May 15, 2023

Family Room Storage and Organization Ideas

Your family room is the main attraction in your home. It’s where your kids gather with their friends to play video games after school and host slumber parties on the weekends. It’s also where you and your partner unwind with a glass of wine after work or cuddle up for a movie night. Your family room is your go-to spot for watching TV, playing board games, and relaxing with a good book on the couch. So, it’s important for this space to be neat and orderly. 

But if you haven’t taken advantage of storage solutions or find yourself ignoring all the clutter piled up in your living room, then you’re probably not enjoying that space as much as you could be. And that’s where we can help! 

We want this room to be a special haven in your home, so we’ve gathered a list of the best family room storage ideas. Whether you’d like storage inspiration or to simply declutter your family room, our guide is here to save the day. Follow these tips to bring order to the chaos! 

Understanding the Essentials of Family Room Organization

Your family room should be enjoyed without hassles like tripping over toys, searching for a missing remote control, or feeling like the walls are closing in on you. Wouldn’t you rather it be clean and orderly than in disarray? 

When you organize and get your storage solutions under your control, not only will the room look better, but you’ll feel better, too. This is because studies show that mess and disorganization can actually negatively impact you, increasing your stress levels and even contributing to feelings of depression. Therefore, when you tidy up and get organized, you can actually improve your mental health! 

And that’s not all. When your family room looks put together, you and your family will be more inclined to invite guests over to enjoy and share the space with you. You’ll be happy to host a game night with your coworkers or have your cousins over to watch a sporting event on TV.

Creating a Storage Plan for Your Family Room

So, how do you go about organizing and finding family room storage solutions? We’re glad you asked. In our guide below, we’ve outlined some helpful tips to help transform your family room into a space that everyone can enjoy. 

Run Inventory of Your Belongings 

Before you dive into our favorite family room storage ideas, we recommend taking inventory of your space. What’s working and what’s not? Sort through your items (donating, tossing, and recycling those you no longer need), and search for areas where you could enhance or implement family room storage solutions

For example, maybe you have a bookshelf, but it’s in utter disarray as it’s shelving old art projects, broken video game cords, and a few old newspapers published years ago. Or, maybe you have an entire empty wall where you could place a row of shelves or some cabinets. When you know what you already have and what you might need, you won’t feel like you’re blindly going into this endeavor. 

Invest in Furniture with Built-in Storage Compartments

Just because you’re looking for storage space doesn’t mean it has to be out in the open. In fact, you might be surprised at how many pieces of furniture you can find that have built-in storage compartments. 

For instance, there are couches, window bench seats, and even ottomans that have secret storage areas inside. You simply lift the lid or take off the pillows to reveal an entire area for storing everything from blankets and linens to board games and DVDs. And perhaps the best part is that your guests will be none the wiser!

Find a Coffee Table with Drawers 

Another easy family room storage idea is simply to look for pieces that have drawers and cabinets, providing you with additional space to keep your things. 

Coffee tables with storage compartments are a must-have when it comes to storage. They’re perfect for stashing away your remote controls, game consoles, magazines, and any other odds and ends, so they’re within arm’s reach when you’re sitting in your favorite rocking chair or lounging on the couch. 

Incorporate Baskets 

Investing in some decorative baskets is another favorite family room organization idea. Simply place one or two baskets in the corner of your room and store anything from plush toys to cozy blankets inside. These artsy baskets can add an element of decor to your living room while providing functional storage space. 

Design Built-in Shelves

If you own your home and are willing to invest in a family room storage project, then you may want to consider designing built-in shelving. This involves crafting shelves into your walls where you can store your belongings. 

Use them to display your decorative items, or place boxes and baskets filled with items you’d like to tuck away. From stacking your books and video games to showcasing your china set, these built-in shelves make storage look good!

Add Shelving

Prefer a non-committal family room storage option that doesn’t involve breaking out the drills and saws? Go the added shelving route!

Shelves are an easy-to-install storage option, and that’s why we love them. Find some empty wall space in your family room and hang a few shelves. You may place them in rows or stagger them for a more decorative look. 

You can line them with plastic containers filled with board games and gaming gear or neatly stack your book collection along them. Whether you plan to hide your storage items or show them off, shelves give you the perfect home for all your belongings. 

Get Creative with Dressers and Armoires

Who said dressers and armoires belong in the bedroom? Not us! 

If you’re willing to look outside the box, you’ll begin finding storage options in all kinds of places, including traditional bedroom furniture. Just think about how many items a dresser with drawers or a standing closet with cabinets can hold. Putting such a unit in your family room will provide ample storage space.

Look for an intricate piece with ornate details that would match your family room decor, or search for an antique one that will bring a pop of color to your space. The more drawers and cabinets, the better!

Look for Boxes and Chests

When it comes to storage for your family room, think about how you’ve managed to incorporate storage options into other rooms in your home. Perhaps you have a big ol’ toy chest in the playroom filled with your kids’ games or a vintage trunk at the foot of your bed with all your extra bedding. Why not find a similar box to place in the corner of your family room? You can fill it with everything from photo albums to workout equipment and then place a decorative throw or vase on top to make it more chic. 

Purchase Some Plastic Bins

Finding solid storage solutions is a bit like playing with Russian dolls—you can place smaller pieces inside bigger ones to best utilize the space. For instance, if you end up using a dresser or chest in your family room, you can place smaller items in clear plastic containers inside those receptacles. You can even put smaller containers inside those bigger containers if you really want to get organized! 

We suggest using transparent plastic bins because you can seal them and easily see what they hold. And for extra organizational points, you can add labels on the outside of each one so you can quickly identify what’s inside. 

Find a Home for Everything

While you’re incorporating some (or all!) of these DIY family room storage ideas, we recommend ensuring you have a home for every item in the room. Where do your remote controls live? And where do you keep the books you’re in the middle of reading? Maybe certain items go inside drawers, while others live in the baskets in the corner. 

Part of staying organized involves finding an appropriate place to store each item and remembering to put it there after each use. This way, you can always find what you’re looking for while cutting down on clutter. And the best part? You won’t have to hear your kids constantly asking you to help them track down their belongings anymore!

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