, what’s the big idea? Why is it so important to store your jewelry properly, anyway?

Well, just like any other item you own, the more care you take with your jewelry, the longer it will last. After all, a lot of jewelry, especially those made from precious metals or gems, is sensitive. Not only is it delicate and fragile, but it can crack, break, snap, tarnish, and even melt under certain conditions like high humidity or extreme temperatures.

What’s more, when you properly store your jewelry, you can keep it organized and see what you have. Maybe you forgot about that pair of earrings you got for graduation or the matching necklace you share with your best friend!

Read on for some expert advice on the best ways to store your jewelry.

Assess What You Have

First of all, when was the last time you took inventory of your jewelry? If it’s been a while, spend some time sorting through your collection to decide if there’s anything you no longer need or want.

Start by making some piles. One pile can be for the jewelry that you’d like to keep. This will include your vintage pieces, special occasion jewelry, and items with sentimental value.

The next pile will be for any broken jewelry you plan to fix. But don’t just toss pieces in this pile if you have no intention of repairing them. If something is broken beyond repair, add it to the toss pile—things destined for recycling or trash.

Your last pile can be for donating or pawning. Perhaps you have a lovely necklace in good condition that no longer fits your style, or a pristine gold watch that reminds you of your ex. Consider donating items like these to a second-hand store or pawn shop, or gifting them to someone who might appreciate them.

Separate Your Jewelry

Did you know different metals can react with one another, causing your pieces to tarnish? Since that’s the case, we recommend separating your jewelry by material. For example, keep your silver storage in one location and your gold pieces in another. Also, keep in mind that diamonds can scratch your other gems, so be sure to separate those pieces, too.

Clean Your Jewelry

Before storing collectibles like jewelry, give your pieces a good clean. After all, sweat, lotion, dirt, and grime can build up on your pieces, leaving them tarnished and lackluster.

How you clean your jewelry will depend on what kind of metal and materials it features. For instance, if you’re looking to make your silver shine, you might use some silver polish or soak it in warm water with some gentle dish soap.

But if you’re dealing with your favorite pearl necklace, don’t soak it; this could cause the string to break. Instead, dip a makeup brush in warm water with a little shampoo and gently brush each pearl.

Because your jewelry collection likely includes all kinds of pieces, be sure to do some research or speak to your local jeweler about cleaning recommendations for your specific items. Once you’ve restored your pieces to their original glory, make sure they’re dry before storing them in any kind of container.

Designate a Location

Before deciding exactly how to properly store your jewelry, it’s a good idea to decide where you want to store it. This is because the location could determine the kind of storage container you’ll need. But before making your decision, do keep in mind that jewelry does best in a dark, dry, and cool location. This means your hot and stuffy attic and damp basement are no-gos. And if you’re planning to keep your jewelry in your home, avoid storing it near a window with direct sunlight.

Looking to keep your jewelry in your bedroom? Perhaps you’d like to have them on display. Maybe you want to keep them in a jewelry box on your dresser or arranged on your shelf.

On the other hand, if you plan to place them in a storage unit or closet space as a longer-term storage solution, then you’ll likely want a more durable and transportable storage case.

If you go the storage route, you may want to consider choosing a climate-controlled unit. These special units maintain a moderate temperature and humidity range to prevent your jewelry from being exposed to extreme conditions.

Best way to store jewelry

Choose Your Container

The good news is that there are tons of ideas for storing jewelry. The kind of storage option you choose might just come down to personal preference. For example, you might like your pieces organized so that you can see each individual piece, or perhaps you’d rather have them conveniently stored in their original containers.

Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is a tried-and-true option, and for good reason. It provides a durable case with fabric-lined dividers to help you organize your precious pieces. You can find all kinds of jewelry boxes! Some have multiple levels, while others have doors that open up and expand. Go simple with a plain box, choose an elaborate option with wood carvings and painted designs, or find a dainty one with a tiny ballerina inside.

Jewelry Trays

Jewelry trays are a great option if you want to store your pieces in a drawer. They provide separate slots for every kind of jewelry, from rings and watches to necklaces and earrings, keeping them neatly organized. Using a tray like this also makes it easier to see your collection, so you don’t forget about what you have on hand.

Ring Dish

If you’re wondering how to store your rings, look no further than ring dishes, especially if you plan to keep them on display. Just as you might imagine, it’s a small dish that holds your ring collection. You can even find decorative ones that will match your decor.

Travel Case

Interested in taking your jewelry on the road with you? Then you might consider storing your special pieces in a travel case. There are many options out there, but the best ones are the soft cases with zippers. They often feature different slots and pockets for your earrings, rings, necklaces, and more. Depending on the size of your collection, you could even use a travel case as a long-term storage solution.

Original Boxes

Did your tennis bracelet come in a sturdy box lined with cloth? If so, why not store it in that? Keeping pieces in their original containers is one of the best ways to store jewelry so it doesn’t tarnish.

That said, you don’t want to have a dozen random boxes scattered on your countertop or in your storage unit. In this case, we suggest picking up a larger container, such as a plastic bin with a lid, where you can keep all the original boxes in one convenient place.

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