March 8, 2022

How To Keep Mice Out of a Storage Unit

Getting ready to store things can feel a bit overwhelming at times. After all, there are a lot of moving parts involved with packing up your belongings, getting them to your unit, and then organizing them in your space. Clearly, you already have a lot on your mind, and the last thing you want to think about is a potential mouse infestation in your storage unit—no, thank you!

The good news is you won’t have to give those critters a second thought if you follow these simple tips. You see, a big part of keeping mice out of your storage unit comes down to discouraging them from showing up in the first place.

To help you avoid any rodent-centric drama, we’ve outlined a convenient guide on how to keep mice out of your storage unit. Check out these tips to create a mouse-free space. 

Tip #1: Inspect Your Storage Unit

As we mentioned, the key to keeping mice out of your storage unit is making sure there aren’t any there in the first place. Before moving your belongings into your unit, do a thorough inspection of the space. If you see any droppings, footprints, or holes in the walls, these are sure signs that you have visitors. 

If you do find signs of rodents or pests, contact your storage facility immediately to address the issue, and be sure to reserve a different unit. 

Tip #2: Choose Plastic, Airtight Storage Containers

Wondering how to keep mice out of your storage boxes? Well, then it all begins with what kind of containers you’re using. We suggest skipping the cardboard boxes. Cardboard makes a tasty snack for mice, and you don’t want to create any temptations. 

Instead of using cardboard boxes to store your items, turn to plastic containers with airtight lids. This will help ward off mice and any other pests that may try to burrow into your boxes. What’s more, plastic bins are often easier to carry and stack than cardboard boxes, so it’s a win-win. 

Tip #3: Don’t Store Food in Your Storage Unit

OK, this mouse-proof storage tip should be an obvious one, but we still have to mention it. Under no circumstances should you store food or perishables in your unit. Doing so is practically an invitation for mice. In fact, storing food is prohibited at many storage facilities. 

We recommend keeping any and all food out of your unit—including nonperishables. And the same goes for crumbs! If you’re storing any kind of cooking tools or food containers, give them a deep clean so they’re rid of any food remnants. Even the smallest crumb left behind in your unit could entice rodents. 

Mouse proof storage

Tip #4: Wrap Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses in Plastic 

If you’re not careful, your brand-new mattress or antique loveseat could make a lovely new home for a family of mice. After all, mice love to chew through fabric. 

When it comes to figuring out how to preserve your furniture in storage from mice, we recommend tightly sealing plastic wrap around your mattresses and upholstered furniture to keep out unwelcome pests. 

Tip #5: Consider Using Natural Deterrents

To humans, essential oils like lavender and peppermint smell divine. But to mice? Not so much. To keep mice from venturing into your unit, soak some cotton balls in lavender or peppermint oil and place them around your unit. You can put them in the corners of the space and make a trail of them around any especially tempting items like furniture or mattresses. Not only will this help deter pests, but it will also help keep your unit smelling fresh!

Tip #6: Visit Your Storage Unit Often 

If you’re worried about rodents in your storage unit, keep an eye on your space! If you frequently visit your unit, you can inspect the area and notice the first signs of any kind of infestation. The sooner you notice the problem, the sooner you can solve it. 

Tip #7: Pick a Storage Facility that Prioritizes You and Your Belongings

The truth is, there’s only so much you can do when it comes to keeping mice out of your storage unit. A lot of it comes down to how your storage facility maintains their property and how diligent they are about repelling pests. That’s why it’s so important to go with a reputable storage company like Stor-It that puts you and your storage needs first. 

More About Stor-It

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Here is a quote from Stor-It’s Marketing Director, Marshall Weber, who was brought up in the family business:

Being literally born and raised on site, and then working maintenance to get the dirty jobs done, I have only seen one dead mouse/rat in my entire 31 years – which is not the norm for storage facilities. I’ve actually seen more mice in my home than on site at any of our locations.

We take extermination seriously for our tenants, and have done our very best to help prevent issues from rodents. We use numerous preventative measures in each and every unit, which is unfortunately not the norm for other storage companies. That’s why when choosing a self-storage facility, you’ll want to seek out a company that cares for its personal treasures just as much as you do!