February 16, 2023

Camera Storage Ideas: How To Store Camera Equipment & Gears

Mastering the art of photography involves having access to all kinds of gear, from film cameras and digital SLRs to tripods, lighting equipment, lenses, film, memory cards, and other essentials. The more you photograph, the more likely you are to acquire additional gear along the way.

However, you don’t want all your precious camera equipment just sitting out in the open. And that’s where camera storage comes into the picture. 

Not sure how to store your camera gear? We’re here to help. Follow our guide below for all the best camera storage ideas to help keep your equipment in prime condition. 

Why You Need To Store Your Camera Gear

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a photography hobbyist, you’ve likely acquired quite the collection of camera gear over the years. And as you know, this equipment is not only expensive but fragile, too. It’s crucial that you keep it in tip-top shape so you can continue taking photos to your heart’s content, and that’s why proper camera storage is essential.

When you store your camera gear correctly, you can help keep it out of harm’s way and potentially prolong its life. What’s more, with organized camera storage, you’ll always know exactly where each piece of equipment is when you need it. There will be no need to frantically run around your home in search of that special lens or specific kind of film. 

Preparing for Camera Storage

Before covering some of our favorite camera storage tips, let’s discuss how to prep your gear for storage.

Clean Your Equipment

As with storing any item, we always recommend gently cleaning your gear before placing it in storage. Wipe the lens and dust off the camera body to ensure no dust, dirt, or grime is caked on them. While you’re at it, be sure to put on your lens and screen protectors to prevent any scratches along the way. 

Remove Batteries and Memory Cards

If you don’t plan to use your cameras anytime soon, it’s a good idea to remove their batteries and memory cards. Sometimes batteries can expand or leak, while memory cards can get stuck inside the slots. Just remember to store the batteries and memory cards nearby so you’ll be all set to place them back in when you’re ready to shoot again. 

Find a Place Away from Direct Sunlight and Heat

When brainstorming camera storage ideas, be sure to look for a place that’s not near any direct sunlight or heat sources, as they could negatively impact your equipment. Avoid windows and air vents, and search for a spot in a darker area with cooler temperatures. 

Stock up on Desiccants

Humidity is not your friend when it comes to your camera equipment. Even if you find a storage spot with low humidity levels, we recommend picking up some desiccants or silica to help prevent any moisture from interfering with your gear. 

DIY Camera Storage Ideas

Now, let’s dive into some of the best camera equipment storage tips!


Cubbies and modular shelves are excellent camera gear storage solutions, as they make it easier than ever to sort and categorize your equipment. For instance, your collection of lenses can go in one cubby, while your memory cards and external hard drives can go in another. 


Dealing with a bunch of tangled camera straps and digital camera cords? Place hooks on the wall or on a pegboard to conveniently hang your leashes and cords and keep them from becoming a tangled web. 

Wine Bottle Racks

Wine bottles are practically the same size as some of your larger camera lenses, so why not use a wine rack for storing them? There are all kinds of wine racks that would make ideal camera lens storage options, such as metal freestanding, wooden tabletop, and even stackable structures.

Dry Cabinets

You may have heard of using dry cabinets to store items like vintage wine and musical instruments, but they also double as camera gear storage. The beauty of this type of cabinet is that it helps keep out humidity, creating the ideal environment for your cameras, lenses, film, and more. 


Looking for convenient and hassle-free DIY camera storage? Wall shelves—and even bookshelves—offer solid storage solutions. You can neatly arrange your gear on the shelves so that it’s not only organized but also aesthetically pleasing (hello, instant decor!). 

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