January 16, 2023

How To Store Clothes In a Storage Unit

If your closet is overflowing, you probably have trouble finding specific clothes. In fact, there’s a good chance you have clothes in there you forgot you even had! Rather than battling the depths of your closet every time you need an outfit, consider paring down your wardrobe and placing some of it in a storage unit for clothes.

Ready to figure out how to store clothes in a storage unit? Check out our clothing storage tips below!

The Benefits of Storing Clothes in a Storage Unit

Wardrobes quickly expand as they’re inspired by so many different occasions, seasons, and trends. It’s easy to see why running out of storage for clothes at home is a common problem. The best way to store clothes is to rent a storage unit. This option is a convenient and affordable solution for excess clothing. It helps you to keep your home free of clutter and your clothing items neatly organized.

You can keep all your overflow or seasonal clothes in your storage unit, so you don’t have to worry about stuffing your closet to the brim or purchasing additional dressers and armoires. Instead, you can enjoy a more organized closet in your home and access your clothes in storage whenever you want. 

What’s more, many storage facilities offer climate-controlled options, providing you with a space that maintains a stable temperature and humidity range to help keep your more sensitive and delicate clothing in prime condition.

Clothes Storage Tips

With a better understanding of why storing clothes in a storage unit is a good idea, let’s move on to our clothes storage tips. These suggestions for how to store clothes in a storage unit will help you to have maximum success with the process.

Sort Through What You Have

Over the years, you’ve probably racked up quite the clothing collection. Maybe you bought a whole new wardrobe for your trip to Hawaii and stocked up on athletic gear galore when you went through your marathon-running phase. From work clothing to leisure wear, your closet is practically overflowing with items you need to sort through. 

Don’t just pack everything up and toss it into a storage unit for clothes. Instead, sort through your items and decide what you want to keep, donate, and toss. Make three piles and be honest with yourself about what you plan to wear. For example, do you really need those jeans that are four sizes too small? Or what about that sweater with all the holes around the hem? 

If you have clothing that’s still in good condition, think about those who might be in need or appreciate it more. You could gift it to a friend or donate it to a homeless shelter.  

Organize Your Clothing

Now that you have a pile of clothing that you want to hold on to, consider what you’d like to keep in your home and what you want to reserve for your storage unit. It’s up to you how you separate your clothing. 

Some like to organize by season and swap out their collections every few months. For example, they’ll store their winter clothes in their storage unit during the summer and then exchange their shorts and swimsuits for their parkas and sweaters come fall. 

Another approach to storing clothes in a storage unit is to pack up pieces you don’t use very often. This might include fancy evening wear or hiking and camping apparel.

Wash Everything

Before placing items in a storage unit for clothes, wash everything. Not only will washing your clothes keep them nice and fresh for when you want to wear them next, but it can also help eliminate mold and mildew that like to grow on stains. 

Place everything in the washer, and be sure to let it all fully dry before packing it up. Damp clothing can create a breeding ground for mold! 

Select the Proper Container

Now you’re all set to find the best clothing storage solution. We recommend using clear plastic storage bins with lids and labeling them so you know what’s inside each one. For example, maybe all your snow gear will go in one box and formal attire in another. 

Next, neatly fold each item when placing it into the bin. For extra care, consider layering acid-free tissue paper between delicate items. Once you’ve filled a box, seal it with a lid to help keep out anything undesirable, from water to pests. 

Use Cedar Chips

When storing clothes in a storage unit, it’s always a good idea to deter bugs and pests, as some critters like to feast on clothing fabric. While placing mothballs with your clothing is one option, cedar chips or blocks are a great, all-natural alternative. After all, cedar smells nice to us but not to insects! Add some to each of your clothing storage solutions and replace them when their scent begins to fade. 

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