April 16, 2023

Fishing Rod Storage Ideas: Reeling In The Mess

You love fishing, but you don’t love when your fishing poles are a muddy, tangled mess when it’s time to join your buddies on a fishing trip. 

Now, we hate to break it to you, but if your rods are in less than perfect condition every time you go to cast a line, it might be a sign that you’re not properly storing them. However, the good news is that it’s actually quite easy to learn how to store your fishing rods!

In our guide below, we offer the best advice on how to organize your fishing poles. We start with some tips on preparing them for storage, and then we dive into our favorite fishing pole storage ideas. Whether you’re looking for a place to temporarily keep your rods between weekly trips out to the pond or a longer-term solution, like during the winter months, our tips and tricks can help! 

Why Proper Fishing Rod Storage is Important

If fishing is your favorite pastime, then your fishing poles are likely your pride and joy. You’ve spent years collecting them and acquiring all the right equipment to reel in the perfect catch. But if you don’t take good care of them, they might not have the long lifespan you initially expected. That’s why it’s so important to find a proper fishing rod storage space. 

When you take the time to find an appropriate fishing rod storage solution, your poles will be in tip-top condition the next time the fish are biting. You won’t have to worry about dealing with rusty lines or moldy poles because you will have taken the time and effort to properly care for them when placing them in their storage spot. And the best part? You won’t have to waste time running all over your home trying to remember where you placed your poles because they will be sitting in their designated fishing pole storage spot. 

What You’ll Need to Know Before Storing Your Fishing Pole

The whole point of figuring out how to store fishing rods is so that you can keep them in prime condition and they’re ready for whatever fishing expedition comes your way. However, there’s more to storing your rods than just tossing them in a rack or wall mount and calling it a day. 

To help ensure your fishing roles are up for the task, follow these simple steps before placing them in storage, and they’ll be all set for your next deep-sea fishing adventures. 

Clean Your Rods

After an afternoon on the water, your rods have probably seen better days. Whether they’re covered in mud and muck or drenched in saltwater, you definitely don’t want to put them into storage looking that way because that could lead to mold, mildew, corrosion, and more! 

To clean your poles, rinse them off with fresh water and wipe away any dirt and gripe. You can even use a toothbrush and gently scrub any stubborn spots. Once your poles look brand new, be sure to dry them off completely before placing them in storage. 

Loosen the Line

Next, it’s important to loosen your line. This helps prevent the line from pulling on, stressing, and breaking the rod. While you’re at it, be sure to cut off any old line so you’re not left with a tangled mess. 

Lubricate the Parts

Since you’ve already cleaned all the parts of your fishing rod, you might as well lubricate it for good measure. Lubricating it with light oil helps prevent rust and corrosion while keeping all the moving parts in working condition. Be sure to oil the reel, bail and spoon, reel handle, and rod body. 

Use Sleeves

No matter if you’re storing your rods for a day or months at a time, we recommend picking up some sleeves to place over each one. Not only do these give them a little extra cushioning, but they also keep out dirt, dust, and moisture. 

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to use sleeves when transporting your rods from one fishing hole to the next. 

Find a Dry Place with Temperature Control

The best place for storing your rods is one that is dry with consistent temperatures. This is because moisture and fluctuating temperatures can do a number on your rods, causing them to rot, grow mold, and rust. If you don’t have an appropriate place for storing your rods in your home, consider renting a storage unit with climate-controlled features to help maintain the integrity of your rods. 

Select a Suitable Storage Spot

If you are wondering where to store fishing rods, there are actually quite a few suitable storage options. Some people like to find storage solutions in their trucks, cars, or even boats so their fishing rods are right there when they want to drop a line. However, other people like to keep them in their homes, such as their basement, garage, rec room, shed, or even spare bedroom. But if you don’t have enough space at your property, you can always keep them in your storage unit. 

Whatever place you choose, just be sure you follow our above tips to help keep your rods in prime condition. 

Clever Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

Once you’re all prepped for storing your fishing rods, it’s time to find the perfect storage solution for your needs. Below, we’ve listed out our top fishing pole storage ideas to help inspire you! 


When it comes to the best fishing rod storage ideas, racks tend to top the list. With this option, you have so many different choices. There are ceiling racks, which let you conveniently hang your rods from the ceiling of your garage or basement, but there are also horizontal racks and vertical racks, too. Of course, the horizontal racks are designed for you to lay your rods parallel to the floor, while the vertical options allow you to stand them upright. 

Rod Holders

Rod holders are similar to racks, but they usually have individual slots for each fishing pole. Again, when it comes to this fishing rod storage option, there are so many varieties. For example, you can find some fishing rod holders that stand flush against the wall, but there are also round ones that invite you to place your rods upright in the shape of a circle. With so many choices, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and matches your decor. 

Wall Mounts

Another similar option is the wall mount. When you install these mounts along an open wall space, you can easily hang your rods. Some are like hooks, while others are more like slots that let you store a specific number of rods at a time. The beauty of this storage option is that you can keep your rods up and off the ground and conveniently out of the way. 

Bungee Cord Rod Holder

If you’re looking for a DIY fishing rod storage idea, consider using bungee cords to make your own storage solution. Simply hang up two or three bungee cords on your ceiling, car roof, or wall, and then place your rods in the space between them. It might be simple, but it sure does work!


When it comes to fishing rod storage, you don’t have to get all fancy with contraptions designed for your poles. Sometimes, something as simple as an ordinary shelf will do the trick! Search for a metal or wooden rack that’s long enough to accommodate your poles, install it along an open wall, gently place your rods on top, and ta-da—you’ve got yourself an easy and affordable storage solution.

Car Seat Holders

If you’re searching for a fishing rod storage solution for your vehicle, look into the car seat storage options. These rod holders strap onto the back of your car seats, offering you a place to strap your poles when you’re on the go. 

Wall Clips

Prefer a minimalist option? Invest in some wall clips, which are basically small loops that you can attach to your wall. When you’re ready to hang your poles, just snap them into the clip, and you’re all set!

Portable Racks

A portable rack is another handy fishing pole organization idea. This is a compact rack that usually holds a handful of rods that you can conveniently grab and go whenever it’s time to head to the fishing hole. It’s portable, which means it is light and easy to transport, whether you’re hopping in your truck or heading out on your boat. 

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