• How to Properly Pack Your Storage Unit

    Just as important as choosing the right storage unit is knowing how to properly pack that unit. Proper packing will not only give you more space for your buck, but also make accessing your items much easier. Follow these 7 steps from storage experts at Stor-It to pack your storage unit like a pro.

    1. Establish Walking Paths

    Grant access to all parts of your unit by establishing paths, or storage unit aisles. Tape down these paths when you set up your storage unit so you don’t accidentally clutter them. Make sure your path is wide enough to accommodate you and anything you’re carrying, but don’t make it too big and lose out on storage space.

    2. Use a Uniform Box Size

    Use the same type of box for all of your items to make sure everything sits flush. That way, you’ll maximize space and make the storing process go like a game of Tetris rather than a game of Jenga.

    3. Heavy and Sturdy on Bottom, Light and Flimsy on Top

    Keep large, heavy things on the bottom of your stacks and the lighter stuff up top. This will make lifting easier and prevent your unit from having dangerous avalanches.

    4. Compartmentalize and Make a Map

    Put similar items in the same area of your storage unit to help unloading go smoothly. Make a map of your storage unit once you’ve finished packing and tape it to the front wall. You can refer to it whenever you need to take items out.

    5. Disassemble Things That Can be Disassembled

    Bookcases, bed frames, big-ticket items with detachable legs — break them down! This will conserve space and keep items in great condition.

    6. Store Based on Accessibility

    Don’t go digging through layers of boxes to find something you use every year. Put the things you access the most up front and center in your unit. The other stuff? It goes in the back and at the bottom of your stacks.

    7. Know Your Limits and Don’t Hesitate to Seek Assistance

    Many storage-unit-related injuries happen to overzealous, underprepared tenants who don’t ask for help. Don’t try to be Hercules. Bring along a buddy, family member, or mover to your storage unit to help move things in and out.

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