May 10, 2022

How to Store Hats Correctly

Hats are often an underappreciated accessory. After all, they serve many purposes, from keeping your head warm on a chilly winter morning to adding the finishing touch to your fabulous attire. Maybe you have a lucky cap you wear when your favorite baseball team goes up to bat, or a special sun hat that shades you poolside on vacation.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve likely accumulated quite the hat collection over the years, so you’re probably looking into some hat storage. Fortunately, we’re here with all the best advice on the best ways to store hats.

Follow our guide below to find the perfect place to hang your hats!


Why Is Proper Hat Storage Important?

There are so many reasons why it’s a good idea to properly store your hats. Have you ever reached for your vintage cowboy hat or swanky bowler only to find it utterly squashed and flattened beyond saving? Or worse, did you grab your favorite fuzzy beanie only to discover it covered in mold?

Well, that’s likely because you didn’t find proper storage for your hats.

You see, your hat collection is actually quite fragile. Your hats are designed to sort of mold around your head, but if you don’t take good care of them, they can easily lose their shape. Once this happens, they may not rest on your head the way they once did.

What’s more, there’s a good chance your hat collection includes a variety of materials, such as leather, felt, cotton, and wool. If you don’t store them in the right conditions, they might become susceptible to outside factors like mold and mildew. Likewise, direct sunlight or extreme temperatures could discolor or fade the fabric.

Because of this, you need to find just the right conditions for storing your hats.

What To Keep in Mind When Storing Hats

Here are some tips to consider when choosing where and how to store and organize your hats:

Take Inventory

There’s no point putting the time and effort into storing your hats if you don’t even know what hats you have in your collection. This is why it’s important to sort through the hats you already have to determine what you want to hang on to and what no longer serves you.

Start by setting aside the tried-and-true options you know you want to keep. Next, look at the “maybes.” What’s keeping you from holding on to them? Do they need repairs or deserve a good clean? If that’s the case, set them aside and make an effort to address them.

But if you no longer like the style, or a particular hat stirs up bad memories, it might be time to toss or donate it. If it’s still in good condition, see if you can donate it to a secondhand shop. Alternatively, if it’s not looking so hot, consider throwing it away or recycling it if you can.

Choose a Cool, Dry Location

The best way to store your hats is in a cool, dry spot. This is because extreme temperatures can cause your hats to deteriorate—and direct sunlight can fade the fabric. You’ll also want to avoid anywhere with high humidity, as this can attract mold and mildew.

If you’re planning to store your hats in a storage unit, we suggest renting a climate-controlled storage unit. These units are designed to maintain a set temperature and humidity range to prevent extreme hot or cold conditions.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to keep your hats at home, avoid storing them near a window or any air vents that could negatively impact your collection.

Don’t Store Dirty Hats

Sure, your hats may not look dirty, but they’ve probably collected some sweat, dirt, and grime. This is why we recommend cleaning your hats before placing them in storage.

The kind of hats you’re storing will determine how you clean them. For instance, if you’re dealing with some baseball hats, you might place them in the dishwasher or washing machine on a gentle cycle. But you certainly won’t want to wash your suede and leather hats that way! For those more delicate materials, dip a lint-free cloth in a mild soap solution and gently dab at any stains. If you’re unsure about how to clean your specific hat, do some research first.

After cleaning your hat, always let it air dry completely before putting it in storage.

Nest Your Hats

There’s nothing worse than a bent or misshapen hat! So, if you plan to store your hats in a drawer or on a shelf, we recommend nesting them. This refers to when you carefully stack them on top of one another. It conserves space and helps maintain the hat’s original shape and form.

Storage For Hats 

At-Home Hat Storage Options

At-home storage is the perfect option if you always want to have your hats on hand. After following our advice above, you might decide you’d like to put them on display in your bedroom or organize them in your closet.

Here are a few ideas for at-home storage:

Pegs and Hooks

That straw hat you picked up in Panama is not only iconic, but it reminds you of all your Central American adventures. Why not show it off? Placing pegs or hooks along your wall is a great storage solution as it helps keep your hats organized and in good condition, but it also lets you get a little creative. There are all kinds of peg and hook options that encourage you to make your hat collection part of your decor.

Designated Drawers

If you’d rather not keep your hats on display, consider designating a special drawer for them. Find a deep drawer and line your caps up accordingly. This option lets you see exactly what you have while keeping them away from dirt, dust, and direct sunlight.

Shelf Space

Shelves offer another prime place for storing your headwear. You can line them up along the shelf in your closet or decorate your bedroom shelf with them. We suggest stacking them on top of one another or placing them on a hat rack specifically designed for certain styles.

Hat Clips

Wondering how to organize your hats? Consider picking up some hat clips. Much like a hanger, these hat clips hang on your closet rod and feature a handy hook that clips onto your hat. These hooks conveniently hang along with your other clothes so you can easily see what hats you have in your collection.

Hat Rack

It might seem old school, but a hat rack is a completely acceptable place to hang your hats. And how convenient would it be to have a hat rack right next to the front door where you can grab your hat of choice as you head outside? Hunt around to find your perfect option. You might find a funky vintage hat rack at a yard sale, or a sleek and posh piece to suit the ambiance of your home.

Long-Term Hat Storage Options

Maybe you have a bunch of seasonal caps you only wear in the winter months that you don’t have space for in your home. Or perhaps you’ve accumulated quite the hat collection over the years and like to swap them out every now and again. Whatever the case, storage units make great long-term storage solutions.

Sealed Containers

As with storing any kind of item in a storage unit, it’s best to place your hats in a sealed container like a plastic bin with a lid. This helps keep your hats in tip-top condition, as you won’t have to worry about anything like dust or mold getting to them.

Hat Boxes

Hat boxes are made for storing and transporting hats, so why not put them to good use? Pick a few of these when placing your hats in a storage unit to help keep them in good condition. If you really want to get creative, shop around for some vintage options.

Need a Storage Solution?

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