December 5, 2019

7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Storage Unit

There isnt a single business on Earth without stuff. Even the most cloud-friendly enterprises have infrastructure. The smallest mom-and-pop operations have inventory. And what budding brand doesnt have merch? Material stuff” is essential to your companys day-to-day operations, but not all of it is used every second of every day. With reorganizations and location changes, downsizing and growth periods, buyouts and re-brandings, stuff gets lost in the shuffle. Were talking literal stuff. Product. Office equipment. You name it. While hopefully not lost for good, it occupies a sort of liminal space. Its in the way, but its too valuable to throw away. For this stuff, your company needs self storage. Need convincing? This is the guide for you. Here are 7 ways your business can benefit from a storage unit.

1. Document Storage

In todays day and age, many commercial documents are drafted, signed, and stored online. However, the print medium still reigns supreme for keeping records that wont vanish anytime soon. It goes without saying that you should keep a record of everything in your business, so well only say this once: keep your documents. The longer your business lasts, the more documents (or devices storing those documents) youll likely accumulate. If you invest in an off-site storage unit, you can keep all of your important documents (in filing cabinets, in file boxes, or in stacks of hard drives) in a place that is out of harms way and out of your way. A win-win. You get a worry-free place to keep all documents, and you get to keep a clean and organized place of operations.

2. Short-Term Storage

Going through a big expansion? Maybe a companywide reorganization or moving to a new complex? Perhaps youre hosting a media event or other large gathering. There are plenty of reasons why your business might need short-term storage. Todays top storage facilities offer flexible leasing that allows you to come and go virtually as you please. Rent month-to-month if you are unsure whether or not you will be needing storage for an entire year.

3. Merchandise Storage

Merchandise is the bread-and-butter of many a business. Like bread and butter, merch must be spread evenly for optimal results. Too little, and the whole thing fails. Too much, and everything becomes oversaturated and difficult. As many business owners will tell you, the second problem — too much merch — happens every once in a while. An order gets botched, demand doesnt meet projections, or unforeseen competition sprouts up. Suddenly, your workplace (or warehouse) is filled to the gills with stuff you need to sell — at some point. In the meantime, get it out of the way and store it in a self-storage unit that you can access (and leave) whenever you need to.

4. Seasonal Storage

Instead of losing money at the end of every quarter by selling off all of your seasonal items for scorching hot deals, consider storing your seasonal items and saving them until next year. Book a storage unit for a great off-site solution that will keep your business clutter-free. Alongside seasonal merchandise, you can also store seasonal equipment (rain gear, fans, etc.), as well as seasonal décor (Christmas lights, sale signage, and more).

5. New Rooms in Your Old Place of Business

This next item on our list requires some explanation. How can getting a storage unit add an extra room (or several) to your existing place of business? Renting a unit wont make a room magically appear, nor will it pay the bills for a renovation. What renting a unit can do is clear out storage space in your current location. Rooms that were once reserved for boxes and old equipment can now be used for meetings, new employees, and a host of other operations. Before taking the plunge on a bigger, more expensive business location, look for big-ticket items that can be cleared out to make space at your current spot. With help from self-storage, youll pay a small monthly fee to keep your stuff while freeing up one or more rooms in your building.

6. Furniture Storage

There are a variety of reasons why your business might need a place to store furniture throughout the year. These include personnel changes, seasonal events, and building renovations — to name a few. Unfortunately, furniture is quite clunky and almost always gets in the way if you attempt to store it around your place of business. Save space by investing in a storage unit to store your furniture. This will allow you to hang on to chairs, desks, and large items for future time periods when you might need them. For instance, many businesses hire out seasonal workers or temps during the busy season of the year and then downsize again during the slow season. In some cases, these businesses will either rent out furniture or buy and then sell furniture to accommodate temporary workers. This, as you likely know, is expensive. Having a storage unit helps your business save money by storing your furniture so you only have to buy it once. Take it out when you need it for temps, and put it back when you dont. Its that simple.

7. Emergencies

Theres no telling when a major unforeseen event — or downright emergency — will strike your business. Bad weather, bankruptcy, or a blend of unfortunate circumstances can cause things to change in the blink of an eye. In these moments, its great to have self storage to hang onto your most important commercial possessions while your business is in flux. With a storage unit on your side, you stand a much better chance of weathering the storm (literally and figuratively).

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