March 16, 2023

Fret No More: Guitar Storage Ideas

Whether you’re an electric guitar player who likes to channel Jimi Hendrix or an acoustic guitarist with a penchant for Joni Mitchell tunes, it’s important to understand how to store your guitar

In our guide below, you’ll find helpful guitar storage ideas for how and where to keep your instruments in the best possible condition. Follow along for expert advice on storing your guitar when it’s not in use. 

Why Proper Guitar Storage Is Important

Regardless of what kind of guitar you play, they are extremely fragile instruments, from their wood bodies to their steel strings. Not only is it easy to ding or dent guitars, but they’re also vulnerable to changes in humidity and temperature, which can alter the sound and feel of the instrument. If you want to keep your guitar in tip-top shape, then it’s crucial to find the proper storage solution.

Innovative Guitar Storage Ideas: Tips and Tricks

Before exploring our storage solutions, let’s dive into these important guitar storage tips:

Get a Humidifier

When it comes to finding the appropriate guitar storage, pay close attention to the humidity in the space. This is because moisture in the air can be harmful to your guitar, which makes the wood expand and contract, causing warps and cracks within the instrument. Of course, this is bad news for the structure of your guitar, but it can also negatively impact its sound as well. 

The ideal humidity range for a guitar is between 45 and 55 percent, so consider investing in a humidifier so you can keep track of the moisture levels in your storage space. 

Avoid Rapid Changes in Temperature

Like influxes in humidity, changes in temperature can do a number on your guitar, too. If the temperature is too low, it can cause your frets to shrink, and if it’s too high, it can warp the wood. Furthermore, if the temperatures are constantly changing at a rapid rate, it can cause undue stress on your guitar. 

To avoid any issues, look for a guitar storage space with a steady temperature of around 70 to 75 degrees. And whatever you do, keep your guitar away from areas that experience rapid changes in temperature. 

Loosen Your Strings

Influxes in humidity and temperature can also impact your guitar strings. So, if you’re storing your guitar for a longer period, it’s best to loosen the strings one or two half steps to keep them from snapping. However, avoid loosening them all the way, as this could make the guitar’s neck bow. 

Find a Stable Place

Your guitar is valuable to you in more ways than one, so it’s crucial to find a guitar storage solution that is free of any dangers. For example, you don’t want to place your guitar under anything that could fall on top of it or an area that sees a lot of foot traffic. Instead, search for a storage place that is void of obstacles. 

Guitar Storage Solutions

Ready to store your guitar? Check out our guitar organization ideas below!

  • Guitar Case

It might sound simple, but your guitar case is one of the best options when it comes to guitar storage. This is because your case was made to cradle your instrument and keep it out of harm’s way. For this guitar storage tip, place your instrument in its case and store it standing up. If you have multiple guitar cases, vertically line them up instead of stacking them on top of one another. 

  • Guitar Rack

If you have an entire guitar collection, you might want to go with a guitar rack, as this lets you conveniently line all your guitars up in a row. Some models are flexible with various sizes of slots, so you can decide if you’d like to store your guitar in or outside of its case along the rack. 

  • Guitar Stand

If you play your instrument often, then this short-term guitar storage solution is a great option. Simply find an open area or corner of a room and set up a guitar stand on which you can place your guitars. Not only will your guitars enhance the look of the space, but they’ll be conveniently ready for you whenever you’re in the mood to strum. 

  • Wall Mount

Wall mounts are another aesthetically pleasing guitar organization idea because you can keep your guitars on display and incorporate them into your decor. To achieve this concept, purchase a wall mount specifically designed for guitars to ensure it’s sturdy enough to hold your instruments. 


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